The Files:

Files for mame .99u2

CatVer 62KB
The standard file

GenreV 54KB
Less detailed file

gRCatVer 49KB
Bzip2 for Linux

Cat32 113KB
MAME32 files

Deluxe32 26KB
Alternate MAME32 files

Classics 32 2KB
MAME32 "Classics"
by COOLDUDE (9 Dec 2004)

Mac Catver 66KB
Mac-ready files
from Nicolas Young
(17 Jun 2005)

SHACCsort 93KB
Files for S.H.A.C.C.

WizSort 232KB
Deluxe for MAME Wizard

arc99u3 243KB
All files zipped together

Help using the files
Catlist: M.A.M.E. sorted

24 September 2007:

Files are still at Progetto EMMA

Just a bit less Beta Get this, along with two consecutive mame versions and a catver.ini file.

This build has gotten "a lot" bigger, still under 70KB. You need .Net 2.0 to get it to work.

I had to optimize stuff to move forward, so there is very little movement towards completion. Bugs were squashed, and some functionality was added:
  • Ability to add and remove items from lists of tags
  • Current game's tags can be selected in lists via a button press
  • Selected tags can be applied to all games that match the current one's tags
  • Backward compatability has (I think) been extended to the dawn of the -listxml command. That's only been tested back to .99u2, though. I don't see any reason for it, but there it is.
Consider Linux, MAME Wizard, and S.H.A.C.C. files to be dead. The Linux one was just the standard file with the extension removed. I think you can manage that yourself. Just for kicks, I uploaded an archive for .99u3, since I was back there anyway. I'll probably skip most of the rest of the missing files, since Progetto EMMA took care of them, but there'll be a few more while I'm working on things.

03 September 2007:

Files are still at Progetto EMMA

Very Beta (I think I'm past Alpha) build of CFB. Get this, along with two more or less recent mame versions (tested back to 108 so far, but for your own sake keep them close together) and a catver.ini file.

Does it run? How far can you get before it crashes? Let me know... somewhere.

Oh yeah, it may only be a 39KB zip, but the folder you put it in will end up somewhere over 30MB, and it may need more RAM than that at points. It has a lot of data to toss around.

Fixed the output tab. I'd broken a few handles off. File got smaller in the process. Everything implemented should work.

Sometime in the summer of 2007:

Progetto EMMA is currently, and for the past two years or so, producing and hosting all Catlist's files. Keep going there, and thanking them for all that effort.

I'm now again actively trying to do what I need to do to revive this site. Someday....

11 November 2005:

I'm not dead!
OK, it HAS been 2 months now, I've gotten a few inquiries as to the status of the project.

So... I'm actively working on a new version of the tool I had been using to get data and build files. THIS one will allow me to enter category and version info without having to copy/paste back and forth between the files it creates and a ... r e a l l y ... s l o w ... database program. It will allow any number of customized categories (translations, etc.) and should be safe for use by anyone, so that you can build that list of categories that identifies games where you play as a dog, chicken, turtle, fish, cat, penguin, dragon, or cow that you've always wanted. (Well, maybe now you want it.)

Anyway, I'm getting closer, but I'm not going guess at a date when it'll be ready. I'd say "2006" in jest, but that year's almost upon us now, so it isn't funny any more.

Oh, and one more thing: I'd like to thank a certain mamedev for finally forcing this on me by pulling out the old -list* commands. If you look at my old news, the oldest item I've saved, from March 2004, was referring to my needing to do this! Thanks!

11 September 2005:

.99u2 is up now... Working on u3....

Strike that. I'm out of business until I can extract data properly. I never needed them, but my database builder was designed to look at all those files that mame no longer creates just to make sure it was doing the right thing. Now it crashes without turning listxml into a comma-delineated file.


Older Stuff

17 June 2005:

New version of Mac file.

18 December 2004:

Well, with another manual edit required (that's 5, above adding new category info), I'm still in business. The .89u6 files are up, and the archive for u5 is available.

12 December 2004:

MAME32 users may wish to check out the "Classics" folder ini I was sent recently.

3 October 2004:

The latest archive is at the bottom of the list of files. The others are available through the javascript menu.

18 September 2004:

The menus work better in IE than Firefox, staying on-screen if possible. I lied. Archives are in the menu only now. The archive list is too long, even in the edited form it is in now.

26 May 2004:

Looks like my "help" page needs updating....

24 April 2004:

Hey, if there's a category you'd like to see renamed, go on and suggest it. If you've a mame-related app using one of my files, and I don't have a link to it here, send me that link. I know there are... at least three out there.

27 March 2004:

Someone pointed out that I'm missing the bios.ini file from the mame32 set. Oops. Um, I'll have it back as soon as I can, might be a while.
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