It's 2010, the decade of pinball! Okay, nobody has actually designated it as such, but I have to have some reason for working on maybe my favorite part of the arcade - PINBALL! This is Bobby Tribble, and I'm adding a bunch of pinball models to 3D Arcade to reflect the wide variety of pinball games out there!

How do add a pinball model to 3D Arcade?

3D Arcade handles pinball entries much like the other arcade game entries - you place a model in the arcade, and a screen and marquee is pasted into it. The only difference is that the marquee is the pinball backglass and the screen is the playfield. There is also a third "skin" graphic you'll need for the generic models. The two/three graphic files need to have the same filename, and saved to the following folders. The folders can be anywhere you like on your computer, but they do need to be set in 3D Arcade's configuration file: cfg\emulators\fepinball.cfg

PLAYFIELDS (corresponds to SSHOT)

Standalone pinball models

Some pinball models are unique "one-off" standalone models. These games are not handled like the generic cabinets. In other words, they don't use a skin. They are one-of-a-kind usually because of a special topper or plunger. They only require the backglass and playfield graphics. The download will include the W3D model (512x512), along with the playfield and backglass graphics, and a "readme" text file. Treat them just like the usual arcade model, but put the backglass and playfield graphics in the folders you set above.

Addams Family v2 updated Feb 21 2010 by btribble [source]
Addams Family Special Collector's Edition
by btribble [source]
Batman Forever
by btribble [source]
Cirqus Voltaire
by btribble [source]
by btribble [without topper] [source]
South Park
by btribble [source]
Space Shuttle
by jibmums
v2 updated Jan 5 2010 by btribble [source]

Generic pinball models

Groups of pinball games often have the same cabinet, with the only difference being different cabinet artwork. In 3D Arcade, these games can share the same "generic" W3D model. You need to download this generic model, and then the game graphics to apply onto it. These "skin" downloads include the playfield, backglass, and skin (512x512). I've named the graphics so that they will be easy to match with the corresponding W3D model. For example, the "pinball_williams_80s_b_cyclone.png" graphics correspond to the "pinball_williams_80s_b_cyclone.w3d" model. So that you can copy & paste into your "cfg/lists/*.ATF" gamelist, an example gamelist entry will be included in the "readme" text for these downloads. This is the usual layout for the gamelist entry:

or for an actual example:
|Cyclone|Cyclone (Williams 1981) 0.94bx.vpt|1981|Williams Electronics Inc.|pinball_williams_80s_b_cyclone||VPinMame|Sweetser, AJ, Destruk, Cat-Mando, MacGoo2|Yes|pinball|pinball|pinball_williams_80s_b||y|||||||||||||||||||||||

The important things to note in the above example are the VPTFILENAME - this is the Visual Pinball file you're launching! You will likely need to rename it to match filename you have. It should be fine to include the ".vpt" extension, as in the above example. The next important field is SKINNAME - this is the name of the .png graphics. Finally, W3DMODELNAME is the name of the "generic" W3D model that the graphics will be applied to.

Atari style 1 v2 (Jan 5 2010)
Download source

Middle Earth (Dec 25 2009) by btribble

Bally 70s (solid state and EM version) v2 (Feb 21 2010)
Download source
Download source

Black Jack (Feb 6 2010) by jibmums
Captain Fantastic (EM) v1.1 (Feb 21 2010) by jibmums
Centaur (Mar 17 2010) by jibmums
Dolly Parton (Apr 22 2010) by jibmums
Eight Ball (Jun 17 2010) by jibmums
Eight Ball Deluxe (Feb 17 2011) by jibmums
Elektra (Oct 5 2010) by jibmums
Evel Knievel (Feb 21 2010) by jibmums
Fathom (Feb 17 2011) by jibmums
Fireball II (Jun 17 2010) by jibmums
Flash Gordon (Jun 17 2010) by jibmums
Freedom (Apr 5 2010) by jibmums
Harlem Globetrotters (Feb 21 2010) by jibmums
Kiss v2 (Jun 17 2010) by jibmums
Lost World (Apr 5 2010) by jibmums
Medusa (Jun 14 2012) by jibmums
Mystic (Oct 5 2010) by jibmums
Night Rider (Mar 30 2010) by jibmums
Mata Hari v2 (Feb 21 2010) by btribble, jibmums
Mata Hari (EM) (Jan 20 2010) by btribble
Nitro Ground Shaker (Oct 5 2010) by jibmums
Old Chicago (EM) (Jun 14 2012) by jibmums
Playboy (Apr 5 2010) by jibmums
Power Play (Feb 21 2010) by jibmums
Rolling Stones (Feb 6 2010) by jibmums
Silverball Mania (Feb 6 2010) by jibmums
Skateball (Feb 17 2011) by jibmums
Star Trek (Aug 1 2013) by jibmums
Strikes and Spares v1.1 (Feb 21 2010) by jibmums
Supersonic (Oct 5 2010) by jibmums
Viking (Oct 5 2010) by jibmums
Voltan Escapes Cosmic Doom (Feb 21 2010) by jibmums
Wizard! (EM) (Feb 21 2010) by jibmums
Xenon (Apr 5 2010) by jibmums

Bally 70s wide v2 (Mar 17 2010)
Download source

Embryon (Mar 17 2010) by jibmums
Future Spa (Jan 26 2011) by jibmums
Hot Doggin' (Jan 26 2011) by jibmums
Paragon (Mar 17 2010) by jibmums
Space Invaders (Feb 21 2010) by btribble

Bally 90s v2 (Jan 5 2010)
Download source

Creature From the Black Lagoon (Dec 25 2009) by btribble

Bally 90s widebody v2 (Jan 5 2010)
Download source

Twilight Zone (Dec 25 2009) by btribble

Bally-Midway 80s style 1 v2 (Jan 5 2010)
Download source

MotorDome (Dec 25 2009) by btribble

Bally-Midway 80s style 2 v3 (Feb 21 2010)
Download source

Eight Ball Deluxe (Dec 25 2009) by btribble

Capcom (Mar 25 2010)
Download source

Pinball Magic (Mar 25 2010) by btribble

Gottlieb 50s woodrail singleplayer v2 (Jan 5 2010)
Download source

Southern Belle (Dec 25 2009) by btribble

Gottlieb 70s singleplayer v2 (Jan 5 2010)
Download source

Top Card (Dec 25 2009) by btribble

Gottlieb 70s multiplayer v2 (Jan 5 2010)
Download source

Surfer (Dec 25 2009) by btribble

Gottlieb 70s style 2 v1 (Oct 17 2010)
Download source

Pinball Pool (Oct 17 2010) by btribble

Gottlieb 80s widebody style 1 v2 (Jan 5 2010)
Download source

Genie (Dec 25 2009) by btribble
Roller Disco (Feb 21 2010) by jibmums

Gottlieb 80s widebody style 2 v3 (Apr 22 2010)
Download source

Amazing Spider-Man (Dec 25 2009) by btribble

Premier style 1 v3 (Apr 22 2010)
Download source

Tag Team (Dec 25 2009) by btribble

Sega style 1 v2 (Jan 5 2010)
Download source

Stern 2000s plain + tournament version (Jul 27 2010)
Download source

Elvis (Jul 27 2010) by btribble

Stern 2000s style 2 plain + tournament version (Jul 27 2010)
Download source

24 (Jul 27 2010) by btribble

Williams 70s (Mar 17 2010)
Download source

Barracora(Jun 17 2010) by btribble/jibmums
Firepower v2 (Mar 29 2010) by btribble/jibmums
Time Warp (Mar 29 2010) by jibmums
Blackout (Jun 14 2012) by jibmums

Williams 70s single player v4 (Aug 24 2010)
Download source

Wild Card (Feb 1 2010) by btribble

Williams 80s v3 (Aug 24 2010)
Download source

Comet (Aug 24 2010) by btribble

Williams 80s type B (more bolts on side) v4 (Aug 24 2010)
Download source

Cyclone (Aug 24 2009) by btribble

Williams 80s style 2 (Aug 24 2010)
Download source

Pharaoh (Aug 24 2010) by btribble and jibmums

Please feel free to send me a message (btribble at the 3D Arcade forum) if you have any questions - I've tried to make this as straightforward as possible, but just because it makes sense to me doesn't guarantee that anyone else will understand what I'm talking about here!

Also let me know if you make your own skins! I'll keep them at this page, and if there are too many I'll figure out a better way to organize them. Anyhow, keep in mind that each generic W3D model has its own unique skin layout, which is different from the generic pinball layout. There is a new magicpixel layout, which is similar to the "old" magicpixel layout, but with a few additions. I also tried to make the W3D model naming scheme straightforward and consistent. I've laid out the details at the text file below:


Have fun!

SZAA Gottlieb Pinball Pack 1.0


SZAA modeled some of his own cabinets of classic pins - these haven't passed the official inspection progress so use "at your own risk" (though your computer probably won't blow up). Included are:

Below is the previous information about the "default" pinball model in 3D Arcade. If you do not use any of the above models, 3D Arcade will handle the game as follows.


The frontend handles the use of backglasses and playfields on pinball models in more or less the same way then the marquee and screenshot images for mame. It will first look for an image with the name of the vpt file in the second entry of a games gamelist entry and if that is not found search the 5 and 6 entry that correspond to mame's clone of and rom of. If still not found it will search for the dummy files. Emulaxian can use these extra positions for any gamelist. This means we can use them also for visual pinball to have only one image for all revisions for a table. Therefore when you create a vp gamelist with feutilities.exe and vplauncher's dat file it will put the first entry of vplauncher dat file which is the generic table name in the 6 position of a gamelist entry. The frontend will then find backglasses, playfields, flyers, rules etc. with this name for this game!

Creating textures for visual pinball:

-Backglass textures should be edited so that only the inner part, not the wooden case, is visible and be as straight as possible and then resized and saved in 256x256 format. Backglass images are in a lot of cases taken under an angle use the perspective tool of your favorite image editing to get a better frontal look.
-Playfields can be made from screenshots. Start with making a screenshot in as high as possible resolution in Visual Pinball. Then with your favorite editing tool skew the part of the playfield to a perfect rectangle. Cut it out and paste it into a new image. Resize and save this image in 256x512 and 512x512 format.
Send the results to us to make your work available to us all :- ).



Karetag has created dat files for helping rename that pesky pinball artwork to match those "unconventional" VP names. You can get that below. This set was updated on 26-06-2006.

Karetag's dat files (26-06-2006)



Karetag updated (26-06-2006) the Backglass sets. Both sets should have improved file names to match the generic name taken from the VPLauncher.dat file. One set is offered at 256x resolution in JPG format and for folks with fast machines and lots of video ram a 512x set in PNG format. The non-emulated set is only offered in 512x PNG format since these tables have yet to be emulated. Keep in mind these were shipped to us in bulk, so not every image will be perfect...although a little better than his last set.


karetag's_256_JPG_backglasses A-M (6-24-06).zip

karetag's_256_JPG_backglasses N-Z (6-24-06).zip


karetag's backglasses 0-A (6-24-06).zip

karetag's backglasses B (6-24-06).zip

karetag's backglasses C (6-24-06).zip

karetag's backglasses D-E (6-24-06).zip

karetag's backglasses F (6-24-06).zip

karetag's backglasses G-H (6-24-06).zip

karetag's backglasses I-L (6-24-06).zip

karetag's backglasses M-N (6-24-06).zip

karetag's backglasses O-Q (6-24-06).zip

karetag's backglasses R (6-24-06).zip

karetag's backglasses Sa-Sm (6-24-06).zip

karetag's backglasses Sn-Sw (6-24-06).zip

karetag's backglasses T (6-24-06).zip

karetag's backglasses U-Z (6-24-06).zip

karetag's Un-Emulated BG (6-24-06).zip

PLAYFIELDS (original)

MrArcades_Playfields_5-6-03.zip (MrArcade)

PLAYFIELDS (vp screenshot)

pinball/Vital's playfields 0-B (1-5-05).zip

pinball/Vital's playfields C-D (1-5-05).zip

pinball/Vital's playfields E-G (1-5-05).zip

pinball/Vital's playfields H-L (1-5-05).zip

pinball/Vital's playfields M-O (1-5-05).zip

pinball/Vital's playfields P-R (1-5-05).zip

pinball/Vital's playfields S (1-5-05).zip

pinball/Vital's playfields T-Z (1-5-05).zip

PLAYFIELDS (vp animated screenshot)

pinball/Cycling Playfields (Vital and Fossil).zip




Click HERE to go to a temporarily page for these skins until we get database access at mameworld.