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Welcome to KiLLerCloWn's MameWorld Rips Page.


I hope you enjoy the images. All of these were done by me except where stated otherwise.

If you want to use these, do as you like but please credit me or any other authors on your site.

If you want to learn how to do these yourself, check out the Rips Guide I wrote to get you started.

Most of all: Have fun :)


A special "Thank You" goes out to all the contributors to this page. Thanks for sending in all your rips, they make this page come alive :)

Game Name Animated Rips Still Rips/Logos
1943 Firing Plane Title Logo
19xx Charging Plane by Le Zouave

Charging Plane 2 by Le Zouave

Charging Plane 3 by Le Zouave

Charging Plane 4 by Le Zouave

Title Logo by Le Zouave

Plane 1 by Le Zouave

Plane 2 by Le Zouave

Plane 3 by Le Zouave

Aero Fighters 2 Firing Plane by Michael WIP
Alien vs Predator Schaefer Special by Le Zouave

Kurosawa by Le Zouave

Flying Disc by Le Zouave

Hunter Walking by Le Zouave

Title Logo by Le Zouave
APB Litterbug by Ian Wright WIP
Asterix&Obelix Asterix by Arne

Obelix by Peter

Baseball Stars 2 Chew  by Jopezu

Pitch  by Jopezu

Spin&Jump  by Jopezu

Title Logo by Jopezu

How to Play by Jopezu

Biometric Toy Dragon by Peter
Black Tiger Shooting by Stormrider

Warrior by Stormrider

Title Logo by Stormrider
Blazing Star Firing Space Fighter Title Logo
Bomb Jack Animated Logo by KiLLerCloWn

Jumping Jack by KiLLerCloWn

Title Logo
Bubble Bobble Spitting Dragon by KiLLerCloWn

Push Button by Reaper19

Title Logo
Bump'N'Jump Jumping by Twisty WIP
Burger Time Cook by Cutting Edge

Whoohoo by Ian Wright

Cadillac's^Dinosaurs Flying Dinosaur by Paul WIP
Caveman Ninja Ax Tossing by Jopezu

Basher by Jopezu

Bird Rider by Jopezu

Chest Beating by Jopezu

Exhausted by Jopezu

Fiery Breath by Jopezu

Frightened by Jopezu

Kissing by Jopezu

Lookout by Jopezu

Make Fire by Jopezu

Rolling Stone by Jopezu

Spin Work by Jopezu

Super Windup by Jopezu

Tied Up by Jopezu

Wave by Jopezu

Windup by Jopezu

Title Logo by Jopezu
Centipede Twisting by Twisty WIP
Chase HQ End Scene by TheFreak
City Connection Speeding Car by KiLLerCloWn Title Logo
Clu Clu Land Clu by TheFreak WIP
Continental Circus Sabotage by Ian Wright WIP
Contra Firing by Jopezu WIP
Crude Dudes Crude Dude by Adil WIP
Cyber Bots Jackal by Le Zouave

Killer Bee by Le Zouave

Tarantula by Le Zouave

Blodia Shock by rufio89

Blodia Stab by rufio89

Title Logo by Le Zouave
D&D: Tower of Doom Fairy by Jopezu

Slash by Le Zouave

Title Logo by Le Zouave
D&D: SoM Wizard Flame  by rufio89

Wizard Pose  by rufio89

Title Logo by Le Zouave
Darkstalkers Pyron by Paul

Zable Munch by Paul

Zable with Guitar by Paul

DigDug Blowing Up  by Douglas WIP
Donkey Kong Smile! :) by KiLLerCloWn

Mario Dying  by Jopezu

Donkey Kong Jr. Naughty DK  by Budman WIP
Double Dragon Boss by Robert

Kick by Robert

Fatal Fury Special Flame Special by Michael WIP
Final Fight Haggar by Paul

Smashing Barrels by Paul

Food Fight Chef 1 by B.S. Ruggeri

Chef 2 by B.S. Ruggeri

Chef 3 by B.S. Ruggeri

Chef 4 by B.S. Ruggeri

Charlie Chuck by B.S. Ruggeri

Galaga Shooting Alien by KiLLerCloWn Title Logo
Galaga88 WIP Alien 1 by Twisty

Alien 2 by Twisty

Title Logo by Twisty

Galaxian Spaceship firing by KiLLerCloWn

Spaceship shooting alien by KiLLerCloWn

Title Logo
Galaxy Fight WIP Bonus by TheFreak
Garou B. Jenet byJopezu

B. Jenet 2 byJopezu

B. Jenet 3 byJopezu

B. Jenet 4 byJopezu

B. Jenet 5 byJopezu

Big B. Jenet byJopezu

Grant Pose by rufio89

Exhausted Kain by rufio89

Jae Intro by Le Zouave

Jae Stance by Le Zouave

Jae Superkick by Le Zouave

Jae Superkick 2 by Le Zouave

Jae Walk by Le Zouave

Rock Hudson by TheFreak

Rock Special by Le Zouave

Rock Stance by Le Zouave

Rock Walk by Le Zouave

Rock Win by Le Zouave

Stance by Le Zouave

Terry Win by Le Zouave

Terry Walk by Le Zouave

Terry Stance by Le Zouave

Walk by Le Zouave

Title Logo by TheFreak
Ghosts'n'Goblins Scary Devil :-) by KiLLerCloWn

Hopping Devil by KiLLerCloWn

Knight Shooting Zombie by KiLLerCloWn

Title Logo
Ghouls'n'Ghosts Shooting Zombie by Paul WIP
Golden Axe Axeman Slashing by KiLLerCloWn Title Logo
Gorf Enemy Attack by Twisty WIP
Gyruss Shooting Bonus Star by KiLLerCloWn

Flying Towards Star by KiLLerCloWn

Title Logo
Hammerin' Harry Hammerin' by Tombo WIP
I'm sorry Happy by Canuck Guy

Sad by Canuck Guy

I, Robot Robot by TheFreak

Robot 2 by TheFreak

Robot 3 by TheFreak

Spinning Shape by TheFreak

In The Hunt Anti-Aircraft by Jopezu

Balloon&Chaff by Jopezu

Bonus by Jopezu

Torpedo by Jopezu

Implosion by Jopezu

Missile Selector by Jopezu

MIssiles&Chaff by Jopezu

Power Torpedo by Jopezu

Searchlight by Jopezu

Splitter Torpedo by Jopezu

Torpedo Selector by Jopezu

Title Logo by Jopezu
Jojo's Adventure WIP Title Logo by Le Zouave

Title Logo 2 by Le Zouave

Title Logo 3 by Le Zouave

Title Logo 4 by Le Zouave

Joust Animated Logo by KiLLerCloWn

Flying up and down by KiLLerCloWn

Bang! by KiLLerCloWn

Picking up bonus egg by KiLLerCloWn

Title Logo by KiLLerCloWn
King of Fighters '95 Iuri by Jeff WIP
King of Fighters '99 Billy by FagEmul

Billy 1 by FagEmul

Billy 2 by FagEmul

Billy 3 by FagEmul

Billy 4 by FagEmul

Billy 5 by FagEmul

Billy 6 by FagEmul

Billy 7 by FagEmul

Billy 8 by FagEmul

Bouncy by Jopezu

Joe by FagEmul

Joe 2 by FagEmul

K by Now Inc

Kasumi by Lumpyhed

Krizalid by The Freak

Mary hopping by Lumpyhed

Athena Undressing :) by Lumpyhed

Title Logo by The Freak
King of Fighters 2000

Kula Stance by Le Zuoave

Kula Intro by Le Zuoave

Kula Walk by Le Zuoave

Zero Special by Le Zuoave

Zero Intro by Le Zuoave

Zero Stance by Le Zuoave

Title Logo by Le Zouave
Last Blade Yaaawn by Jopezu

Shigen by Jopezu

Moriya by Jopezu

Kaede by Jopezu

Akari by Jopezu

Shikyo by Jopezu

Yuki by Jopezu

Zensetzu by Jopezu

Title Logo by KiLLerCloWn

Fighting Scene by KiLLerCloWn

How to play by Jopezu

Last Blade 2 Kaede by Jopezu

Kasumi by Jopezu

Setsuna by Jopezu

Kuoryu  by rufio89

Kojiroh by KiLLerCloWn

Kaede by KiLLerCloWn

How to play by Jopezu

Title Logo by Jopezu

Magical Drop 3 Dancing Cat by TheFreak Smiling Emperor by The Freak
Mahjong The Mysterious Orient WIP PHP Calender by Nightsoil
Mappy Running by Russ

Running 2 by Russ

Marble Madness Marble by TheFreak WIP
Mario Bros Mad Turtle by Jopezu

Mario Death by Tamacula

Marvel Superheroes Captain America by Evil D

Hulk 1 by Evil D

Hulk 2 by Evil D

Psylocke by Evil D

Psylocke2 by Evil D

Capt. America Stance by LeZouave

Capt. America Special by LeZouave

Venom Transformation by LeZouave

Title Logo by Le Zouave
Marvel SH vs SF Norimaro by LeZouave Title Logo by Le Zouave
Marvel vs. Capcom Strider Stance by LeZouave

Strider Win by LeZouave

Megaman Stance by LeZouave

Megaman Win by LeZouave

Metal Slug Aaaaaaaaaaah :) by Ah_Pook

Reloading and Firing by

Burning up by Ah_Pook

Burning up Looped by Ah_Pook

Fishy  by Jopezu

Title Logo
Metal Slug 2 Breathing by Jup

Underwear  by Lars

Salute  by Lars

Run Away  by Lars

Huh?  by Lars

Bzzzzzzzz  by Lars

Flying  by Lars

Running  by Lars

Monkey  by Lars

Metal Slug 3 Health Box  by Mark

Monkey Eat  by Mark

Monkey Sleep  by Mark

Monkey Yes  by Mark

Snowman Growl  by Mark

Vomit Blood  by Mark

Zombie Brain Explode  by Mark

Zombie Chest Explode  by Mark

Zombie Guts  by Mark

Zombie Marco Death  by Mark

Zombie Vomit  by Mark

Yeti Death by Pablo

Elefant Walk by Pablo

Giant Crab by Pablo

Mosquito by Pablo

Mummy Death by Pablo

Ostrich by Pablo

Rotten Bread by Pablo

Small Crab by Pablo

Snowman by Pablo

Yeti Walk by Pablo

Yeti Bone by Pablo

Eating Marco by Pablo

Metal Slug X Marco Stance by The Freak

Nope by The Freak

Lawyer by The Freak

Dig by The Freak

Title Logo by The Freak

Train Stage by The Freak

Attack from Skies by The Freak

Marco by The Freak

Fireball by The Freak

Tarma by The Freak

Heroine by The Freak

Fio by The Freak

Eri by The Freak

Mikie Mikie Running by Michele

Teacher Running by Michele

Mikie Running front by Michele

Teacher Running front by Michele

Cook Running by Michele

Caretaker by Michele

Headbanger by Michele

Laughing by Michele

Knocked Out by Michele

On the ground by Michele

On the ground 2 by Michele

Book by Michele

Girl by Michele

At desk by Michele

MoonWalker MJ doing his stuff by Jopezu

MJ Dancing by Jopezu

MJ Dancing 2 by Jopezu

Mr. Big by Vince

MJ by Vince

Title Logo by Jopezu
Mr. Do! Animated Title by B.S. Ruggeri WIP
Mortal Kombat 2 Babality by Harb1nger

Slurp by Jopezu

Kitana by Guiboche

Liu Lang - Fatality by Harb1nger

Kintaro Fatality by Harb1nger

Reptile by Eldio

Mortal Kombat 3 Sub Zero by Snake Boy WIP
Mr. Do Clown by B.S. Ruggeri

Clown Big by B.S. Ruggeri

New Zealand Story Kiwi Walking by Markus WIP
Ninja Clowns Clown Bouncing by Peter

Smacking Businessman by KiLLerCloWn

Take that! by KiLLerCloWn

Kick by KiLLerCloWn

Umbrella Protection by KiLLerCloWn

Kick Midget by KiLLerCloWn

Mini Clown by KiLLerCloWn

Jump Kick by KiLLerCloWn

Roll Over by KiLLerCloWn

Punch Gun by KiLLerCloWn

Spinning by KiLLerCloWn

Salto Mortale by KiLLerCloWn

Ninja Masters Natsume Standing by Martin

Crying by Martin

Operation Wolf Shooter by Markus WIP
MsPac-Man Munch Munch by Russ WIP
Pachinko Sexy Reaction Pretty Girl by Snake Boy WIP
Pacman Munch Munch by KiLLerCloWn

Munch Munch by Russ

Intro Scene by KiLLerCloWn

Running Away by KiLLerCloWn

Chasing Ghosts by KiLLerCloWn

Pacmania Munch Munch by TheFreak

Pacman dying by TheFreak

Pang 3 Jumping by Twisty WIP
Paperboy Pb Cycling by TheFreak WIP
Parodius Spit it out by Michael

US Eagle by Markus

Pengo Pengo Cube by Cricri

Pengo Dying by Cricri

Pengo Walking by Cricri

Pengo Flying by Cricri

Pengo Walking 2 by Cricri

Pengo Blob by Cricri

Pengo Blob 2 by Cricri

Pengo Walking 3 by Cricri

Penguin Qun Wars Penguin 1 by Cricri

Penguin 2 by Cricri

Penguin Balls by Cricri

Penguin 3 by Cricri

Penguin 4 by Cricri

Smack! by Canuck Guy

Phoenix Shield by Cutting Edge WIP
Pole Position Inside Line by Ian Wright WIP
Prehistoric Isle 2 WIP Sign by TheFreak
Pulirula Winding Up by Jopezu

Dance by Jopezu

Cutie by Jopezu

Marching by Jopezu

Marching2 by Jopezu

Blink! by Jopezu

Smack by Jopezu

Smack2 by Jopezu

Zap by Jopezu

Title Logo by Jopezu
Pulstar Giant Crab by Pablo
Punisher Punisher smashing barrel by KiLLerCloWn

Punisher Smoking by Renzo

Punisher Shooting by Renzo

Cap. Commando by Renzo

Puzzle Bobble Crank Wheel by Fuz 7

Turn Wheels by Tourniquet

Puzzle Bobble/Bust a Move Worried by Mario WIP
Puzzle Bobble 2 Creature by Jopezu

Happy by Jopezu

Sad by Jopezu

Laughing by Konsuke

Title Logo by Jopezu
Puzzle Bobble 4 Cutie by Tourniquet WIP
R-Type Powering Up by Robert WIP
Rainbow Islands Making Rainbow by Robert WIP
Rampage George Flying by Craig WIP
Road Runner Running  by TheFreak WIP
Robocop RC Drawing  by Arne WIP
Megaman Megaman charging up and letting go by KiLLerCloWn

Protoman Shooting by KiLLerCloWn

Megaman Shooting by Michael

Megaman by KiLLerCloWn
Protoman by KiLLerCloWn
Bass by KiLLerCloWn
Rygar Running  by Stormrider WIP
Samurai Showdown Stance by TheFreak

Amakusa by FagEmul

Akari Eat by FagEmul

Akari Jump by FagEmul

Akari Run by FagEmul

Akari Special by FagEmul

Akari Stance by FagEmul

Akari Sleep by FagEmul

Earthquake by FagEmul

Earthquake 1 by FagEmul

Earthquake 2 by FagEmul

Earthquake 3 by FagEmul

Earthquake 4 by FagEmul

Earthquake 5 by FagEmul

Haohmaru by FagEmul

Haohmaru 1 by FagEmul

Haohmaru 2 by FagEmul

Haohmaru 3 by FagEmul

Haohmaru 4 by FagEmul

Haohmaru 5 by FagEmul

Haohmaru 6 by FagEmul

Haohmaru Sign by FagEmul

Miduki by FagEmul

Miduki 2 by FagEmul

Monster by FagEmul

Monster 2 by FagEmul

Sieger by FagEmul

Sieger 1 by FagEmul

Sieger 2 by FagEmul

Sieger 3 by FagEmul

Sieger 4 by FagEmul

Sieger 5 by FagEmul

Sieger 6 by FagEmul

Tamtam by FagEmul

Tamtam 1 by FagEmul

Tamtam 2 by FagEmul

Tamtam 3 by FagEmul

Tamtam 4 by FagEmul

Tamtam 5 by FagEmul

Ukyo by FagEmul

Ukyo 1 by FagEmul

Ukyo 2 by FagEmul

Ukyo 3 by FagEmul

Ukyo 4 by FagEmul

Zan by FagEmul\

Zan 1 by FagEmul

Zan 2 by FagEmul

Zan 3 by FagEmul

Zan 4 by FagEmul

Zan 5 by FagEmul

Sand Scorpion WIP Scorpion by Twisty
Satan's Hollow Badbreath by Jopezu

Bridgebomber by Jopezu

Dragonfire by Jopezu

Flight by Jopezu

Shields by Jopezu

Title Logo by Jopezu

Score by Jopezu
Shinobi Star make sleepy by Jopezu Intro Ninja by KiLLerCloWn
ShockTroopers 2 WIP Leon by KiLLerCloWn
Sinistar Exploding Sinistar by Tamacula
Sonic Arcade Sonic running by Renzo WIP
Space Invaders Shooting Alien by Paul

Getting Shot by Paul

Shooting Ufo by Paul

Spin Master Creature by Peter WIP
Splatter House Splat   by  Vincel

Walking   by Vince

Slice by Jopezu

Title Logo by Canuck Guy
Star Castle Fly left, fly right by KiLLerCloWn WIP
Street Fighter 2 Blanka Charging  by Jopezu

Chun Li  by Jopezu

Honda by Renzo

Ken   by  Jopezu

Street Fighter 3 WIP Title Logo by Le Zouave

Title Logo 2 by Le Zouave

Title Log0 3 by Le Zouave

Street Fighter Alpha Akuma Firing by Renzo

Bison in the nude by Renzo

Dhalism by Renzo

Rose by Renzo

Sagat by Renzo

Ken&Ryu by Renzo

Ryu  by

Ryu Special Move  by Adil

Sagat  by

Title Logo by Le Zouave
Street Fighter Alpha 2 Chun Li - Thousand Kicks by Paul

Adon by Renzo

Akuma by Renzo

Akuma Back by Renzo

Akuma Flame by Renzo

Akuma by Craig

Bison by Renzo

Bison and Cammy by Renzo

Charlie by Renzo

Charlie Flashkick by Renzo

Dan by Renzo

Evil Ryu by Renzo

Genocide by Renzo

Guy by Renzo

Ken by Renzo

Sakura by Renzo

Sakura 2 by Renzo

Vega by Renzo

Zangief by Renzo

Title Logo by Le Zouave

Adon by Paul

Akuma by Paul

Birdie by Paul

Charlie by Paul

Chun Li by Paul

Dan by Paul

Dhalism by Paul

Guy by Paul

Ken by Paul

Bison by Paul

Rolento by Paul

Rose by Paul

Ryu by Paul

Sagat by Paul

Sakura by Paul

Sodom by Paul

Zangief by Paul

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Akuma Glow by LeZouave

Cammy Pose by Paul

Karin Stance by LeZouave

Karin Walk by LeZouave

Sakura by LeZouave

Rolento Super Spin by LeZouave

Rolento Crouch Spin by LeZouave

Rolento Stance by LeZouave

Rolento Air Spin by LeZouave

Title Logo by Le Zouave

Adon by Paul

Akuma by Paul

Birdie by Paul

Blanca by Paul

Cammy by Paul

Charlie by Paul

Chun Li by Paul

Cody by Paul

Dan by Paul

Dhalism by Paul

Honda by Paul

Gen by Paul

Guy by Paul

Karin by Paul

Ken by Paul

Bison by Paul

Mika by Paul

Rolento by Paul

Rose by Paul

Ryu by Paul

Sagat by Paul

Sagura by Paul

Sodom by Paul

Vega by Paul

Zangief by Paul

Street Fighter The Movie Cammy by Jopezu WIP
Street Fighter Zero WIP Title Logo by Le Zouave
Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha WIP Title Logo by Le Zouave
Street Fighter Zero 3 Cody by Marcello

Cody Thunder by Marcello

Title Logo by Le Zouave
Strider Strider Jumping by KiLLerCloWn

Strider Slashing by KiLLerCloWn

Strider Slashing by Paul

Title Logo

Scaaaaary by Paul

Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Mini Ken by Renzo

Mini Ryu by Renzo

Mini Zangief by Renzo

Mini Zangief 2 by Renzo

Mini Ryu by Fagemul

Mini Ryu 2 by FagEmul

Title Logo by Le Zouave
Super Street Fighter 2 Blanka Charging by Renzo

Cammy by Jopezu

Dee Jay by Renzo

Fei Long by Renzo

Chun Li Star Kick  by URherenow

Cammy Pose  by URherenow

Title Logo by Le Zouave
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo M Bison  by Renzo

M Bison  by Robert

Balrog by Renzo

Feilong by Renzo

Guile by Renzo

Cammy by Renzo

Ken by Renzo

Evil Ryu by Renzo

Yogasmash by Renzo

Title Logo by Le Zouave
Super Street Fighter 2 TB WIP Title Logo by Le Zouave
Tapper Cheers! by Gibletpie WIP
Tetris Tetris Dance 1 by Cricri

Tetris Dance 2 by Cricri

Tetris Dance 3 by Cricri

The Simpsons Bart & lisa clothesline by Jopezu

Bart boardin' by Jopezu

Bart smackin' down baddie by Jopezu

Bart vs shinobi by Jopezu

Beatin' bart matrix style by Jopezu

Boogie nights homer by Jopezu

He's my principal by Jopezu

Homer & marge rollin' by Jopezu

Homer carries lisa by Jopezu

How to get hotties by Jopezu

How's my hair by Jopezu

Jive walkin' by Jopezu

Joust bart by Jopezu

Jugglin' by Jopezu

Killerclown hehe :) by Jopezu

Lisa made you look by SugarMayFly

Marge carries bart by Jopezu

Matrix homer by Jopezu

No belt by Jopezu

Rodeo lisa by Jopezu

Yes master! by Jopezu

Titlelogo by Jopezu
Three Wonders The Mighty CloWnboX :-) by KiLLerCloWn WIP
TMNT Rocksteady Charging  by Jopezu

A whippin' by Jopezu

Shocker by Jopezu

Mouser Attack by Jopezu

Bebop by Jopezu

Mike Jumping by Jopezu

Getting Held by Jopezu

Bebop 2 by Jopezu

Vandalism by Jopezu

Zap by Jopezu

Title Logo by Jopezu
Toki Toki Spitting by Adil Toki with Helmet by KiLLerCloWn
Trog Victory Dance 1 by Cricri

Victory Dance 1 by Cricri

Victory Dance 1 by Cricri

Victory Dance 1 by Cricri

Bash! by Cricri


Bouncy by Peter

Spin by Peter

Twin Cobra Shooting Large by Twisty

Shooting Small by Twisty

Ultra Balloon Pengo by Twisty WIP
Uo Poko Playing Game by Choovanski WIP
Vampire Saviour Aulbath by Le Zouave

BBH by FagEmul

BBH 2 by FagEmul

BBH 3 by FagEmul

BBH 4 by FagEmul

BBH Special by FagEmul

Crackneck by rufio89

Gallon by Le Zouave

Jedah Crouch by Le Zouave

Jedah Stance by Le Zouave

Jedah Walk by Le Zouave

Jedah Breath by Le Zouave

Jedah by FagEmul

Jedah 1 by FagEmul

Jedah 2 by FagEmul

Jedah 3 by FagEmul

Jedah 4 by FagEmul

Transformation by Reaper19

Lei Lei by Le Zouave

Morrigan by Paul

Morrigan Jumping by Paul

Felicia by Jopezu

Puppy by rufio89

Sasquatch by rufio89

Sasquatch mirrored by rufio89

Sasquatch2 by rufio89

Sasquatch Balaine by FagEmul

Sasquatch Boude by FagEmul

Sasquatch Eat by FagEmul

Sasquatch Elec by FagEmul

Sasquatc Happy by FagEmul

Sasquatch Punch by FagEmul

Sasquatch Superkick by FagEmul

Sasquatch Walk by FagEmul

Sleepy Buleta by rufio89

Title Logo by Jopezu

Title Logo by Le Zouave

Animated Intro by CyberPunk

Vampire Saviour 2 WIP Title Logo by Le Zouave
Viewpoint Spaceship Display by Jeff

Spaceship Display by Twisty

Title Logo by TheFreak
Warzard WIP Title Logo by Le Zouave

Title Logo 2 by Le Zouave

Waku Waku 7 Mauru Stance by LeZouave

Mauru Walk by LeZouave

Mauru Spin by LeZouave

Slash by Jopezu

Slash 2 by TheFreak

Tesse by SimpleMan

Bonus Kun Spin by LeZouave

Bonus Kun Stance by LeZouave

Bonus Kun Stance2 by LeZouave

Willow Willow Running by Jopezu

Pat Pat by Jopezu

Witch Running by Jopezu

Knight Running by Jopezu

Shooting Arrow by Jopezu

Soldier Running by Jopezu

Whahey! by Jopezu

Title Logo by Jopezu
Wonderboy Deluxe Crushing an egg by KiLLerCloWn Title Logo by KiLLerCloWn
X-Men Arcade Colossus by Brent

Wolverine by Brent

X-Men COTA Cyclops Running by Craig

Wolverine by Jopezu

Wolverine Striking by Craig

Ice Man by Jopezu

Sentinal by rufio89

Sentinal Blast by rufio89

Storm by QnoisX

Spiral by Brent

Psylocke by rufio89

Psylocke by Renzo

Title Logo by Le Zouave
X-Men vs Streetfighter Gambit by QnoisX

Gambit2 by QnoisX

Sabertooth by Renzo

Iron Man by Renzo

Juggernaut by Renzo

Magneto by Renzo

Magneto 2 by LeZouave

Super Ken&Ryu by Renzo

Title Logo by Le Zouave
Yie Ar Kung Fu Buchu by KiLLerCloWn

Star by KiLLerCloWn

Nuncho by KiLLerCloWn

Fight Scene by KiLLerCloWn

ZZYZZYXX Walking by TheFreak

Celebrating by TheFreak