What is the purpose of this site? We hope that this site will grow to become a general repository of assets for building a virtual arcade and more specific for 3d models free for personal, non-commercial and non-public use. This site will not only provide geometry models but also bitmaps and videos that can be used as (animated) textures.
For now the site will focus on models, textures, videos for the FE-3Darcade / Emulaxian frontend and Lazarus frontend.
Dan, Howard, James, Nick, Pariah (Email), Torben and Peter ( Email ).




(01-02-2016) New model of Atari's LeMans now available! Keep in mind this one's not actually emulated, but it's nice to look at!

(06-14-2015) Fossil has updated his Time Out Golden Age arcade to v2. Get it at the arcades section! (It's #15 by the way)

(03-11-2015) NEW ARCADE! Spaceport from Fossil has finally appeared. Get it at the arcades section!

(08-01-2013) A new pinball skin from jibmums, the Bally classic Star Trek... for now there's only the "movie" version which made some changes to the original backglass. V'ger!

(05-05-2013) From Fossil, the very unique Universal cabinet Cheeky Mouse!

(02-17-2013) More great models from Jibmums! "Project Taito II" represents the slightly earlier US Taito cabinet - Crazy Climber, Lock'n Chase, Lunar Rescue, and Stratovox!

(10-21-2012) From Jibmums, the Nintendo Ninventory - all their classic lineup is represented in all colors - Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Donkey Kong 3, Heli Fire, Mario Bros, Nintendo Vs., Popeye, Radar Scope, Space Fireird, and even the recent "Jumpman Returns"

(09-6-2012) Next Universal cab, Mr Do's Castle!

(08-26-2012) New Universal model from Fossil, representing Mr Do! and Cosmic Avenger. Lookin' good!

(07-14-2012) Pinballs Medusa, Old Chicago, and Blackout!

(06-10-2012) Track & Field, Hyper Sports, Teeter Torture, and Pepper 2!

(03-24-2012) More Atari models - Warlords Cocktail, Tournament Table, Starship 1, Sky Raider, and Destroyer!

(02-24-2012) Atari models Ultra Tank, Super Bug, Super Breakout, Sky Diver, Monte Carlo, Drag Race, Dominos and Avalanche!

(12-06-2011) Another two Atari games from btribble... the classic Basketball, and the lesser known Cops n' Robbers!

(11-21-2011) Two more classic Atari games from btribble - the Space Wars-esque Orbit, and the prototype Wolf Pack!

(11-16-2011) The original Sprint family has been released by btribble!

(11-04-2011) The Sente driver Stocker is now available, from Fossil!

(11-03-2011) Another pinball hit from Jibmums, Space Shuttle! Get this standalone model in the pinball section.

(09-03-2011) Another new model out by btribble, Sega's classic 4-player Quartet!

(05-30-2011) Fossil is at it again with a classic Midway model, Extra Inning!

(04-22-2011) Fossil has converted Gozer's Starfire model to 3D Arcade. It's finally available! Thanks Fossil!

(2-17-2011) Jibmums' Bally pinball hits keep coming with Eight Ball Deluxe (in its original cabinet), Fathom, and Skateball!

(1-26-2011) New pinball from jibmums - Hot Doggin' and Future Spa! This finishes out all the skins for the Bally widebody. Nice work!

(11-28-2010) Update to Asteroids, completely redone, and an update to Space Invaders fixing a lot of problems with it. Available now!

(10-17-2010) New pinball model from btribble - Gottlieb style 2 (Pinball Pool). This model has a lot of potential games to be made!

(10-5-2010) New pinball from jibmums - Elektra, Mystic, Nitro Ground Shaker, Supersonic, and Viking!

(9-27-2010) Update to Swimmer! Completely redone, check out this (overly?) decorated cabinet from btribble!

(9-24-2010) Stern update! New models Super Bagman, Rescue, and Minefield, plus updates to other Stern cabinets Bagman, Pooyan, Tazz-Mania, and Tutankham. Get them at the models section!

(8-24-2010) New and updated pinball models from btribble - Williams style 2 (Pharaoh), as well as other Williams cabinets. Check out the pinball page for the update!

(7-28-2010) New pinball models from btribble - modern Stern games in regular and tournament versions!

(6-21-2010) New models, Bagman by Fossil and Jibmums and Pooyan by Fossil!

(6-17-2010) Some new skins from jibmums - Eight Ball, Fireball II, Flash Gordon, Barracora, and an update of Kiss!

(4-22-2010) New skin from jibmums - Dolly Parton!

An update to szaa's Gottlieb pinball pack now available! Look for it on the pinball page.

(4-6-2010) New skins from jibmums - more love for the Bally 70's model with Freedom, Lost World, Playboy, and Xenon!

(3-30-2010) New skins from jibmums - Williams' Time Warp and Bally's Night Rider (no Hoff involvement). Be sure to check out the EM and SS versions of the graphics for Night Rider! Jibmums also helped update the skin for Firepower so re-download it!

(3-25-2010) A new pinball model from btribble - Capcom's Pinball Magic!

And, now available szaa's Gottlieb pinball pack. Look for it on the pinball page.

(3-18-2010) New pinball model from btribble - the classic Williams Firepower. Thanks to jibmums for working extra hard to make the playfield look perfect!

And new from jibmums - Centaur and the beautiful widebody pins Embryon and Paragon!

(3-1-2010) Taking a break from pinball a new model from btribble, the dual version of the Nintendo Vs cabinet!

(2-23-2010) New pinball model from btribble - the very wide Space Invaders!

Lots of new skins from jibmums!

Other updates too... check 'em out at the pinball page!

(2-1-2010) New pinball skins from Jibmums! Get 'em at the pinball section! Also grab a small update to the Bally 70s model that these use!

(2-1-2010) New model, Gimme a Break by Fossil and Jibmums!

New arcade, an update of Deniro's exhibition arcade!

New pinballs, Mata Hari and Wild Card!

Get 'em at the models section, arcade section, and pinball section!

(1-5-2010) Updates to the pinball models - nothing big, but they're worth getting anyway - there are a few bugs that I overlooked when mapping the skins to the model, meaning the skin for Cyclone is also updated. Also, Taxi is updated fixing a similar bug.