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Welcome to KiLLerCloWn's MameWorld/ArcadeXtreme Tunes Page!

Here you will find many of the tunes played in your favourite Mame games in different formats. Enjoy :-)

Just a quick description of the sound formats you will find on this site for those who are new to this:

MDX These are files which are originally compatible with the (to us) obscure x68000 platform, a Japanese comuter system hardly found in the west. You can however play these files with Win95/98 compatible sound players such as MDXWIN . The sound quality is incredibly good and very authentic...and it's easy to use :-)
MP3s MP3 files are larger files, usually around 2.5 MB of size. They have CD sound quality and can be played with such sound players as Winamp. You can find a free download of these on numerous sites, just type "Winamp" into any search engine, you won't regret it. All the MP3 files on this page are legal! They are homemade remixes of game tunes and do not break any copyrights!
Midis Midi files are very small and they will play with most of the current sound cards on the market, even the most basic ones. All of these are quick downloads ranging from 1kb-400kb at most. Find some of the tunes of your favourite arcade and console games here :-) Many of these are several sounds in one package. You can tell from the file size and name whether it's just one midi file (.mid) or a whole package of several files from one game (.zip).
Real Audio Files with the .ra or .ram extension are to be played with the Real Audio Player This is a device which lets you play a number of soundformats apart from being able to play "streamed" audio and video files off the net. The sound quality can be very good. And it's free :)
.SAM Files Files with he .sam extension weere used by MAME up until version .35. Then the samples' format was changed to .wav. Since many people for one reason or another prefer to use older releases of MAME I decided to put up an archive with the old .sam files which are increasingly hard to find.
Wavs Wave files are playable with any soundcard, too. They are direct recordings from an input source into your PC. I found a few arcade waves, there will be more to come :-)


Bubble Bobble Hillbilly Remix Thanks to David of Overclocked to offer me this one. This is a really crazy rermix redneck style based on one of the most catchy tunes in arcade music. A real gem!
Bubble Bobble Parade Version Live! This one is an absolute riot! Here's what the author Tatsumakisenpukyaku III says:

This was arranged by me, Tim "Tatsumakisenpukyaku" Winsky, and features Todd DeSantis on alto sax, Kate DeMagistris on the piccolo, and I also played the bass and cool little solo at the end. Special thanks to Dylan Mawdsley for screwing up his trumpet solo, and Dan Armenti for playing that damn wood block really loud and not to the rhythm, even though he wasn't supposed to.

Bubble Bobble Rave Remix! This was sent to me by Hanaho's Richard Ragon, so I have no idea where it came from, but it's another very cool Dance mix of the BB tune :) Cheers Richard :)
Bubble Bobble Variations Thanks for sending this one in Thom! For a more mellow approach to Bubble Bobble this is good fun :)
Ghost's and Goblins Christmas Edition This one was made by Andy of RetroFX for Christmas 1999 and it really does sound very polished. Very nice MP3!
Ikari Warriors Theme Music Donald Danube recorded this while playing and it came out pretty neat :)
Jungle Hunt Tribute The game tune with some cool bongos and more! Composed and sent in by Smitdogg, this is good fun and definitely worth a listen :)
King of Fighters 94 The very heavy game tune from the popular SNK fighter in MP3 format. Really cool song this :)
King of Fighters 96a

King of Fighters 96b

A couple of the KOF96 tunes, the intro with the announcer as well as the demo screen melody :) Both very rocky again...
League Bowling The opening taunt from this so cool bowling game which really gets you in the mood for some boooooowlin' :)
MortalKombat I+II The complete Collection of all game tunes contained in these two games in MP3 format!!! Thanks to Gargos for upping these for me! (This is down momentarily due to server space restrictions but will be up again soon, I promise :))
Millennium Mario Another great track from the maker of Speed Bubble Bobble, Deakin Scott. A real must of a download if you like game tunes remixes.
Powerdrift - Like the Wind The System 16 Racer's theme music in MP3 format
Powerdrift - Like the Wind - again? I was sent this file by Will and it is entitled the same as the above. I'm not sure which is the correct but they're both Powerdrift tunes. I you know the answer please let me know :)
Pulstar This is the title tune of the popular NeoGeo shooter amd the first winner of the weekly tune poll :) You wanted it so here it is :)
Rave Racer A bunch of tunes from the Arcade racer in MP3 format
Samurai Spirit Heavily Japanese influenced undertones in this one, well worth a listen.
Speed Bubble Bobble An awesome Dance Track based on the BubbleBobble tune! Biiiig koodos go out to Deakin Scott for creating this one, a real gem if you like Arcade tunes. Get it, you won't regret it :-)
Scud Race More racing tunes in MP3 format :)
Syntax Terror This is a brilliant dance track with many of your fayourite arcade games' sounds mixed in. A must for every emu fan. Unfortunately I lost the link to where I found it so I cannot give the proper credit here, let me know if you know who composed this great track.
Thunderblade Another System 16 classic game MP3
X-Men One of the most requested games for MAME and warmly welcomed to the Emu not too long ago. Here's one of the more melodic tunes :)


This collection was completed thanks to the kind contributions of Ken Thomas, Michael Reinhard and Logiqx. Ken has also created an info file (best viewd in notepad) with additional details on all of the below . Thanks for the help guys!

Asteroids Atari
Asteroids Deluxe Atari
Astroblaster Sega
Astrofighter Data East
Battle Zone Atari
Berzerk Stern
Blaster Williams
Blockade Gremlin
Boothill Midway
Bosconian Namco
Carnival Sega
Congo Bongo Sega
Cosmic Guerilla Universal
Defender Williams
Donkey Kong Nintendo
Donkey Kong Jr. Nintendo
Eliminator Gremlin
Galaga Namco
Galaxian Namco
Gladiator Taito America
Gorf Midway
Gyruss Konami
Hyper Sports Konami
Japirem Miscellaneous IREM
Joust Williams
Lunar Lander Atari
Lunar Rescue Taito
Mario Brothers Nintendo
MonsterBash Sega
Mooncresta Nichibutsu
Pacman (bootleg) Namco
Phoenix Amstar
Pisces Unknown
Punchout Nintendo
QBert's Qubes Mylstar
QBert Gottlieb
QBert b (wav files missing from the above QBert sounds zip) Gottlieb
RallyX Namco
Red Baron Atari
Robotron Williams
Sinistar Williams
Space Invaders Midway
Space Fury Sega
Space Odyssey Sega
Stargate Williams
Star Trek Sega
Super Basketball Konami
Super Punchout Nintendo
Tac/Scan Sega
Tank Batallion Namco
Targ Exidy
Track'n'Field Konami
Turbo Sega
Vanguard SNK
War of Bugs Armenia
Wizard of Wor Midway
Xevious Atari
Yie Ar Kung Fu Konami
YM3812 Miscellaneous
Zaxxon Sega
Zektor Sega


Hold your mouse over the file to see whether it's a zip or a midi file. Midi files are single songs/sounds, zip files are a collection of songs/sounds of a particular game. The midi file names inside the zip reflect the official names of the songs if known.

Altered Beast Sega
Afterburner Sega
Bionic Commando Capcom
Bonanza Brothers Sega
BubbleBobble Taito
Burning Force Namco
Cotton Sega
Cyberbots Arcade
Daytona USA Sega
DigDug Namco
Double Dragon Technos
Dynamite Ducks Sega
Dunkshot Sega
Enduro Racer Sega
Fantasy Zone Sega
Gain Ground Sega
Galaga Namco
Galaga '90 Namco
Galaxy Force Sega
Gemini Wing Tecmo
Golden Axe Sega
Galaga Namco
Ghouls&Ghosts Capcom
GP Rider Sega
Hang-On Sega
Haunted Castle Arcade
King of Fighters 98 SNK
Marvel Superheroes VS Streetfighter Capcom
Marvels vs Capcom Capcom
Metrocross Namco
Monster Land Sega
Moon Patrol IREM
Mr Do's Castle Universal
Mrs Pacman Bootleg
Ninja Warriors Arcade
Out Run Sega
Out Runners Sega
Pacman Namco
Pengo Sega
Pole Position Namco
Power Drift Sega
Quartet I+II Sega
Raiden Seibu Kaihatsu
RaidenII Seibu Kaihatsu
Rastan Taito
Rockman II Capcom
Rock'n'Rope Konami + Kosuka
Rodland Jaleco
Scramble Spirit Sega
Scud Race Sega
S.D.I. Sega
Sega Rally Sega
Shinobi Sega
Simpsons Konami
Space Harrier System 16
Super Street Fighter II Capcom
Street Fighter II Capcom
Street Fighter III Capcom
Street Fighter II Turbo Capcom
Street Fighter Alpha Capcom
Street Fighter Alpha II Capcom
Super Hang-On Sega
Super Streetfighter II: The new Challengers Capcom
Sonic Arcade Sega
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Konami
Tetris Atari
Tetris (Sega) System 16
Thunder Blade System 16
Truxton II Toaplan/Taito
Turbo Out Run Sega
Viewpoint Sammy
Virtua Fighter III Sega
Virtua Racing Sega
Wonerboy in Monsterland Sega

Real Audio Files

1943 Midway
Bad Dudes VS Dragon Ninja Data East USA
Crimecity ?
Double Dragon Technos
Gryzor Konami
Heavy Barrel Data East
Legend of hero Tonma IREM
Midnight Run ?
Robocop Data East
Rolling Thunder Namco
Space Invaders This is a "Real Jukebox" file of the Aussie band "Player One" hit about erh Space Invaders :) It's pretty cool tune and a must for every arcade fan of course. Thanks a lot to Rat for digging that one up for me :))
Thunder Fox ?
Tron Bally Midway
Vulcan Venture Konami


DigDug Namco
House of the Dead Sega
MsPacman (1) Bootleg
MsPacman (2) Bootleg
Pacman Namco
Pole Position (1) Namco
Pole Position (2) Namco


Many of these are in Lzh compresion format. Use this file with Winzip or in DOS to uncompress them.

1943 Kai Capcom
Advanced Fantasion ?
Akumajo Dracula 3 (Castlevania 3)  Konami 1989
Asteka 2 Falcom
Chelnov Data East
Darius 2 Taito
Darius Gaiden Taito
Dump-truck Matsutomo Sega
Dunkshot Sega
Dynamite Dux Sega
Gauntlet Atari
Gradius 2 Konami
Hydlide 3 ?
Jesus 2 ?
Marchen Maze ?
Midnight Resistance Data East
Mixed Songs Over 100 varied Arcade Games songs
MPV Sega
Ordyne Namco
Pac Mania Namco
Popful Mail ?
Passing Shot Sega
Puyo Puyo Sega
Quartet 2 Sega
Salamander Konami
Super Hang-On Sega
Side Pocket Data East
Sonic Boom Sega
Sonic the Hedgehog Sega
Star Cruiser[SB2] Ramtek
Syvalion ?
The Return of Ishtar ?
Thunder Blade Sega
Verytex ?