Note: All skins updated for 0.91 and later! Don't use these with earlier versions of the fe. Older skins are backwards compatible but I would advice to upgrade them anyway!


3darcade defaultskin update

Updates for the default skin with skins for more consoles, daphne and visual pinball. The embedded intellivision, nes, snes, n64, gameboy, gameboyadvance, mastersystem, genesis, pcengine and neogeo backgrounds are by cave. The embedded daphne, a2600jr, a5200, a7800 and jaguar backgrounds are by TimO (www.timoproductions.com). The embedded vpinball background is by ARisc.



C64 skin by Deniro

This ingenious skin by Deniro takes cylarcade mode to a new level and shows several of the new cylarcade features in 0.91. The model of the c64 and the background rotate gently. The background shows preview screenshots of the diskettes on the "wheel" to the right. The diskettes move with the use of the cylarcade interface forwards and backwards when going through the list. How about that ;-) The skin also has a very fun full blown fps environment with a c64 theme! More pics here. Preview video here.

Station Break Skin by spanner

This skin is dedicated to the people who make this brilliant arcade...thanks.

Vegas-Red generic skin



Vegas-Red bigwheel skin



Vegas-Red price wheel (upgrade to vegasredbigwheel)



Robocade light skin and a bunch of animated Robotrons



Classics skin by PucPuc



Fighter skin by PucPuc



Machines skin by PucPuc



Space skin by PucPuc



Exhibition skin by PucPuc



Vectrex skin by PucPuc



Nintendo skinset for every Nintendo console, graphics by Stuzza



Skinset for 13 popular consoles and 1 for mame, graphics by Cave (thanks!).

The skins features besides a normal listbox menu in cylarcade mode either a price is right wheel menu or a flat scrolling marquee list. (atari 2600, coleco, gb, gba, intellivision, mame, neogeo, nes, n64, pcengine, genesis, mastersystem and snes)



Valtane skin by Joe Orsborn



Emulaxian skin includes horizontal and rotated left and right vertical layouts