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SNK 1992

Played in Mame32 version .54

bs2 -chew.gif (11835 bytes)   B-B-B-Baseball Stars 2, I can remember playing this at a local bowling ally. It was the only place I have ever found the game. If you have ever played Baseball Stars on the NES you know how great this series is, and BS 2 is no different. The graphics are spectacular and colorful, thanks to the Neo Geo hardware.

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bs2 -pitch.gif (15177 bytes)The best part is they kept the gameplay and feel of the original. The animations good, and funny as hell, for example the pitcher dances when you strike out and your batter will break his bat over his knee. The animations don't stop there; on close plays you will see a cartoon close-up of the play.

bs2- spin & jump.gif (7088 bytes)One thing added to BS 2 is the ability to power up your hitter. They get a huge bat (looks like those red blooper bats), and hit the living piss out of the ball. Be careful with your powerups, you only get so many. I also want to give props on the great sounds. Accurate, yet cartooney, the announcer is quite hysterical. The music also is very catchy, it is in my head right now as I type this.

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bs2 -pitch.gif (15177 bytes)To sum it all up, if you like baseball, or at least baseball games, this is one of the all time greats. Plus there is a pennant mode, see if you can win it all. Being a sports game freak, I must say this is probably the second best baseball game using the mame emulator, only to be beaten by Relief Pitcher (IMO).

(Text by ArcadEd, Rips by Jopezu)

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Data East 1994 Played in Mame32 version .54
wind1.gif (17733 bytes)Wind Jammers is Air Hockey on steroids, or crack, whichever you prefer. This game is mixture of Air Hockey, Tennis, Pong, with a dash of racket ball. Two players go head to head to try to throw the Frisbee past the other player. 3 points for hitting the large center target and 5 point for hitting the smaller upper and lower targets. wjam0016.png (24645 bytes)
wjam0018.png (4760 bytes) wind3.gif (22035 bytes)"That sounds fun," you say, well I am here to tell you this game is an instant classic. You have 6 characters to choose from, both male and female, and coming from all over the world. Each player has a speed and power ranking. I bet you can figure out what those are for J . There are also 6 courts to play, from clay to tile. Enough about the little things, lets get onto it.
wind4.gif (37470 bytes)The game play tight, very tight, your players move accurately and quickly to your destinations. As mentioned above, the games are fast paced; each round is 30 seconds, where you have to win the best out of three. The person with the most points at the end of each round wins that round. There is plenty of strategy in this game, and that comes with the Lob shot. wjam0015.png (24053 bytes)
jammers.png (17146 bytes) wond6.gif (8253 bytes)If you notice you opponent standing near the baseline guarding his target, you can lob in a shot, and if he does not get it, you get 2 points. Very Discs of Trons like, you can bounce the Frisbee all over the place, and did I mention the power shots. Oh yeah, what kind of neo geo game would it be without some kind of power something. Power shots are not easy to come by however.
wind3.gif (22035 bytes)You have to purposely dive for the Frisbee in order to flip it up into the air, you player will then begin to charge, and if you are on the other end, watch out. I won’t give away each players power shots here, but you won’t be disappointed, especially when you watch you opponent try to block it and slammed into his own target, HAHA. So go get drunk, grab a friend and startup some Wind Jammers. wjam0009.png (15697 bytes)