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MAME Classic

Since 1999!

Windows Front-End
for MAME

by Ric

  Version 9.1.0 - 02/04/2018

The first Windows Front-End for MAME to feature independent default settings
for raster and vector games!  Works with Vista, 7, 8.x & 10.

NOTE: When sending email, you must put the words "MAME Classic" in the subject line or your email will be treated as SPAM
and deleted before I read it.  The quotes are not required.



New In This Version
(For MAME 0.194 - 0.197)

  • Added    : Controls for new Fallback Artwork, Override Artwork and NVRAM Save options
  • Added    : Cambria and Segoe UI GUI fonts
  • Changed    : The cursor no longer changes to a hand pointer on the main form
  • Changed    : The option "Use Link Style GUI" is now "Use Buttonless GUI"
  • Changed    : The reports folder has been renamed to output
  • Fixed    : Changing to the Classic theme from any other theme would leave the background color of the previous theme in one of the textboxes
  • Fixed    : Scroll Bar issue on the Maintenance screen when MAME Classic was restored from maximized
  • Fixed    : Vector controls would be disabled in MESS Settings
  • Removed    : References to obsolete help files in the Help pull-down menu
  • Removed    : MS Sans Serif and MS Serif GUI fonts



  • Independent default options for Raster, Vector and LCD games
  • Stores favorite games in separate list
  • Custom settings for individual games
  • Finds ROM changes between MAME versions
  • Numerous game filters
  • NPlayers.ini and Catver.ini support
  • Icon support  (requires icons to be unzipped in a ICONS folder in your MAME directory)
  • Game information (requires the history.dat, mameinfo.dat and cheat.7z files)
  • Alternate directories for each directory in the mame.ini file
  • Two ROM directories
  • ROM and Sample verify with search for bad sets
  • Screen Shots
  • Ability to find and delete ROMs which are no longer supported in MAME
  • Maintenance to your MAME directories


User Feedback

"I would be willing to send a $10 contribution for this frontend.  It is the best one, and I have seen all of them."

"May I say, your MAME front end is awesome."

"I am so glad you decided not to abandon MAME CLASSIC!  What a top notch program!"

"This is better than any other Mame frontends.  I like it alot."

"I wanted to let you know that Mame Classic is by far the best front end that I have used!"

"Great stuff.  The MAME Classic front end is in my opinion the best going.  Keep it up!"

"I wanted to thank you for incorporating a fix into the code which means I can stay with the latest releases until my new PC comes.  The fact that you did this, possibly just for the benefit of 1 person, simply shows how top class the whole Mame Classic show is.  "Simply the best"."

For more user feedback, click here.


Screen Shots
(Click thumbnails for full size view.  Actual screens may vary somewhat due to improvements.)

Main Screen With
Screen Shots
Raster Settings
Game Information



  • You must have an official MAME from  MAME Classic does not support the different options of unofficial MAME releases or MAMEUI.
  • You must have mess.ini from in your MAME Classic\support folder.  This is now included with MAME Classic.
  • To work properly on Vista or higher, MAME Classic must be installed in a folder that is not protected by the OS or the shortcut must be set to "Run this program as an administrator".
  • Your Effects files must be in your Artwork directory.
  • Your ROMs must be zipped in merged-split or full-split format (fully-merged is NOT supported).
  • Your screen shots must be unzipped in the MAME required folder structure.
  • Your screen resolution should be at least 1152 x 864.



Problem: I cannot see anything in the game lists.
Make sure that your back color is different than your font color in Options.

Problem: I downloaded and installed a ROM.  I see it in the MAME Classic installed list but it will not play or I just see the parent game in the installed list, not all of its clones (and I do not have Hide Clones selected in MAME Classic Options).
Solution: Make sure that the ROM you downloaded has the correct files in it and is not in the fully-merged format.  MAME Classic requires your ROMs to be in either merged-split or full-split format.  This means one zip file per game.

Problem: I get an error when MAME Classic is loading.  It won't even get to the main screen.
Solution: Each version of MAME Classic is written for a certain version of MAME  The MAME Classic web page will tell you what version of MAME you need to run the current version of MAME Classic.

Problem: I cannot seem to get certain MAME options to work.
Solution: Once again, each version of MAME Classic is written for a certain version of MAME  The MAME Classic web page will tell you what version of MAME you need to run the current version of MAME Classic.

Problem: I cannot get the cheats to work.
Solution: First, you must have the cheat.7z archive and a folder named "cheat" in your MAME directory. Second, be sure you have the CHEATS checkbox ticked in Raster Settings, Vector Settings, or any Custom Settings you want to use the cheats with.

Problem: I make a change in the mame.ini file and then MAME Classic recreates the file and my change is gone.
Solution: Do NOT make changes to the mame.ini file.  MAME Classic does this based on the options you select in the proper Settings screen.  You can make any changes in these screens.



Full Install:

Choose this to install everything from the setup program.  This installs the needed system files and the MAME Classic files.  There is no need to uninstall a previous version if you are reinstalling to the same location.

FI900 2.06 MB
Minimal Upgrade:

Choose this if you are upgrading from version 3.0.0 or above and you already ran the setup program once before.  Just overwrite your existing MClassic.exe, Classic.txt, catver.ini and mess.ini  files with these updated versions.

MU900 792 KB
Run Time Files:

This installs the VB6 SP6 run time files.  These 6 files are asycfilt.dll, comcat.dll, msvbvm60.dll, oleaut32.dll, olepro32.dll, and stdole2.tlb.  You only need to download and install this if you don't already have these files installed (unlikely).  If you get an error message referencing one of these files, this is what you need.

VB6RT 1.01 MB
XP Style Theme:

If you want MAME Classic to have an XP style theme, you will need this.  Just place MClassic.exe.manifest in the MAME Classic directory.  You also need to be running an XP theme on your desktop.

XPStyle 488 B

For user submitted Splash Screens, click here.


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