1. Scapino Arcade2 by Scapino

This arcade contains two circular rooms connected by a hallway and in each room there is a second floor you can reach with the stairs in the back. Warning the default arcade cfg file in this zip made by )p( contains a layout with 114 cabs! Lower it for lower end pc's ;-) more pics here

Scapino and me made some video's (mpeg4) of his arcade we used a different layout and gamelist...spot the diffrences :-) Peter's video (4mb) , Scapino's video (8mb)



2. Deniros-Domus Arcade by DeNiro

This is a futuristic take on Frank Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim Museum set in space. That combined with an animated sky, -objects and -lights creates a very special arcade atmosphere indeed.



3. Deniros Exhibition Alpha

This is an alpha release of a virtual arcade museum exhibition Deniro is working on. See here for more screenshots of this allready very gorgeous arcade.




4. Deniros 7th Heaven

7th Heaven is set in a steel-frame dome with an animated sky in the background. Magic marquee banners hang in the dome above the games they get their marquee images from. Included is also a new batch of magic cabinets, that will instantly fill any arcade with a diversity of models. And then there is that Zeppelin...



4. Deniros Damned Dungeon - Featuring the Freaks Of Nature

The Damned Dungeon is a dark arcade with carefully made light- and shadow maps. It further gives us animated people bots that play the machines in the arcade and rotating ceilig fans. The result is an awesome arcade that really brings those old shabby rundown arcades from our memories back alive again.



6. Spanners Sega Park arcade

There are two versions of this arcade. Both are set in a Mall. The smaller one has an upperlevel in the back. The larger one has a very big basement room with a second exit to the courtyard of the Mall.



7. Laterna arcade by )p( with help from Deniro

A circular arcade with animated lights and two levels connected by a circular staircase.



8. VoodooScience Lounge by Voodooscientist

An arcade / entertainment center which features a kareoke bar, a bowling alley, a bar with pool tables, a movie theatre and more! Pics here. Walkthrough video here.



9. Princess Toadstool's Castle by bond1

An arcade environment based on the opening level from Super Mario 64.  Walk freely in and out of the castle. Features working doors and interactive animated characters directly from the original game.  Also the exterior of the castle can be changed from day to night.  More pictures  here.

10. Station Break Arcade by Fossil

An arcade environment with light-and shadow maps based on an actual Golden Age arcade, located in New York City, as it was in 1980. Features two levels connected by a ramp, and the train station hallway outside. More pics here.


11. Moon Street by thewigmuseum

An arcade set in a multi-level building connected by aerial walkways. More pics of this beautiful arcade here.

12. Spanner's Den (the Arcade) by Spanner

This arcade, set in a "mall-style" environment, has several rooms including Spanner's Den arcade and a computer store. Tired of playing Pac-Man? Cruise by the record shop and listen to your favorite 80's tune. More pictures here.


13. 3ds max source of the arcadetest model from fpsdemo2


14. Time Out Tunnel by Thewigmuseum (wiggy)

An arcade environment based on the Time Out Tunnel arcade, which was found at shopping malls in the 70s and 80s. Includes a grand entrance, bumper cars, and a few other stores that are closed for the evening. Luckily, it appears Time Out Tunnel is open late. You can also download an MP3 of Time Out Tunnel 70s ambience specially crafted for the arcade. More pics here.




15. Time Out Golden Age by Fossil

An arcade environment based on the Time-Out arcade located in Sunrise Mall, Massapequa, New York, USA, as it was in the early 1980's. Luckily, this location also appears to be open late. More pics here.



16. Club Basement Arcade by Mike-80s

Recreation of Mike's Godparents' house from 1984.



17. Luna City Arcade by Mike-80s



18. Deniro's Exhibition (update)

Add these files along with the Exhibition Alpha above (#3) for an updated version!



19. Spaceport by Fossil

Based on the infamous pair of 1981 training videos, the arcade is as faithful a recreation as possible of the inside and fašade of the arcade, reputed to be the one in Lincoln Plaza in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Because of the difficulties in light-mapping some of these objects, much of the decoration that would normally be part of the arcade model itself has been made into lightmapped xtramodels, which are prone to being accidentally moved during movecabs editing.