Release 9.5 of MameCE3, the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator for the Pocket PC.

This Release supports All 3 PocketPC Processors, MIPS, ARM, and SH3.

Version 9.5
- Implemented a Key Reconfiguration Routine. This allows everyone to reprogram the Game Keys for their PocketPC. That includes new devices that have just been released! Key configuration is done thru a GUI screen and then stored in the registry. This allows changes to persist between uses. Also included is an option to reset keys to the Defaults for your PocketPC (if I have the proper Manufacturer string for your device).

- Compiled a Casio BE300 Version (available in CAB format only).

- Included a new menu Choice called 'Device ID'. This option will display the Manufacturer's ID for your PocketPC. With this ID and the key codes from the reconfiguration Screen, I can code default keys for any new devices. I currently hve ID Strings for the Casio E10x, E115, Jornado 540, 56x, and the iPaq 3100, 3600, 3700, and 3800. If you Email me the code for any other Devices and the Key Code values(and which buttons they are associated with), I will include them in future releases.

Version 9.4
- Fixed Keys on non English Windows CE Devices.

Version 9.3
- Enabled Support for most available PocketPC 2002 Devices, the HP56x series, the Ipaq 3800 and the 3700(I beleive).

- Enabled proper key definitions and support for the @migo (however it has not been tested).

- Enabled globally accessable, unique identification code. This allows me to code specific funtionallity into current and future releases based on this Device ID and the manufacturer of the device. Previously I used basic ifdef statements based on the CPU, which is no longer a valid way to id the device since they will all be ARM :)

- Implemented the Ipaq 3800 display workaround. The iPaq 3800 has a bug which causes GAPI screen access to be delayed (creating a severe display redraw penalty). By implementing this in conjunction with my Unique ID I can use or not use the GAPI functions in the same code. - Tiknkered with the sound routines. Still no major improvement.

- Improved Graphics routines. Display redraws should be fraction faster.

- Preliminary evaluation of support for the Grayscale devices.

- Fixed gx.dll install on PocketPC 2002. Cab files now install properly even if you answer No to installing the gx.dll (previously it would fail to install at all).

Version 9.2
- Unofficial release. Enabled HP 568 support. Never officially announced.

Version 9.1
- Fixed Hi Score Saving! Using the hiscore.dat file you can now retain your best scores between games.
Be aware that hiscore.dat does not support ALL games yet, so your favorite may or may not be included.

- Fixed Screen Centering on most games. Games are now centered correctly on the Pocket PC Screen.
Most games are centered. Let me know if you run across any that are not.

- Added Rotate Screen Left and Rotate Screen Right options. You can now play your games in landscape
mode :) Just be sure to reset your keys in the MAME Menu.

- Fixed Manual Frame Skip settings in the MAME Menu. You can now start a game, bring up the
MAME Menu and manually increase or decrease frame skipping. (You will need to map a key to this
function before it will work).

- Improved Sound. Sound now works in many more games. There is a small slightly annoying hum which
I am working on fixing. But it is low enough to be ignored after playing a game for a few seconds. Mr Do
is much more playable with the correct sound. Sound memory leak also fixed (I think).

- Fixed the slow load time of the Game list and the slow reload of the Game list after exiting a game (most
noticable in MegaMameCE3).

- Added In game instructions on default key definitons. Click File then Instructions to see what keys do what.

- Added in game TOP 3 FAQ answers. Just select File and FAQ and a popup window will answer those
most asked questions.

Version 9.0
- Long awaited Auto Installation file! No more juggling directories or wondering if the
Rom Folder is in the right place. Just Double Click, select Next 2 times, and voila.
Just add your favorite Game ROMs and start playing.

-Roms can now be stored in a ROMs Folder that is autocreated in \Program Files\MAMECE\,
a ROMS folder located on \storage card\Program Files\MAMECE\, a ROMS folder located in
the \My Documents\ folder, or ROMs just stored in the \My Documents Folder.

- Redesigned the GUI. It now has Nice colors for a better presentation :)

- Achieved some speed improvements due to the code restructuring. Unfortunately it is
only really noticable in the ARM version. I don't know why.

- Fixed the Frame Counter. It is more accurate now.

- Cleaned out lots of old test code and preprocessor stuff that was not needed. This
should help others understand the logic and flow of the program code.

- Restructured and rebuilt MameCE3 from Scratch. I wanted to ensure that it was as clean
as possible with no redundant functions or code. The GUI is now almost completely
separated from the MAME engine. A single function links the GUI code to the
osdependant code and the actual MAME Engine.

Version 8.1
- Not alot this time. But I have reinstalled the environment on my new 1000Mhz system so you may
see some more coming soon. :)

- Released Extra large Build for all 3 Processors using this version of code.

- Added Support for ROMS on a Storage Card. You can now put the executable in Main Memory and Put
your ROMS in a folder on your Storage Card. This option was available in older releases but got lost in
one of my rewrites.

- Changed the Version numbering to something a little more standard and clear.

Version 0.36b8.0

- New Web SITE! Come check us out at

- Released the SH3 Processor Build! HP Jornado users rejoice, you can now join the other PocketPC owners
using MAMECE3! :)

- Underclocked the following games for better speed: 1942, 1942, Arkanoid, City Connection, Congo Bongo,
Dig Dug, Donkey Kong Jr, Frogger, Galaga, Galaxian, Ghosts and Goblins, Phoenix, Gyruss, Lady Bug,
Mr Do, Time Pilot, and Zaxxon.

- Added more games to the Regular build. The following Games have been added: Anteater, Arkanoid,
Berzerk, Crazy Kong, Defender, Gyruss, Lady Bug, Millipede, Missile Command, Mr Do's Castle (and
various clones), Satins Hollow, Sinistar, Stargate, Track anf Filed, Tron, and Zoo Keeper. I am not sure
how many of these work or work correctly. Give them a try and Let me know.

- Thanks to Bryon Gilomen at for testing the SH3 Build for me. It would not be
as functional as it is without his input on the keys.

- Injected Mame v0.36Final code into source.