(19-12-2003) Added pucpuc's skin for my fav console the Vectrex! :-)

(12-12-2003) Added Coleco Vision and Vectrex models with and without stands by Nick (Spanner) and DeNiro. Updated the frontend to 0.87.5 with amongst other things some enhancements to movecabs mode.

(3-12-2003) Added PucPuc's funky skin for DeNiro's arcade exhibition museum to the skins section.

(2-12-2003) Added a spectacular Out Runners model by DeNiro. See preview here.

(1-12-2003) Fe3darcade/Emulaxian 0.87 released! For a list of changes see fewhatisnew.

(30-11-2003) Added another set of models by Nick (Spanner) :-) Gorf, Galaxian, Bosconian and an updated Zaxxon.

(24-11-2003) Added an alpha version of Deniros gorgeous virtual arcade museum exhibition. The most elaborate arcade environment by far yet! :-) For more screenshots see here.

(15-11-2003) Skinset for 13 popular consoles and 1 for mame, graphics by Cave (thanks!). The skins feature beside a normal listbox menu in cylarcade mode either a price is right wheel menu or a flat scrolling marquee list. (Up rotsteps in the arcade cfg file for smoother scrolling or lower it to 1 then it will look as they are standing still and just get replaced.)

(13-11-2003) Fe3darcade/Emulaxian 0.86 released!

Another small round of cleaning up... ;-) For a list of changes see fewhatisnew.

(11-11-2003) Pong! that says it all...thanks to Nick (Spanner)! :-)

(5-11-2003) Fe3darcade/Emulaxian 0.85 released!

This release consolidates the updates made to the fe after the official release of 0.84. For a list of changes see fewhatisnew.

(3-11-2003) Finally a Zaxxon model by Nick Andrews (Spanner) with some help of Spyro :-)

(2-11-2003) Added the space skin by PucPuc. A skin designed by him to be used with deniros domus arcade.

(1-11-2003) Damn... The small Sega Park arcade cfg pointed to the online version of the model. That resulted in people who never go online not having the model. Sorry...updated the arcade cfg to point to segapark.w3d instead of musegapark.w3d. If you know how to do this no reason to download it again...

(30-10-2003) Added two versions of Spanners Sega Park arcade to the arcades section. These arcades are set inside the courtyard of a Mall and feature...surprise...a Sega theme. PucPuc updated his Machines skin.

(26-10-2003) Added a new arcade themed skin by PucPuc called Machines. And he also updated his classics skin to version 2. I also updated the deniros-domus arcade with two optional elevators that can replace the pendulum. And I added Spanners Sega Park arcade to the online arcades.

(15-10-2003) New arcade by DeNiro, skin by PucPuc and febuild by )p(

-Deniros-Domus Arcade by DeNiro. This is a futuristic take on Frank Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim Museum set in space. That combined with an animated sky, -objects and -lights creates a very special arcade atmosphere indeed.
screenshot1 screenshot2

-Classics skin by PucPuc. Skin with a classic theme and it's own background texture similar to the fighter skin.

-Updated the frontend zips with the latest build 0.84r6. You can also grab just the replacement exe here.
What is new:

-Added two new internal default cabs for horizontal (defaulthor) and vertical (defaultvert) games by DeNiro with a magic touch. Using uvw mapping the cab grabs colors from the marquee image and places them on different parts of the cab...so each cab gets its own color scheme based on its own artwork. The marquee irtself is also used on the side and the contolpanel. screenshot
-Fixes a bug the the volume of an event sound on an animated model was allways reset to zero.
-Fixes a bug that switching from an arcade cfg with lighteffects to an arcadecfg with lighteffects set to false resulted in an error.
-Improved keyhandling with adding and removing favorites.

(10-10-2003) Lots of new stuff today :-)

-Spanner created a Fruit Machine model. And he and me added a new fruit machine section to the site with an archive of topglasses and bottomglasses of fruitmachines for use with the generic fruit machine model. screenshot

-Updated the frontend exe at the request of Hookedonmame with the ability in cylarcade to move the camera along the z-axis. This was nescessary to support price of right like frontal wheel skins. I added an example to the skins section. screenshot

-I added a set of skins with a listbox- and wheel menu for nintendo game consoles based on graphics made by Stuzza. screenshot

-Last but not least ;-) PucPuc made a new skin with a fighter theme which features animated figures and a creative use of background textures. screenshot

(6-10-2003) Fe3darcade/Emulaxian 0.84 released!

This release includes several enhancements that hopefully contribute to both the experience and userfriendliness of the frontend. See fewhatisnew for the details of all the changes made in this release. If you have any questions about this release you can ask me directly online. I'll put my cab in mugroup|muscapinoarcade2| or post your questions to the forum.

(5-10-2003) Nick Andrews made a model of his favorite arcade game...Road Blasters. And added some more eventsounds to the Robocadelight skin.

(3-10-2003) Nick Andrews made his first model and it is not a fruit model ;-) ...It's Chase H.Q. Get it from the models section :-)

(8-8-2003) Scapino and me made some video's (mpeg4) of his arcade we used a different layout and gamelist...spot the diffrences :-) Peter's video (4mb) , Scapino's video (8mb)

(7-8-2003) Found a small bug in 0.83. Dynamic spacing did not work in the cylarcade menutype meaning that big models like sinistar cockpit did not get enough room. Updated the zips with 0.83.1 to fix this...

(7-8-2003) Fe3darcade/Emulaxian 0.83 released!

This release adds better support for ultracade like wheel interfaces. See pic of the new vegasred wheel skin below. Click on it for a full pic. And some users will also be glad to hear there is now a debugmode that will check for configuration errors by the user. Also be sure to check out Scapino's arcade if you got a fast machine...have spent way to much time in it tonight...but it was to hot to sleep anyway...I also added a version of scapino's great arcade to the multi-user arcades ;-)


-Added options to make cylarcade work better as an ultracade kinda wheel interface. See for example the vegasredbigheelskin in the skins section at the 3darcade site.
-Options added to arcade cfg files include overiding the skin based rotation of the camera, overiding the default model to allways use the defined wheelpart model and setting the color and opacity of the body of wheelpart models.
-Cylarcade transitions are now smooth with all jump, search and filter options. New models allways rotate in and out, no abrupt transitions anymore!
-Fpsarcade and Cylarcade are now individually skinnable. Skins will be automatically updated.
-Added debug mode to the initialization object. Toggle it on or off in the general configuration. This will check for configuration errors by the user..for now mainly in the gamelists...more to come ;-)
-Updated the arcadetest.cst animated texture with a cleaned up version by Scapino.

(6-8-2003) I added Scapino arcade 2 by Scapino to the arcades section. This arcade contains two circular rooms connected by a hallway and in each room there is a second floor you can reach with the stairs in the back.

(22-6-2003) FE-3Darcade/Emulaxian 0.82 released! No new feautures, just a maintenance release fixing a few small issues especially when the resize option is set to true. Just replace the exe and add the updated budapi.x32 to your xtras folder.

-Updated budapi.x32 xtra to the new version 3.6...this broke all occurrences of the input text prompt in the internal cfg utility...so make sure you add this new version of the xtra to your xtra's folder if you upgrade to 0.82!
-Using arcadefull (fullscreen 3d sprite) resulted in movecabs mode when movecabs mode is turned off in a script error. because of stupid typo by me!
-The videoextensions property in fe.cfg get allways overridden by the defaults: rm, mpg, mpeg, pg2, mpeg2, mp4, mpg4, mpeg4, avi.
-Added the runbefore and runafter option also the the special internal visual pinball launcher.
-Fixed some issues with the skinner when the fe does not run in 1024x768 and it is set to resize itself to fill the screen.
-In skinner mode text sprites will now show text on a red background when dragged with the mouse and are now 100% accurate the same in skin mode as in normal mode.
-The text sprites of type field now have properly sized scrollbars when the fe does not run in 1024x768 and is set to resize itself to fill the screen. With this fix all issues with the resize option have been solved!
-Fixes a small bug in the skinner. When you select the paging listtype the text items did not appear on the stage automatically as they should.
-All stretch options now also work on bitmaps shown on overlays and backdrops in the 3dsprite in the listbox menu.
-Changed the way lists are converted to strings when they are saved to file, for example by the internal mame parser. I use now my own code using a combine method instead of a sequentional one making it much faster.

(11-6-2003) Mmm looks like the site reverted to an older backup...something must have happened to the mameworld server...I hope to have all the correct stuff online again..

(9-6-2003) Added the 3ds max source for the arcadetest.w3d environment model, used in fpsdemo2, to the arcade section. Check out how it works and then create some fun arcades... We badly need some real good arcade environments :-) Because it will be a while before I have the time to finish the arcade model of my dream arcade I have been working on ;-) See the arcade section in fereadme for a short how to. I also added some notes in the zip how it works. And I am allways available to help out...

(9-6-2003) I updated the robocadelight and the verticalrol skin. And updated and re-added the valtane skin. Mostly added support for 0.81 transparencies but I kept them compatible with earlier versions of the fe.

(7-6-2003) Hint...looking for the attractmode videos...then visit the forum ;-)

(17-5-2003) I updated Howard's mame generic models. In the vertical version the screenshot was a bit offset to the right. Also I adjusted the ambient and diffuse settings for the sideart for both the horizontal and vertical version to swoh better up in the fpsarcade evironments.

(12-5-2003) Thanks to a very generous donation by Saint from byoac I was able to buy a license for the mpeg advance xtra. His website for all things related to building your own arcade controllers and cabinets was the place that gave birth to my Emulaxian cabinet and hence also the Emulaxian/3darcade frontend. I have been a regular there from the beginning so I really appreciate this...thank you John! :-) This means the special exe using the xtra has been removed and the normal exe's in fe081part1.zip and fe081upgrade.zip have been replaced.

(9-5-2003) FE-3Darcade/Emulaxian 0.81 released! I also added a new generic skin called vegas red to the skins section that demonstrates some of the new skinning features. As with the last release I will put my cab the coming days online in the mudemo multiuser arcade so if you want to ask me some questions about this release personally you know were you can find me ;-) (ie in fe.cfg set user|yournamewithoutspaces| and mugroup|demo| that is all!)

-Expanded movecabs mode to cover fpsxtramodels, including texurizing them on the fly, turning it into a basic interactive worldbuilder!
-The internal skinner now has full control over ink effects including transparencies and the overlapping order (z-order) of sprites.
-The 3dpsrite supports now two layers of overlays and two layers of backdrops. Each can show bitmaps, bitmap cycles, video's and animated textures. The first overlay and backdrop have some special additional features to make the 3d sprite even in direct to stage mode appear to be behind transparent parts of the foreground and or appears to float above it.
-Added an internal by the user customizable box model in addition to the cylinder model. Both of them can now also be scaled etc like external environment models.
-The fe will now accept besides real media video any format supported by windows media player as video textues on models.
-Added a new generic skin to the skin section of the 3darcade site.
-Some more stuff, see als allways upgrading tips.txt

(6-5-2003) Mr. Arcade added hundreds of great new playfields and backglasses bitmaps to his current set. Get them in the pinball section!

(3-5-2003) Messageboard is back up. I put a new beta up there with the first steps to expand movecabs mode into an interactive world builder. check it out!

(28-4-2003) It looks like the messageboard is down...so until it is up again this is a beta to test a windows mediaplayer alternative to realmedia for video textures and enhanced skin support including a lot of weird overlay and backdrop effects ;-) This is still buggy so NOT for regular use just to get some feedback on these features...

(17-4-2003) I found a bug in 0.80 when using then new bitmap cycling option and filtered lists. Returning to the fpsarcade from the listbox menutype after filtering a list will give an error... Because I made a mistake, the cycling code still thinks that the unfiltered version of the list is used! damn...slipped through the testing...updated the zips with the fixed exe.

(16-4-2003) I made this release mainly so soon for the first new option, the illusion of attract modes running on all cabinets in the arcade resulting in an even more real virtual arcade experience ;-)

-Bitmap cycling, cycle between bitmaps on all models. For example cycling between title and screenshots images creates the illusion that the attractmodes are running on all models in the arcade and not only the selected one with the video texture! The effect is really great in cylarcade mode because of the number of cabs in view at the same time! Works also on regular bitmaps in the listbox menu without the 3dmodel.
-The user can now set in the arcade cfg files the maximum speed, acceleration and deceleration for the movement of the camera in fpsarcade mode.
-Externalised and expanded the stretch options for bitmaps and added these options to the active skinner. Stretch to fit, Stretch while keeping aspect ratio, Stretch to orientation (helpfull for screenshots that have been resized to 256x256) and Stretch to specified aspect ratio.
-Enhanced options to create dummy marquees and added dialogs to the internal cfg utility for it to select font, color, etc.
-Truncate text now with more then one delimiter.
-Are you bored with the grey look of the internal cfg utiliy. The you can now change the font and color scheme ;-)
-See upgrading tps.txt for how to use the new options...

(9-4-2003) Damn a bug! Selecting a gamelist with the shooting menu in fpsarcade would not result in updating the models. Same while moving through the list in fpsarcade. Why? I forgot to set the changed list flag for both and that is now required to enable fast returning to the fpsarcade from cylarcade. Thank you Dave for reporting it! I upgraded the zips with the fix ;-)

(8-4-2003) FE-3Darcade/Emulaxian 0.79 released! I will put my cab tomorrow most of the day online in the mudemo multiuser arcade so if you want to ask me some questions about this release personally you know were you can find me ;-)

-Renewed index based list core, resulting in more even access times to all items in any sized list, which for example makes spinning in the cylarcade more fluent. Also as there is no need for rebuilding the gamelist anymore after filtering, all of these operations are now without any noticable delay.
-Several enhancements to the internal point and click configuration utility.
-Added an option to arcade configuration files to use the a name of a gamelist entry instead of the position in the gamelist to retrieve positions for the games in the fpsarcade.
-Assign a gamelist in a selectionset as the favorites list and add and remove dynamically items from it.
-Gamelists can now be automatically filtered when they get selected. For example useful for filtering out adult games etc.
-Added support to the skins for showing a title text sprite showing the descriptive name of the current gamelist.
-Added support to the skins for showing a bitmap logo sprite for the current gamelist.
-The texture overlay menu type now supports all jump, search and filter options of the frontend. Especially with the arcgategl variant you now have a complete frontend in a frontend ;-)
-The number of items on a texture overlay menu page can now be adjusted in the arcade cfg files.
-Added the option to save the current gamelist in its current (filtered) state to the configuration utility.
-Truncate game names using any character to enhance the look of gamelists. ie when using ( as the truncate character Galaga (set 1) will show as Galaga.
-The internal mameparser now updates the cfg\lists\favorites.atf list instead of replacing it using utilities\feparserfav.txt. It will now also keep any non mame gamelist entrys in it.
-The handling of skinsets is now more logical. When you select a new selset or gamelist and a new skinset is found the fe will now always use the first skin from the set. If no new skinset is found or it does not get changed then the fe will keep using the skin from the set it had been using before the new selset or gamelist was selected. Useful for rotating monitors or cocktail cabs to associate selsets or gamelists with monitor orientations automatically.
-When the gamelist has not changed switching back from cylarcade to fpsarcade is now much faster just like it allready was while switching back from the listbox.
-In the info screen the fe looks again for videos (any format quicktime supports) in the dummys\qt folder for romof and clonof matches after no match was made the normal way.
-Added a check for quicktime to the info screen. The fe can now function without any external dependencies.
-Updated the basic filterset for mame and changed the field numbering to make it consistent with other options that look into gamelist fields.
-See upgrading tps.txt for how to use the new options...

(23-3-2003) Updated fereadme the manual of the frontend. Also upgraded the exe addressing a small problem in the cfg utility that the general configuration menu, in 2 reported cases, showed up very slowly under win9x.

(20-3-2003) MOPWR kindly setup a server for the online multiuser support in the frontend! In case someone wants to try it, I will put my cab online most of the time today and saturday. Also a good way if you want to personally ask me any questions about the frontend ;-) server|minotrader.com| , mugroup|mudemo| ,for more details how to logon see the sticky thread in the multiuser section of the forum. And more details of the multiuser support can be found in fereadme.

(18-3-2003) 2slk found a bug in the texture overlay menu system when used as a gamelist selection menu (arcgategs). For those that use this option or just want the latest revision I uploaded a fixed exe here and I also updated all 0.78 zip's.

(17-3-2003) OOPS! I compiled the wrong scripts of the cfg utility in 0.78. Does not really effect the functioning of the fe itself but I still decided to upgrade all 0.78 zips. If you downloaded 0.78 allready just replace the exe with this one. Also I included a vertical skin with the complete download with a wrong last parameter for the shooting menu...dirty details .../0| should be.../30)| oops again... ;-)

(17-3-2003) FE-3Darcade/Emulaxian 0.78 released! How to upgrade? Just swap your old 0.77 exe with the new one...also there is an upgrading tips.txt included that lists the new OPTIONAL options since the 0.75 release.

-Text and speech messages can now be formatted on an emulator basis using custom text and any information from a gamelist entry.
-Enhanced the texture overlay menu system to work 100% ok with all videocards and added to it support for using screenshots and video's as a backdrop to the list. The result looks a bit like gamelauncher but then as a texture on a model. ;-)
-Specific filtersets can now be created for each gamelist in a selectionset. It will be used instead of the general filterset. See fereadme about dynamic filtering and filtersets.
-Enabled the runstopmusic, runbefore and runafter options in emulator cfg files.
-Added a skin to the 3darcade website for monitors that are rotated to the left.
-Option to set the default rotation of the model around its y-axis in the listboxmenu type.
-Enabled and expanded the screensaver support for either launching a screensaver file or a random game. See the new screensaver section in fereadme.
-Fixes several small bugs and issues especially in the internal configuration utility and added several enhancements to it.

(9-3-2002) Meet the Robotrons! I added a light version of my Robocade skin and a bunch of basic animated Robotrons to the skins section. I am also hunting for any remaining bugs introduced by the big overhaul of 0.75 and the move to director mx and found a few small ones so I updated the beta again. If you have a 0.77 install...you can just swap the exe...I allready upgraded my cab to it today so maybe I should rename it to 0.77b or something like that :-)

(7-3-2003) Another beta with a redone texture overlay menu system. It can now use screenshots and video's of the highlighted item as a backdrop for the list. it looks a bit like gamelauncher but then as a texture on a model ;-). See here for more info about the beta...

(23-2-2003) I uploaded a new beta with a few new options. First it enables the random game screensaver option. In combination wih advance mame or the included wrapper from Howard this will let you cycle between the fe and a random game. If you catch an interesting game you can start playing it right away. Futher the text and speech phrase when a game is selected is now completely configurable on an emulator basis.

(8-2-2003) Small is beautifull! Our own James Widmark created a new product for us arcade freaks, Tablecade! Tablecade takes the look and feel of a big arcade cabinet and shrinks it down so it fits nicely on your desk but still uses the same real arcade controls! The result is a magnificent little gaming wonder! For more information on all the great features visit the Tablecade website...

(24-1-2003) Added Pleiades, Vanguard and Looping models by Spyro and )p(.
A Capcom cp2a (black cabinet) modelvariant by Spyro.
Also Space Invaders Deluxe and Space Invaders Pt2 modelvariants by Spyro.
Model Viewers for all the new model cabinets.
And the 3ds max model sources for most of the newest models.

(20-1-2003) FE-3Darcade/Emulaxian 0.77 released!

-Teleporter. If the currently selected game is in the fpsarcade, then when you switch to the fpsarcade you will be teleported in front of it. This way you can feven in fpsarcades find games fast by switching to the listbox menu type (or cylarcade but switching to listbox is much faster) select a game and switch back to fpsarcade and you will be in front of that game.
-A new fpsstartpos option in the arcade cfg files defines the camera position when a new gamelist is loaded. If it is not found or empty you will be teleported in front of the model of the first entry in the gamelist.
-Strafing. Setting strafing|true| in fe.cfg will enable strafing in stead of turning. And strafingspeed|| sets the strafing speed.
-Updated the animation support. Every animation event (animate on load, select, startbutton) can now have its own animation. I also added support for keyframe paths for fpsxtramodels. Look out for the Grunt Robotron in the fpsdemo2 arcade ;-)
-New fpshither and cylhither options in arcade cfg files. Objects closer to the camera then the hither are not rendered.
-New fpsyon and cylyon options in arcade cfg files. Objects further away from the camera then the yon are not rendered.
-Fixed search in the scrolling variant of the listbox menu type
-Finally got a way around the spin at startup of the fpsarcade menu type
-Fixed turning on and of collision detection in arcade cfg files with the fpscolldetect option.
-Fixed script error while selecting a sprite with a custom scrollbar (chat,history,gameinfo) in the skinner.
-Fxed script error when using a skin not setup in fe.cfg but only on a selset and or gamelist basis.
-Fixed some bugs in the list manager

(19-1-2003) I added a Phoenix and a Time Pilot model by Spyro and )p(. An updated Milliped by Spyro. And the 3ds max model sources for Howard Casto's models.

(15-1-2003) Howard's models sources will be available soon here on the site. For those that asked him have a bit of patience, they will become available soon ;-)

(15-1-2003) I added a new forum to the site a few days ago. You can post anything loosely related to the theme of the site there, arrange meetings in the online arcade etc. Also we will post progress on the model work and frontend there. I posted a first beta for the next version of the frontend there yesterday to comment on ;-)

(12-1-2003) Spyro made some new model variants: Joust 2, Jungle Hunt, Jungle King, Mario Brothers and he made two variants of the Pole Position Model reflecting the correct bezels for Pole Position 1 and 2.

(5-1-2003) Updated the frontend to 0.76! You will only need to change the exe when upgrading an 0.75 install. See the included upgrade notes.

-Fixed several bugs reported by users...after the 0.75 test release the fe should be mostly bug free again...thank you all!
-Changed the speech engine, it will use now any voice from sapi 4 or 5. Sapi 5 is allready installed on all xp systems.
-Improvements to the multiuser online arcade.
-Added a section in fereadme on how to use the mulituser stuff.
-The online chat can now use text to speech engine.
-You can now send private messages in online arcades to the avatar you are looking at...this can bring real arcade gossip to the virtual arcade ;-)
-Text to speech can now tell you when someone joins the online arcade.
-By popular request I upped the max number of models at the same time to 1000.

(2-1-2003) Logging into the online arcade should be very easy...just unzip the new fe in a new folder and then adjust these parameters in fe.cfg in the multi-user section:
I hope they don't mind using their trial server for testing but the thoughtslice server seems to be down at the moment...
running the fe will now log you into the demo online arcade. you can toggle between chat input with the "end" key. when chat is enabled you can use the "home" key to see who is online.

(1-1-2003) Happy New Year!!! To celebrate the new year here is a new release of 3darcade with lots of new stuff :-) I will soon post some info on the forum how to login to the online arcade...

-Support for multi-user arcades. Meet your friends online in arcade environments using animated game character models as avatars, have a chat and hopefully when a commandline version of kaillera mame appears (hint! :-) ) walk to a cab together and start playing a multi player game ;-)
-Active skinner. In skinner mode you can dragg all sprites with the mouse and resize and rotate them on the fly. Double-clicking a sprite will popup a menu with all detailed options for that sprite.
-Internal configuration utility. The most requested feature ;-) All configuration can now be done from within the fe itself.
-Support for terrain following in fps arcades. Use ramps, platforms, elevators etc.
-Mouselook options. Reverse mouselook, adjust its sensitivity and rightclicking will toggle mouselook on and off so you can also click buttons.
-Fully configurable buttons that can emulate any of the frontends key actions.
-And more... Because of the many changes I consider this a test release to get as much feedback as possible...so beware of some bugs flying around ;-)

(6-12-2002) I added a Konami Drum Mania model by Sean Power. pretty weird thing that one...Donkey Kong 3, Millipede and Kangaroo model variants by Spyro. Great to see some more classics! And I also added the mame generic models that Howard made. Thanks guys :-) Check the forum to see some wip info on the upcoming new version of the frontend, should make some people happy ;-)

(8-11-2002) For you wrestling fans out there Howard made a WWF Wrestle Mania model. I made a small update to the fe to 0.70b. It fixes a bug that when the scrolling listbox is enabled the info pages don't show up properly. I also added, by request of rjuno65, the options to not wrap the game's name in quotes and the ability to output the commandline to a textfile for debugging purposes to the emulator cfg files. You will only need to replace your exe from an 0.70 install of the fe!

(29-10-2002) Fe-3Darcade/Emulaxian 0.70 released! Full animation support...I will update the arcade section soon with more info about how to use these new features... NB the 0.69 version of the upgrade has been up for a while instead of the new version...check the first line of fe.cfg if you got the correct one...

this is what is new:

-Full animation support on all models! The arcade environment model and all models in it can now be fully animated!
-Animation can be played automatically, triggered when the model is selected and when the start key is hit.
-Custom event sounds when an animation is triggered.
-Support for additional models that not represent a gamelist entry. Ideal for non player characters and sliding doors etc.
-Proper support for additional lights attached to models of the arcade environments and non gamelist models.
-A scrolling listbox...yuck, not for me...I enabled it this time and only this time in the default skin for the gamelist menu: gllisttype|scrolling| I suggest go back to the normal one fast: gllisttype|paging| ;-)
-Replaced the runhidden property in emulator cfg files with a runmethod property that can take any of the normal launching methods.
-Speechvoice property to select a different voice for the speech function in the fe.
-Renderfix property, try this if the fe reverts to software mode after running a game or you have problems running 3d games from the fe.
-Adjusted crc.exe to not use a custom delphi dll.
-Fixed jumping camera with mouselook enabled under windows 98.
-Enabled doing stuff in the background while running a game. This means the runstopsound and vp exit key options work again.

(27-10-2002) Dan did another model of one of those great vector games, gravitar!

(26-10-2002) Ok I think I found a solution for the problem that the fe reverts back to software mode when you come back from a game for some people. For me this happens with the directx renderer...that is why the default setting is opengl..hehe...uh to the point...this exe solves the issue using direct7_0 for me...if you have this problem give it a try and let me know if it solves it!

(22-10-2002) I made an updated executable available in the frontend section that fixes the win98 jumping camera problem mentioned below and enables doing stuff in the background again. This means the runstopsound and vp exit key options work again. I also added a new section to the site, a basic forum...hopefully soon replaced by a better one ;-)

(17-10-2002) Fighter king Howard made models of his favorite game series: Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II, Mortal Kombat 3 and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. Sinistar Cockpit and Stunrunner have been updated with a width property. Also I got one report about a problem with a jumping camera view when mouselook is enabled under win98. I made a fix that helped that person...so let me know if you experience something similar...and if this version fixes it?

(13-10-2002) Fe-3Darcade / Emulaxian 0.69 released! Get it from the frontend section. Note I did not put the adapted models with the width property online yet probably tomorrow...

Here is what is new:

-Much better selection of models in the fps arcade...perfect in my opinion! :-)
-Looking at a model with mouselook now also detects it when you are not moving.
-Adjustable widths in the cylarcade so those big cockpits don't overlap. I updated dotrone, sinistarcockpit and stunrun to use this new feature.
-cylspacing option to set the default spacing of cabs in cylarcade for those cabs that don't have a specific width property.
-Upped the max number of cabs from 50 to 200 in a fpsarcade.
-Skin options to set default camera views in the cylarcade and paging menus.
-Skin option to set an autorotation option for the model in the paging menus.
-Videowait option to control the update rate of the real media video texture.
-Runhidden feature option in emulator cfg files to not show those command/dos boxes. This replaces hidewin in fe.cfg that had issues under xp.
-Colldetect option to enable or disable collision detection.
-Fixed an error with rotate and movecabs under some circumstances.
-Fixed an error with feutilites that was reported I hope, if not put it in the root folder that should solve it.
-Fixed an error that a captured video was not saved in the correct folder.

enjoy :-)

(11-10-2002) Dan gives us today a Black Widow model. A great and very underrated Robotronesque game. Howard was in a Konami mood and brings us The Simpsons, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 1 and 2, X-men. Take a look at that tmnt, purple rays rule...and what is that on top ;-)

(10-10-2002) Dan stunned us again now with a funky Stun Runner model! :-)

(5-10-2002) Dan made a model for that game with the first female nude backdrop long before those wacko majong games...ok just outlined in stars but with a little imagination...Star Castle! He also updated the Quantum model...

(4-10-2002) Howard made a generic cps1 model and updated his Strider to fix the weird t-moulding color ;-) In his cab Quest Q-man Dan Q-ted a Q*bert-Qubes, a sparkling Qix and a Quantum!

(2-10-2002) Yeah!...You can now study all models online with our model viewer in the uh...3d viewer section, have fun!!! Dan is still going strong and made a Sundance and a Mad Planets. Be sure two read Dan's hilarious remarks in the readme's :-) Howard mamed a generic Data East model and updated the cps2 and neogeo models. I updated the html on the models page and now those on slow connections don't have to wait forever for those little bitmaps to load anymore. ;-)

(30-9-2002) Not surpringly Dan made another cab, a Pacman cocktail table. He also upgraded Disc's of Tron to v.2. Andy also did another one. This time he made a cute Pengo model ;-) Thanks to you both! We also updated Sf2, Xmcota, Bubbles and Blaster and took down cps2 because they were wrongly exported and could screw up the frontend...there may be more ;-)

(27-9-2002) See Disc of tron online with my new modelviewer...which also has a different purpose ;-)

(26-9-2002) Wow!!! Dan Ludemann made one fantastic model of one of the most beautiful if not the most beautiful cab ever Disc's of Tron Environmental. This is a screen capture (from the version with up to 512x512 limited textures tough instead of 256x256 which I put online...works the same on a geforce 4 though ;-) )


(25-9-2002) Even more cabs from Dan Ludemann. One of my fav games Space Dungeon. A Robotronesquee shooter.... Bubbles that weird Williams game and he updated Blaster. Mr. Arcade contributed a set of beautiful backglass and field pictures for some 25 popular pinball games to use on the pinball model...

(24-9-2002) Took the Nintend Vs. model temporarily offline. Seems to screw up the fps arcade in some circumstances... I will have to check with Howard what is going on... update! It was corrupt and replaced with a correct one :-)

(24-9-2002) Howard Casto contributed a Capcom cps2 generic cab, a Xmen-cota cab and adapted my Popeye model with artwork send in by Nick Wright to a Nintendo Vs. general cab. Dan Ludemann made a Zookeeper cab...which has some funky artwork. Thanks a lot!

(23-9-2002) Howard Casto in his quest to recreate the ultimate early 90's arcade contributed a Strider model. Dan Ludemann made anothere rare cabinet...Blaster in a very special duramold cab...unlike the real one this one will not melt under heavy use ;-)

(21-9-2002) Dan Ludemann did it again! Computer Space, a model of the first ever arcade videogame! There isn't even a emulator or simulator yet but who cares with a cab that looks like this...we had to have it in our virtual arcade! ;-)

(20-9-2002) Dan Ludemann contributed a beautiful model of the wonderful Star Wars upright cabinet. As this one was requested by me...thanks a million Dan :-)

(16-9-2002) Dan Ludemann contributed 3 wonderful models. The ultra rare Sinistar cockpit!!! And a Gyruss cocktail and a Berzerk upright! Looking at the mesh from the Sinistar...it shows that he is a pro...wow that is some efficient modeling :-) Contact him if you need some quality work! Lazarus man Howard Casto contributed his second cab, and as THE fighter king it is not a surprise he made a Street Fighter 2! That is not all...I also added a Mappy model done by me. And a request, a variant of Jr. Pacman uses the same cab as Mappy...if you have some good pics of the cpo and or bezel of that one please contact me...

(14-9-2002) There is a problem when the hidewin option is enabled (defauilt) with mame under windows xp, not in win 9x... The fe will not got proper focus and may show all kinds of strange behavior...slower...tooltips showing up ;-) For now set hidewin|false| in fe.cfg if you use win xp/2000. It is allready solved for the next release...thanks to Howard :-)

(12-9-2002) Howard Casto, from the great Lazarus frontend and wrappers, contributed his first cab! A generic neo geo model! A cab I have been asked about over and over again...hehe...thanks a lot Howard! Please read the included readme how you have to setup the fe to show this model automatically for every neo geo game! Get it from the models section...

(11-9-2002) As I uploaded the creature model anyway...put it your models folder and to let it show up as in the video adjust the irobot entry in arcades/lists/fpsdemo2.atf to:

|I, Robot|irobot|1983|Atari|||Shooter / Misc.|.36b10|Yes|mame|arcade|creature|etc.|etc.

Notice the creature entry after arcade...that will override the Irobot model showing up. Remove the model after you tried it from your models folder...

(10-9-2002) Who it that, http://3darcade.mameworld.net/character.mpg , walking around the arcade ;-) I had to test it after I said on the byoac board that animation in principle allready should work...and it does :-) Bones animation of models including those from charater studio in max will play automatically on models in the fe. Either as part of the environmental model...the best way... or even as a cab shown here....this should be cool to add all sorts of activity to arcade environments...From people to working crane machines, you name it :-)

(9-9-2002) FE-3Darcade/Emulaxian 0.68 released!

What is new:

-Speed optimizations, The 3darcade should be much faster especially with a large number of different models.
-Fps style mouselook and doubleclick launches the selected item. More mouse support in the next version.
-Collision detection when going backwards.
-Startup-, exit- and infoscreen-movies can no be any type supported by quicktime. I suggest using mpeg4.
-User definable Wait loop to slow scrolling through items in the search and filter routines.
-Fixed a bug when a filter returns exactly one item.
-Fixed a bug when you start the fe with the paging variant of the gamelist menu and then switch directly to the fpsarcade.
-I turned videotextures of by default in fe.cfg. Set glvideo to true in fe.cfg to enable them.

New options in fe.cfg: lod, lodbias, waiths and mouselook.

Have fun :-)

(5-9-2002) I did not have much time lately to work on the fe... But I am back on it again...the first beta for .68 is now with the beta testers. It is much faster on my machine! I can get steady framerates in the fpsdemo2 with the max number of cabs in it :-) And I had to up the rotsteps in fe.cfg in the cylarcade mode...it went just to fast without :-) Further I allready added mouselook , collision detection when going backwards and the ability to use a lot of video formats for intro and exit movies...

(13-8-2002) FE-3Darcade/Emulaxian 0.67 released!

After a couple of big releases it's time for some maintenance releases to cleanup the code and fix some bugs. This release should fix all reported and known bugs.


-Select and play movies and mp3's also in the cylarcade and paging variants of the game selection menus.
-Fixed a bug while leaving movecabs mode when a gamelist is smaller then the max number of cabs allowed for the arcade associated with that gamelist.
-fixed a bug when arcadefull is set to true in fe.cfg the fe would give an error when the first cab is selected in the arcade.
-Readded the option to show bitmaps instead of the 3d model in the paging menus by default. Just add showglcabsorpics|false| to your fe.cfg.
-Updated the tutorial to fix an imported omission, namely adjusting cfg/fewhichselset.cfg in the cleaning house section.
-Fixed a bug in the mame parser causing it not to not work correctly under windows xp and maybe other nt based systems.
-Be sure to take a look at the wrappers from Lazarus they can be used to launch non-commandline emulators, like modeler etc.
-Some other stuff I don't remember ;-) And thanks a lot to the folks that reported the bugs :-)

(12-8-2002) Got some mails about how to make the speech work in the fe. And as I just installed xp on my desktop pc I had to download the stuff again myself and decided to make it available here. For win9x users first install: Microsoft Agent. Windows NT, ME, 2000 and XP users allready have it on their system. Then for all install the speech runtime support: SAPI 4.0a. And then the text to speech engine: L&H TTS3000. Then just enable speech in the fe by setting the dospeech option in fe.cfg to true.

(27-7-2002) Fe-3darcade/Emulaxian 0.66 released!

Ok I got no time to test it a lot...so if you guys find some bugs mail me! If nescessary I will make an updated exe available in a week or so... Also this will be the last time you will need to download all the stuff... ;-)

What is new:

-Use any custom model as the arcade environment! This can be anything from a simple box to a complete reproduction of an actual arcade.
-Support for a working Jukebox in any arcade! Select mp3 playlists on the jukebox itself and watch that record spin! ;-)
-Support for a movie theatre in any arcade! Select movies on the moviescreen...
-Support for gates in any arcade! Menu's can be overlayed on any texture and go from one fpsarcade to the other without leaving the 3d environment!
-A demo arcade (fpsdemo2) that shows how to use these new features.
-Jump bij letter, game search, history search, and im most cases filtering are now much much faster.
-Filters can now use whole phrases instead of only words.
-Filters can now use larger, smaller, equals, notequals, contains and notcontains as operators.
-Optimized the paging menu, yeah the fe also has a normal menu system! ;-)
-The mame parser now works with long folder names.
-Cleaned and optimized the feutilities to generate game/music/movie lists from the contents of a folder.
-Fixed the 3 known bugs from the 0.65 release.

-Thanks to Dave Dries, www.cinemarcade.com, for letting me use his mame logo movie as an animted texture in the fpsdemo2 arcade.

Download it from the frontend section!

(24-7-2002) Stefan Gagne's fe-3darcade/emulaxian tutorial is now available for your reading pleasure in the frontend section. I hope this will help some off you guys ;-) And tanks aaa lotttt tooo yuoo Stefan! ;-) By the way I hope to finish the new version of the fe really soon...maybe this weekend...we'll see...

(17-7-2002) And...I went even crazier...a working jukebox! As you can see you can select, any number of playlists right on the jukebox! Even more funky for you guys that have rm video enabled in the...the menu is overlayed on a spinning video texture that is also used on the record for a spinning effect! :-) This is a new general menu system that can be overlayed on any (animated) texture and can be used for selecting music, selecting movies directly on the movie screen while another movie can still be playing and in the future probably for gates were you can select to go to another room without leaving the fps arcade.

(15-7-2002) Ok I went totally crazy last night and added a bar with a jukebox to the demo model for next release. The jukebox will be used to select playlists of mp3's. I am not sure yet if i go for a popup list menu or adjust the model so that it has a screen and the list appers on the screen of the model... ;-)

(14-7-2002) Wip: The new version is coming along nicely. As promised the new version can use any 3d model as the environment. I made a demo today with some wall using an animated texture made from Dave Dries great animated mame logo. The effect is real trippy! Here are som wip pics. As you can see fog is now supported and the environments can be huge...and what is that...a movie theatre with Eugene Jarvis talking to you inside one off the rooms... :-)

(7-7-2002) Joe contributed the first skin. Get it from the new skins section. Thanks Joe!

(7-7-2002) KC was a bit fast with the news today on Mameworld ;-) The updated utilities are beta tested right now... Mmm...what the heck try them yourself here festuff

(3-7-2002) NB!!! When you experience some weird behaviour after adding models. You can turn but not move in the fps3darcade. Then you probably added the asteroids model from the site. It had an extra camera an that can in certian cases confuse the fe. I uploaded a new version of asteroids that solve that problem.

(30-6-2002) Emulaxian/Fe-3darcade 0.65: "walk around and skin it!" released. Another big release. This release adds the two most requested features to the fe. An fps style 3darcade and the ability to skin every visible object of the fe anyway you want!

What is new:

-Fps style 3d arcade! Walk around in rooms filled with 3d models.
-Grab them and place them anywhere in the room to create your onw layouts!
-Skin it! All visible objects have all there parameters exposed. file to use, position, size, rotation, blend etc. You get total control to create a theme that fits your cabinet!
-Changed the key remapping to use keycodes, now all special keys can be used.
-Each gamelist can now have its own arcade environment.
-You can define additional rules which 3d model to show when no model was matched the normal way. For example use the same model for all horizontal games, all driving games etc. when no specific model was found.
-Define which model to use when none is found...so you can get rid of my Emulaxian cab ;-)
-Skinnable startup and exit screens using a bitmap, flash or quickttime movies
-Helpscreens can now show bitmaps based on game name. For example to show the cp layout for that game.
-Internally translate long file names into short file names before launching a game for emulators that don't like long names.
-Changed the cfg files layout to be more hierarchical. I hope this will make setting up the fe a bit more straight forward.
-Hide cursor bug finally fixed.

(28-6-2002) Wip: The rc is out to the beta testers with everything in it...here are some pics of the fps arcade in the current 3d arcade environment. Every gamelist can have it's own 3d environment!

(26-6-2002) Wip: The beta testers got a beta of the new version of the fe with most things in it inculding the fully integrated fps arcade... If everything goes ok expect a release coming weekend!

(25-6-2002) Oops!  Found an error in the email link for video requests below and fixed it.  Here it is again - 3darcadevideos@thoughtslice.com.

(20-6-2002) Wip: How about this you walk too a cab... grab it...walk around with the cab...and place it where you want. How is that for setting up your own layout. And the best thing...it allready works :-)

(20-6-2002) Wip: Got the fps style running and it is very smooth on my geforce 2mx even with all current models in there!

(18-6-2002) Still working on the fe and...I added the most requested feature besides skinning...a fps style 3d arcade. I still prefer the 3darcade as it is now but I can see the fun of recreating a room and walk around the cabs, setup in the same way as you remeber from your old arcade ;-)

(17-6-2002) Andy contributed a 3d model of a personal favourite of his, Elevator Action. Thoughtslice added even more videos. All 122 videos of my favorites gamelist are now online! Also he did setup an email adres for taking your requests for new videos to make, 3darcadevideos@thoughtslice.com !

(13-6-2002) No new models you may ask :-) Yeah, working on the frontend itself! Mainly filling in the most asked requests. First the frontend will be completely skinnable. Because all objects have an orientation parameter this also will give you on the fly rotation, screen flipping etc. for people with rotating monitors or cocktail cabs. And it will be a bit eaysier to setup ;-)

(7-6-2002) Thoughtslice made a new set of 45 videos and provided space for them! That means there are now more the hunderd videos online! Thank you very much Sir! :-)

(6-6-2002) Andy contributed a Sinistar model! Thanks a lot Andy! I optimized all the w3d files bringing the total size of all models down from approx 8 to 3 mb. That will load faster... Also Adjusted the pivot point of the models that either were displayed to high or to low in the fe. for example I,Robot and Centipede.

(5-6-2002) Added 3d models for Crystal Castles and Dig Dug...

(3-6-2002) I uploaded a beta version of the fe that hopefully solves a problem that some people reported were the fe got in a loop and keeps on launching games. You will also get green t-moulding for free ;-) : fetest2.zip Lots off people seem to have problems downloading the fe.zip file that cointains all the support stuff you need not the fe executable, so I mirrored it here for a while: fe.zip

(31-5-2002) Added a very very special cab, Battle Zone! I faked the video a bit so you can look through the small hole. Very Fun... I will update the innerpart and the video to be more real when the new version of mame is available with the new artwork support.

(29-5-2002) Uploaded more then 50 videos including videos for all the currently available 3d models! The webspace for them is kindly provided by Thoughtslice, thanks a lot!

(28-5-2002) Added Pole Position, the first driving 3d model! The sideart could be better... Also again I had to do a lot of guesswork about the exact dimensions. If you got an original cab of one of our models it would be really appreciated if you could take some measurements so we can make our models more accurate :-)

(26-5-2002) Another fav game and a special cab: I,Robot! And because it is so great I also uploaded the complete attractmode video for it. And...a variant on the I,Robot cab...Major Havoc...spot the differences...there are more then you think ;-)

(24-5-2002) Added Defender, Gyruss and Missile Command models and 3dsmax source files.

(23-5-2002) Uploaded a Baywatch pinball model by Zakk from Massive Mame. A Galaga model and 3dsmax source by Zakk and )p(. And a Q*bert model and 3dsmax source by )p(.

(20-5-2002) BIG UPDATE! Updated all models to version 2. Version 2 of Tempest and Centipede from 18-4 are also changend a bit. And...uploaded all 3ds max files for all models. The moonpatrol bezel was cleaned by Jakobud, thanks!

(19-5-2002) Got Dragons Lair mpeg's yesterday so I had to make a...Dragon's Lair model. Uploaded the model, an attract mode video and the 3ds max file for it!

(18-5-2002) Updated the Tempest and Centipede models and 3dsmax files to v2.

(17-5-2002) Added a Centipede model and the 3dsmax source file for it.

(16-5-2002) Uploaded a Tempest model and video. I also added the 3dsmax source file for Tempest. Max files for the other models will follow soon.

(15-5-2002) Uploaded a tron model, again contributed by Zakk from Massive Mame. Thanks Zakk!

(15-5-2002) Zakk from Massive Mame contributed a Space Invaders model and I made a Joust model. Get them both from the models section. More to come!

(14-5-2002) -Added a moon patrol model and video. Any photoshop wizzards out there who want to help with cleaning up cabinet art? ;-)

(1-5-2002) -Updated the models section with donkey kong junior and popeye models, two variants of the donkey kong model.

(30-4-2002) -Dave from Philly contributed a very large set off images, more then 300, for use as backglassess on pinball models in Emulaxian. Thanks a lot Dave! You can contact him if you have any questions about these images... Get them from the pinball section- Added some very basic howto's for making animated backgrounds and backglassess/playfields. -Updated fehor.zip with a new executable for the horizontal version of Emulaxian. This fixes a bug reported by Stefan Gagne (thanks!) were in the shooting at Galaxians menu there were some problems with collision detection. This only happened in the horizontal version.

(29-4-2002) I made another model today, Donkey Kong. Get it from the models section and a small attract-mode video from the video section.

(28-4-2002) Zakk from Massive Mame contributed another model, Pacman! I merged it with my efforts on mspacman. The result...two more models available! I also added their corresponding videos to the video section...

(27-4-2002) I made a new model yesterday, my fav game Robotron! Grab it from the models section and the robotron video from the video section....

(26-4-2002) First additional model available! Asteroids contributed by Zakk from Massive Mame thanks! Put the asteriod.w3d in your models dir and the included videos asteroid.rm and astdelux.rm in your video dir. Then run the fe and the new model will show up automatically in the arcade.

(26-4-2002) Seems for some people the fe asks for a png file on startup (berzerk.png for the horizontal version)... I uploaded a new fehor.zip with a new exe that will solve that problem. The date on the correct exe is 26-4-2002 0:11.

(25-4-2002) Celebrating the release of Emulaxian yesterday, I uploaded the video's for the 7 games in my favlist that are the first games that are shown when you start Emulaxian for the first time...so you can get a good impression how it works! More, other kind of, stuff coming tomorrow :-)

(24-4-2002) Emulaxian frontend 0.6 released! There will be more interesting support files here over the coming days ;-)