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March 30, 2015

 Series.ini 0.160

A new version (for MAME 0.160) available here: pS Series.ini Page.

Entries RENAMED: (pepp0190a) to (pepp0190b), (pepp0190) to (pepp0190a), (pepp0158c) to (pepp0158d), (pepp0158b) to (pepp0158c), (pepp0515) to (pepp0515a) and (pepp0515a) to (pepp0515b).
Series ADDED: -
Series UPDATED: Capcom World, Golden Axe, Player's Edge, Raiden.


Posted by AntoPISA at 09:27 PM | Comments (0)

March 29, 2015

 Languages.ini 0.160

Ready the new version (0.42 for MAME 0.160) available here: pS Languages.ini Page.

* 0.42 0.160 29/03/2015: Added 0.160 sets and 14 renames.


Posted by AntoPISA at 08:03 PM | Comments (1)

 MESSinfo 0.160

Update for 0.160 version, this is the web page for download: progetto-SNAPS MESSINFO.DAT.

Clean version with no additional files, can be found here: progetto-SNAPS Naked MESSINFO.DAT.

* 9.07 29/03/2015: Aligned files to 0.160 version. Updated this files: 'sourcechanges.txt', 'changelog.txt', 'alltimesMESS.txt', 'Drivers SVN...txt', 'supportedMEDIA.txt' and 'Index of Devices'. Updated the SVN until March 25, 2015 (r36625).
* 9.06 11/03/2015: Updated the SVN until March 11, 2015 (r36375).

Posted by AntoPISA at 05:03 PM | Comments (0)

March 28, 2015

 Catlist 0.160

Catlist are updated to 0.160!


Posted by Scuore at 06:52 PM | Comments (5)

 DU: March Madness Roundup

We got Go Go Strike Bowling


system11 got undumped versions of Daioh, Vautour and Hot Bubble. Artemio got an undumped Japan version of Raiden Fighters.

Posted by Smitdogg at 04:07 AM | Comments (1)

 MAME Plus 0.160 Out

The new MAME Plus available here: http://www.progettosnaps.net/mameplus/
included dat and the new MAMEpui.

Source: http://sourceforge.net/projects/mameplus/

Posted by AntoPISA at 12:56 AM | Comments (14)

March 27, 2015

 MAMEUIFX 0.160.1

MAMEUIFX 0.160.1 released.

Bugfix release

* Changelog from 0.160:

- Added support for Strider (USA, Gfx Fix, Uncensored) (Willkaotix, HBMAME)
- Made GLSL Options disabled if OpenGL Video Mode is not selected (as suggested by u-man)
- Fixed nasty hidden bug which prevents some settings to be saved when window is maximized


NOTE: Installer still says 0.160 but it's the updated version 0.160.1

Posted by MAMEsick at 08:29 PM | Comments (2)

 New MAME4droid (0.139u1) 1.9.1 (21st March 2015)

MAME4droid(0.139u1) 1.9.1 Added mouse support(+trackballs like X-Arcade Tankstick) for Nvidia Shield devices (You have to enable on settings). New video sync and refresh speed options. Improved touch DPad. New touch Buttons.


Posted by hotgraphics at 04:38 AM | Comments (7)

 Category.ini And Version.ini 0.160

Available the packages containing the files:

- Version.ini (for MAME and MESS)
- Category.ini (for MESS)

aligned to the 0.160 version.

You can download inside the new renameSET.dat package, or separately at the same link.

Posted by AntoPISA at 12:31 AM | Comments (0)

 RenameSET.dat 0.160

Ready the new progetto-SNAPS renameSET.dat 0.160 for MAME and MESS.

* 3.37 2015/03/26: Added 0.160, update 'allMAMErenames.txt', 'renameSET.ini', 'addMAME' and 'addMESS', 'version.ini' and 'category.ini'.


Posted by AntoPISA at 12:29 AM | Comments (0)

March 26, 2015

 MEWUI 1.60 Released

-= Release Notes =-

1.60 - 26.03.2015

- Updated to MAME / MESS / UME 0.160.
- Fixed available games list.
- Minor fixes and improvements.


Posted by dankan1890 at 07:37 PM | Comments (0)

 Kale: Halt Catch And Fire

Ping Pong goodness - http://mamedev.emulab.it/kale/


Posted by anoid at 02:57 PM | Comments (1)

 HBMAME 0.160


2015-03-28 r36652

Thanks to various sources of information:

- Cookie-Mon fixed

New Games
- [ngmontst] Neo Geo Monitor Test
- [ottop1] Otto Project P1 (Crazy Otto)
- [ottop2] Otto Project P2 (Crazy Otto)
- [ottop3] Otto Project P3 (Crazy Otto)
- [ottopz] Otto Project PZ (Crazy Otto)
- [pcmbdemo] Neogeo ADPCM-B Playback demo (not working)
- [spriteex] Sprite Experimenter
- [stridergf] Strider with minor gfx fixes [Willkaotix]
- [stridergh] Strider with minor gfx fixes and uncensor amazons [Willkaotix]
- [superp4g] Otto Project P4G (Super Pacman)
- [superp4m] Otto Project P4M (Super Pacman)
- [womanp5] Otto Project P5 (Pac Woman)

Bug reports go in the HBMAME forum, thanks.

Posted by Robbbert at 09:24 AM | Comments (9)

 MAMEUI64 .160 And Snap/Icons Released



Posted by John IV at 05:46 AM | Comments (1)

March 25, 2015


MAMEUIFX 0.160 released


(sorry, too lazy to past and copy the web page here... :P)

Posted by MAMEsick at 09:43 PM | Comments (20)

 NPlayers 0.160

nplayers.ini and Multiplayer.ini for MAME 0.160 are available!

Get them here: http://nplayers.arcadebelgium.be/


Posted by Nomax at 06:50 PM | Comments (1)

 MAMEinfo 0.160


* Updated to MAME 0.160 (git.redump.net\mame)

* Added Source/Listinfo changes

* Newest Bugs (25th Mar)

* Added missing CHD infos (thanks to Marco Tucceri)

* Added 'Recommended Games'

* Fixed MAMEinfo.dat infos

Download at: http://mameinfo.mameworld.info/

MAME Testers at: http://mametesters.org/view_all_set.php?...DESC&type=2

"Theory is when you know everthing but nothing works. Practice is when everything works but no one knows why.
In our lab, theory and practice are combined: nothing works and no one knows why."

Posted by MASH at 05:42 PM | Comments (3)

 MESS 0.160 Out

New MESS out (news from official whatsnew) from: http://www.mamedev.com/release.php


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 05298: [Crash/Freeze] (ip22.c) ip224613, ip225015: [debug] Assert after OK (Olivier Galibert)

New System Drivers Supported:
-Entex Electronic Baseball [hap, Sean Riddle]
-Tomy Pac Man [hap, Kevin Horton]
-Entex Electronic Baseball 3 [hap, Sean Riddle]
-Bambino Superstar Football [hap, Kevin Horton]
-Bambino Space Laser Fight [hap, Kevin Horton]
-Epoch Astro Command (aka Grandstand Scramble) [hap, Kevin Horton]
-TI Little Professor (2 versions) [hap, Sean Riddle]
-Coleco Alien Attack [hap, Kevin Horton]
-Entex Galaxian 2 [hap, Kevin Horton]
-Entex Pacman 2 [hap, Kevin Horton]
-Entex Electronic Baseball 2 [hap, Sean Riddle]
-Intel Intellec MDS series-II [F. Ulivi]
-Milton Bradley Dark Tower [hap, Sean Riddle]

Systems Promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING:

Skeleton drivers:

Software Lists:
-pico.xml: A few more Japanese dumps added. [Team Europe]

-gameking.xml: Three new dumps added. [Team Europe]

-pet_rom.xml: Added McTerm 0.95. [Mike Naberezny]

Source Changes

-pcd keyboard and partial scsi [Carl]

-apple2: add TMS9918 card from BYTE magazine ... (Read More)

Posted by AntoPISA at 12:31 PM | Comments (5)

 MAME 0.160 Out

New MAME out (news from official whatsnew) from: http://www.mamedev.com/release.php


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 05846: [Core] ALT+TAB during ROM loading screen causes assert with -debug. (peterferrie)
- 04138: [Crash/Freeze] (hornet.c) gradius4: "SHARC: PC Stack overflow !" doing MASKROM check (peterferrie)
- 05862: [Crash/Freeze] (queen.c) queen: [debug] Assertion (peterferrie)
- 05880: [Documentation] (sam.c) bbh_160 and clones: Year of production is '2010'. (Tafoid)
- 05879: [Documentation] (sam.c) bdk_294 and clones: Year of production is '2008'. (Tafoid)
- 05852: [Crash/Freeze] (mw8080bw.c) m4: Crashed after insert coin (Osso)

Source Changes
-Enable OpenGL renderer on Windows. By default, run-time function
resolution is enabled. To resolve addresses, the code now first tries
GetProcAddress followed by wglGetProcAddress. [Couriersud]

-Fix memory leak warning (autorelease pool) on OSX. [Couriersud]

-improvements to monkelf (bootleg of avspirit), now playable [iq_132]

- Neo-Geo documentation updates [JacKc]
* kof96h - Tagged AES version
* kof98h - Tagged MVS and AES version
* ncomabth - Tagged MVS and AES version
* Updated game pcb info
* Misc Documentation update

-OpenGL on windows now supports glsl options. This worked out of the
box with wine64 and on virtualbox windows7 (64bit). [Couriersud]

-Fix MAME restart ... (Read More)

Posted by AntoPISA at 12:30 PM | Comments (1)

 MESSUI 0.160


32 & 64 bit gui & command-line versions.

hash files and source changes.

Posted by Robbbert at 12:25 PM | Comments (1)

 Play Online Fruit Machines and UK Style Pub Slots!

You can now play online fruit machines and UK style pub slots online. These fruit machines are available at selected UK casinos.

Posted by josh01 at 12:00 PM | Comments (0)

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