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Welcome to KiLLerCloWn's MameWorld CD Covers Page!

This page is dedicated to CD covers with the Mame theme. There are 3 different categories: MameWorld Logo Covers, General Mame Theme Covers and Game Related Covers. Click on the link to open a small window featuring the cover(s), right click on the image and save to download the cover. Enjoy :-)

You can also find a Word template for printing these covers  with comments/content index on the side flaps and a quick instruction on how to do this here. Click here for an example with one of our logos to see  what I mean. Thanks to Marshall Brooks for slapping these up :)


MameWorld Logo Covers

The following covers are conversions of the MameWorld logos which were handed in during the competition we had a while ago. There were so many good ones that I thought they deserved a permanent place here even if they didn't win so I turned  them into CD covers :-)


There are two different versions of each cover, one with a white box for you to write a label in and one without. Like this:

j0oPiTaR8cda.bmp (351258 bytes) j0oPiTaR8cd.bmp (351258 bytes)


Here's what's available in MW Logo Covers at the moment:


General Mame Theme Covers

Any MAME related CD covers are available in this section. If it's MAME, it's good :-) Here:s a sample*:

cown.jpg (23550 bytes)


All the General MAME covers so far:

KiLLerCloWn's Mame CD Cover * KiLLerCloWn's Roms Cover (With Romulous' KC image :-)
Ace's NeoGeo Cover (Thanks -Ace-) Tim'sMame Cover (Thanks Tim)
Ace's Mame Cover (Thanks -Ace-) Tim'sMame Cover 2 (Thanks again Tim :-)
Ace's TG16 Cover (Thanks again -Ace-) Inspector Vector's NeoGeo Cover (Thanks Inspector)
PearlFX's MAME Cover (Thanks PearlFX) Inspector Vector's NeoGeo Cover 2 (Thanks  Inspector)
Blizzard's Mame Cover (Thanks Bilzzard) Inspector Vector's NeoGeo Cover 3 (Thanks  Inspector)
Jason Tan's Neogeo Cover (Thanks Jason) Empyre's MAME CD Cover Set  (Thanks Empyre :))

Inlay Front Front Inside Back

Zakk's MAME Cover (Thanks Zakk :)) Romulous' MAME Timeline CD Covers:

in JPG, JPG zipped, and Phototshop zipped

Romulous' MAME Timeline DVD Covers:

in .zip or .BMP format (Thanks Romulous!)

Zakk's MAME BackCover (Thanks Zakk :))

Scoop's Capcom vs SNK2 Covers collection:

Containing 12 ROMs, 1 Extras, 1 Update, 4 CHD covers zipped in one 7 MB file

Manuel's MAME Covers (Thanks Manuel :)) General MAME Marquees compilation make up these two covers by Chuck (Thanks Chuck!)

Ad_Enuff's MAME CD/DVD Covers and Labels:

Bubble Bobble Theme

Donkey King Junior Theme

Donkey King Junior Flyer Theme

Mario Borther Theme

Pac-Man Theme

Popeye Theme

Simpsons Theme

(Thanks Ad :))



Game Related Covers

All of the below are related to a specific arcade game emulated in MAME. Like PacMan:

pac.jpg (8327 bytes)


Game related covers:


* Credits for the official MAME logo go to chemical

*credits for the dead cool clown image go to Psychonews