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Namco 1981 Played in Mame version .35 RC2
Galaga, the reason why I downloaded Mame for the first time sometime around 1997 after a netwide search for the game. I actually bought a clone for $25 the day before I found Mame on some Australian emusite which is long gone. Probably the one single Arcade game I care about most.

As a direct descendent of the Galaxian Series (which becomes evident from the logo style already) this game has one ting to offer: Gameplay, and it's sooo addictive I still love it after all these years. Wave after wave of alien attack relentlessly swirl across the screen as you try to shoot them all before they menacingly line up in formation at the top of the screen.
What sets it apart from the Galaxian series? First of all you can let your fighter get captured, then rescue it and have two fighting together. It makes for the most compelling gameplay as you attempt to sneak both fighters through alien attack in the knowledge that should you loose one it will be so hard to regain. And bonus stages with he main goal of killing all 40 enemies which will fly in all sorts of formations to avoid your shots. 10.000 points await should you succeed.

Word has it that the game only ends once you turn the score over, so at 999.999 points and then one more kill :-) I never got that far, but I'll keep trying that's for sure. A very fun hack is also the fast shoot derivative which allows you to fire at frantic rates. Check them both out, they're just the best :-)



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1986 Taito Played in Mame32 version 35 Final
bubbleanim.gif (764 bytes)What a fun game this is. it all starts with the tune. After Commando on the C64 this game definitely has the best game tune ever on any system. It's so catchy and so fitting to this game. Brilliant!

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bubbleanim.gif (764 bytes)Basically what you do is to direct your little dragon through the levels spitting bubbles at the enemy creatures. They will be captured in the bubble and you then have to jump into it to make it burst. The enemy creature will die and you will be rewarded with huge fruit and bonus points.
bubbleanim.gif (764 bytes)Eliminate all enemies in one level and you will advance to the next. There are 100 and it takes quite a bit of practise to get past the first 30 or so. Bonuses and power ups include shoes and sweets which will make you move and fire quicker. You can also burst balloons containing letters until you complete the word "extend". This will earn you an extra live.

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bubbleanim.gif (764 bytes)Incredibly playable, fun graphics, the catchiest tune and an endless number of levels will keep you going on this one for a while. If you like it you should also check out Parasol Stars on the PCE which is equally fun and colourful.