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SNK 1997

Played in Mame32 version .35b3

I have never been much of a fighting game man, which is simply down to the reason that when I used to play in the arcades they weren't around then, and by the time they were, I was getting to old to remember all the button combinations for the special moves. "Last Blade" is one of the first fighting games I ever played on the NeoGeo and I was captured by it immediately.

The atmospheric graphics and music really set a dramatic Japanese scene reinforced by the awesome backgrounds in front of which the fights take place. The scene is really set in the most spectacular manner. Game play is brilliant, even for a beginner like me it is possible to get a few stages into the game.
The special moves are breathtaking, the characters are charismatic and very stylish in their movement. In addition to this the fact that the fighters carry out their combat with all sorts of not knives, swords and other slashing objects adds to the diversity of the game. So does the wide range of characters extending from evil slashers to classy fighters and shy school girls.

It is a feast for the eye, the ear and your joystick clutching fingers. Probably the most classy fighting game you will ever find.





Nayca 1996 Played in Mame32 version .35b3
Metal Slug, whoarra game! When I first heard about NeoGeo emulation with the rumours about the Gekko emulator, the one game I was hoping to see on my PC was Metal Slug. It took about another year until the correct sound ROMs were finally dumped and all of us could enjoy the full magic of the game on our computers.Metal Slug represents everything that is good in NeoGeo: outstanding game play, spectacular effects and explosions, beautiful character animation, on and off play, and a bus load full of humour.

It is a horizontal scrolling shooter, may be the best of its kind. You have to fight your way through a number of levels eliminating anything from the basic soldier to huge battle tanks and airplanes. To help you are bonus weapons such as the heavy machine gun, the shotgun or the flame thrower which power up your basic weapons: the handgun and handgrenades.
The levels are literally explosive, big sprites such as boats, houses and tanks blow up in the most spectacular fashion, crumbling into thousands of pieces spitting flames all over the screen. You are constantly entertained by prisoners you liberate and who in turn salute you in the most hilarious fashion, enemies who run away in fear upon spotting your presence and various other humorous sequences.

It is by no means an easy game, but it will keep you putting in those credits so as to see the next scene which always promises to be gorgeous. Well worth putting your money in, or at least to keep pressing the insert coin button on and on and on and...:-)ur keyboard. \par }





Yumekobo 1998 Played in Mame32 version .35b9

Blazing Star, the much more playable and enjoyable sequel to Pulstar is one of the most action packed only shhoters out there. The game scrolls horizontally through futuristic tunnels were, across planets or in open space. You have the choice between four different space ships were the which all have different shots and power up weapons.

On your way through wave after wave of enemy attack you can either hammer your buttons and shoot masses of little shots or you can hold down the fire button, wait until your shot is fully powered, and been release one massive blast.

There is no shortage of power ups, bonuses and lucky letters for you to collect at all times. The end of level bosses are huge, and you fight them, amongst other scenarios, while dropping down tunnels at lightning speed or falling through the atmosphere of a planet.

In the more advanced levels the whole screen is filled with huge enemies sprites and bullets, you won't know where to turn, the action is relentless. Another great release fot the NeoGeo

lentless. Another great release fot the NeoGeo