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August 22, 2017

 DU: Sexy Love Tropical

Shoutime dumped Sexy Love Tropical. rtw dumped VIRTUA STRIKER 4 VER.2006. Rod_Wod found an undumped older version of Vamp Half (Euro).


Image: sexy.jpg

Posted by Smitdogg at 07:25 PM | Comments (4)

 More Monkeys

A new die is up at http://cs.sipr0n.org ! This is another member of the TGP series on the SEGA Model 1 hardware. There will be a few more of these, so don't give up, as the monkeys are already proving to be worth their weight in bananas! Check out some of the things you've accomplished:

Each of these dies had been previously converted to bits by a combination of an automatic algorithm and hand-validation. Take a look at what the typing monkey project helped us accomplish:

The first die typed, sega_315-5571_xpol, confirmed the previous effort was 100% correct. This may seem like a bummer, but we now have 6 separate groups of people confirming the dump is correct. This is *very good* for those working with this data, as confidence like this is essential to moving forward.

The second die typed by the monkeys, the sega_315-5572_xpol, fixed 8 incorrect bits in the previous typing! Huge.

The third die monkey-typed, the sega_315-5573_xpol fixed 10 incorrect bits in the previous typing! Huger!

The fourth die, the sega_315-5677_xpol, fixed 7 bits(!), and confirmed that there are ~4 bits that are too difficult to see. This greatly helps the person taking the photos of the dies narrow in on where to take better pictures and fix the dump for good.

So there you have it. The monkeys have typed their way into the hearts of dumpers everywhere, and are already making a difference. The TGP emulation work in MAME will be slow and arduous, but it can move forward with confidence, knowing that the dumps very high quality.

... (Read More)

Posted by drewcifer at 05:47 PM | Comments (2)

 Caps0ff: HD647180 Ghox/Whoopee Bonus Round


Posted by JonasP at 07:18 AM | Comments (1)

August 20, 2017

 Progetto-SNAPS 0.188 Update

Third Sunday of the month and still time for the new MAME 0.188 update of "MAME progetto-SNAPS".
• Is available this folder on Mega.co.nz that allows individually download files to update from version to version. The folder will be temporarily available until the next update.
• After many months of preparation, I decided to release the first package of a new category: "Soundtrack"; music, fx, song and soundtracks of arcade games. The format I chose is that of the MP3, 128Kbs at 32,000Hz, without looping. Each package (in zip format) contains mp3s and a text file with all the data, including the authors (when known). With the help of a motschifo, there is also the ability to download individual packages from this page.
• Finally completed the GameBoy Advance image set, both for Snap and Titles.
• The next update is scheduled for Sunday, September 17, 2017.

2,048 snaps and 3,492 mp3, pictures, icons, pdf and zip downloadable here:

• Artworks: progetto-SNAPS Artworks.
• Cabinets (Software): progetto-SNAPS Cabinets.
• Covers (Software): progetto-SNAPS Software's Box Covers.
• Icons: progetto-SNAPS Icon Extended.
• Manuals (Software): progetto-SNAPS Software's Manuals.
• Marquees: progetto-SNAPS Arcade Marquees, Pinball's Backglass & Publishers Logo.
• PCB: progetto-SNAPS Arcade and Systems PCB.
• Snapshots (MAME): progetto-SNAPS Snapshots.
• Snapshots (Software): progetto-SNAPS Software's Snaps.
• Soundtrack: progetto-SNAPS Arcade Soundtrack.
• VideoSnaps (MAME): progetto-SNAPS Arcade VideoSnaps.
• VideoSnaps (Software): progetto-SNAPS Software's VideoSnaps.

Snapshots update:
• Artwork Preview: 15 new (tot. 2,690 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 2,33Mb
• Bosses: 10 new (tot. 1,350 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 204Kb
• Ends: 25 new (tot. 625 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 667Kb
• GameOver: 3 del, 38 new & 1 upd (tot. 6,950 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 522Kb
• HowTo: 10 new (tot. 1,575 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 270Kb
• Logo: 3 del & 78 new (tot. 2,000 UPDATE 1 pack, 340Kb
• Scores: 2 del, 37 new & 5 upd (tot. 6,800 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 887Kb
• Select: 6 del & 31 new (tot. 4,125 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 0,98Mb
• Snap: 10 del, 100 new & 49 upd (tot. 38,189 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 4.23Mb
• Titles: 10 del, 100 new & 15 upd (tot. 38,189 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 4.27Mb
• Versus: 6 del & 3 new (tot. 1,090 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 89,6Kb

Other resources update:
• Artwork (WideScreen) [3]: 25 new & 3 upd (tot. 600 zip) UPDATE 1 pack, 133Mb
• Cabinets [9]: 6 del & 16 new (tot. 5,660 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 12.9Mb
• Icons Extended: 5 del, 2,905 new & 2 upd (tot. 33,500 ico) UPDATE 1 pack, 20,03Mb
• Manuals (Software): 155 new (tot. 1,300 pdf)
• Marquees [9]: 11 del, 26 new & 82 upd (tot. 3,900 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 70.4Mb
• PCB: 25 new & 3 upd (tot. 2,975 png) UPDATE 1 pack, 39.8Mb
• Soundtracks: 50 new (tot. 50 zip / 737 mp3) NEW 1 pack, 636Mb
• VideoSnaps: 75 new & 1 upd (tot. 5,375 mp4) UPDATE 1 pack, 144Mb
• ... (Read More)

Posted by AntoPISA at 04:47 PM | Comments (14)

 DU: Port Man

Shoutime dumped the Japan version of Port Man


Image: 1.jpg

Posted by Smitdogg at 04:39 PM | Comments (0)

August 17, 2017

 DU: VF4

We dumped VF4 EVOLUTION (GDS-0024C). I think it's a hardware bug fix from the B version and not a new revised gameplay.


Image: vf4.jpg

Posted by Smitdogg at 06:31 PM | Comments (1)

 Update @ Arbee's: MAME: Where Spelunx Is In Color


Posted by B2K24 at 06:48 AM | Comments (0)

 PfeMAME Version 1.008 Has Been Released Today

pfeMAME version 1.008 has been released today

Ongoing development work has been keeping me quite busy with many new changes completed for this release and also in the pipe for future releases. This release includes a large number of under the hood changes and some other major changes. Please check out the changelog for full details, but here is a quick summary;

- Default size of the window is now a bit smaller so that on startup it works on laptops with smaller screens.
- You can now resize the window the application will take advantage of the extra space (you would not believe how long it took me to get this right)
- Systems programs MUST now be put in the ROMS folder, not a separate systems folder. This is how MAME expects it.
- The systems folder path is now no longer used and will be removed in a future release.
- Database refresh takes longer now as it parses the systems HASH (XML) files. If found it creates a short for the system program. When you run the program it uses the short name - this is required for system cheat support (e.g. SNES cheats using cheat.simple file).
- You can right click a system program and select to run without the short name - needed as some home computer files (mostly tape and disk) don't seem to work with the short name (Not sure if this is my problem or not)
- The game information is updated VERY fast - notable improvement on slower systems and you can see that the scroll speed is greatly improved.

As per usual, all feedback is welcome.

My next release is going to focus on supporting some other emulation ... (Read More)

Posted by Gfinch at 01:43 AM | Comments (1)

August 16, 2017

 Haze : TH Strikes Back Is Now WORKING


Posted by gamez fan at 01:11 AM | Comments (5)

August 15, 2017

 DU: Some Spanish Oldies

Arcade Hacker got some old Spanish boards, some unknown and some clones. rtw dumped the original release version of EXELICA (GDL-0036).


Image: x.jpg

Posted by Smitdogg at 06:20 PM | Comments (3)

August 12, 2017

 DU: Dirt Devils

Shoutime dumped Dirt Devils Rev A (Japan)


Image: dd.jpg

Posted by Smitdogg at 05:28 PM | Comments (0)

 Kale Wiggles His Stick

Bravo man

Posted by CTOJAH at 03:57 PM | Comments (1)

 New Hiscore.dat For MAME v0.188

That's right new hiscore.dat for MAME v0.188

go get it http://highscore.mameworld.info/


Posted by Leezer at 09:10 AM | Comments (0)

August 11, 2017

 DU: Poosho Poosho

We picked up a Poosho Poosho PCB.


If you want to help up out check this thread:


Image: dscn1432.jpg

Posted by Smitdogg at 05:13 PM | Comments (0)

August 08, 2017

 R. Belmont WIP: "跟猴子比丟 ;屎" (China Educational Computer I (CEC-I))


Posted by Stiletto at 07:09 PM | Comments (10)

 DU Fundraiser: Tekken Battle Scratch


We got Tekken Battle Scratch


Posted by Smitdogg at 05:54 AM | Comments (3)

August 07, 2017

 SNK's US Office Walk-through Pics From 2008


Posted by Smitdogg at 03:55 PM | Comments (0)

August 06, 2017

 New MAME 0.188 Working Games Video

New working sets and machines promoted to working 0.188 video:


Posted by DarkMoe at 09:39 PM | Comments (0)

 Flyer Fever Update - August

1943: The Battle of Midway - Electrocoin (1987) [Licensed by Capcom]
Bubble Bobble - Electrocoin (1986) [Licensed by Taito]
Calorie Kun Vs. Moguranian - Sega (1986) [Developed by Vic Tokai. Licensed by Yuvo]
Capcom Bowling - Capcom (1988) [JP flyer]
Final Fight/1941: Counterattack - Electrocoin (1990) [Licensed by Capcom]
Haunted Castle - Electrocoin (1988) [Licensed by Konami; AKA Akuma-Jou Dracula]
Mahjong Academy - Yuga (1988) [Majan Academy, Licensed by Capcom]
Mega-Tech System - Sega (1989) [Mega-Tech System; JP flyer]
Street Fighter - Electrocoin (1987) [Licensed by Capcom]
Thunder Blade - Sega (1987) [JP flyer]

Capcom Bowling and Street Fighter flyers show unique cabinet designs.

Posted by Flyer Fever at 01:55 PM | Comments (1)

August 03, 2017

 Dodonpachi III Dumped


Posted by Smitdogg at 07:05 PM | Comments (13)

 Play Online Fruit Machines and UK Style Pub Slots!

You can now play online fruit machines and UK style pub slots online. These fruit machines are available at selected UK casinos.

Posted by josh01 at 12:00 PM | Comments (0)

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