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Played in MAME32 version 35b3

gyrussb.gif (5315 bytes) Yes, yet another shooter, ever since I built my custom-made arcade joystick I cannot refrain from playing a good old shoot 'em up, hammering those buttons through the board. Gyruss is yet another of the all-time classics which shine through scarcely rivalled game play, great sound and for the time brilliant graphics.

gyrussb.gif (5315 bytes) The revolutionary thing about Gyruss was the fact that your movement is not from side to side, left to right. You actually circle the screen. The enemy fighters will enter the screen from any given the angle in formation and assemble in the centre of the screen. Once all the formations have come in a will attack from the centre outwards. Your goal is to reach earth passing a series of stars.
gyrussb.gif (5315 bytes) In order to reach each one of these stars you will have to withstand two or three waves of attack. Reaching a star is rewarded by a bonus stage which as usual means shooting formations of non-aggressive enemy fighters. One power up is available which will turn your single shot into a double shot.

gyrussb.gif (5315 bytes) The more you progress through the game the harder it will get to regain this power up which is achieved by shooting the centre one of the bonus stars which appear in every stage. The game is great fun to play and with a little skill you can go on for a long time. Keep hammering those buttons...:-)





Tehkan 1984 Played in Mame32 version .35b3
Bomb Jack was released in 1984 by Tekhan, The object of the game is to guide Jack to collect the bombs on each level to advance to the next. One of the bombs is lit, and if you collect the bombs in the correct order you get HUGE bonuses - 50000 for 23 lit bombs! To hinder you are all manner of enemies, including mechanical birds and ufos, these enemies all have different attack patterns, the birds can only move in straight lines, other enemies will follow you around the screen. The longer you take on each level the faster the enemies become.

After every 9th lit bomb you get a power-up, this enables you to fight back and destroy the enemies, this only lasts for 5 seconds so you have to be quick, be sure to collect the power-up when it's grey to get the largest bonus. Also B - bonus mulitpiers and E - extra lives appear from time to time and very rarely S - Special, this gives you a free credit (look for the spelling mistake on the free credit screen!). The graphics are quite good for the time, especially the backgrounds, and the sound and music is excellent.
Many versions of this game were made for home computers, the Sinclair Spectrum version was the first that I played. It was quite faithful to the arcade original, with good graphics, but very limited colour due to the infamous colour clash problem (this was caused by the machine only being able to display one colour per character square, if two different sprites were on the same square the colours of one sprite would cover the other), the C64 version was also quite good altough quite hard and it had different sound and music.

Overall this is a simple, but addictive game, it is easy to play but hard to master, it gets very hard after level 15 or so.

MAME emulates Bomb Jack perfectly - give it a try!






Jaleco !985 Played in Mame version 35 beta 10
City Connection is a really fun game, both to look at and to play as well as to listen to. The goal of the game is to cover every single mile of the highways you are driving on in different cities. Every inch that you cover on these "streets" will be painted in green which indicates where you have been already.

A stage is complete when every bit of road has turned green. In order to achieve that you have to avoid traffic in the form of taxis or ambulance vans and this orange cat which seems to appear out of nowhere at regular intervals. You can either jump over these or fire an oil can at them and then bumped them of the road. Oil cans are readily available for collection as you travel along the highways. The cat can only be avoided by jumping over it or a sharp U-turn in front of it.
In the later levels it will get increasingly difficult to avoid the traffic and to get back up onto the higher levels of the highway.

What makes this game so much fun is the fluency of the game play, the fun tunes which keep me whistling along and the well balanced difficulty of the game which always leaves you with the feeling that you can go a little further next time around. Definitely worth checking out.
ttle further next time around. Definitely worth checking out.