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Welcome to MameWorld Museum

Here you will find all the really cool stuff people send in to us which doesn't really fit any category but is too precious to just forget about. Thanks to all of you who spend your time doing these things or just sending them in, this is one of the most fun aspects about running MameWorld: Seeing how much enjoyment all the people get out of MAME, the retro nostalgia and what it inspires them to do. Rock on MAME and rock on MAME Fans! :)


Cabinets/Controllers Wallpapers Movies Screensavers Miscellaneous
MAMERoom Cabs by CyberPunk

MAMEWorld Wallpaper by Eddie van Weele

MAMEWorld Wallpaper 2 by Eddie van Weele

MAME EmuLoader Logo Movie by Eldio

MAMEWorld Screensaver (Dig Dug) by Qball

MAMEWorld Screensaver (Ms. Pac-Man) by Qball

Emulation Nascar Skin by Charlie
PacFan's Cabinet Pics 1 2 3 4

MAMEWorld Wallpaper by The Bee

MAMEWorld Wallpaper 2 by The Bee

MAMEWorld Wallpaper 3 by The Bee

MAMEWorld Wallpaper 4 by The Bee

MAMEWorld Wallpaper 5 by The Bee

Tekhan World Cup Movie (needs Flash) by Kastellorizo MAME Pix by Geoff. Allows to display all your snaps, flyers, marquees etc. as a screensaver. MAME Nascar Skin by Dreid
Martin Stephenson's Arcade Cab, more pics on his page MAMEWorld Wallpaper by James White

MAME Wallpaper 2 by James White

MAME Olympiad (needs Flash) by Kastellorizo MAME Screensaver by Mike rotarting all sorts of MAME pics! Pac-Man Mouse Pointers 1 and 2 by Alex
Stephane Savard's MAME Cab 1 and 2 MAME Wallpaper by Noel Blackman MAME Song (needs Flash) by Kastellorizo   High Res high quality MAME Logo by Oscar
Yves Sasseville's MAME Cab 1 and 2

MAMEWorld Wallpaper by Oscar

MAMEWorld Wallpaper 2 by Oscar

MAMEWorld Wallpaper 3/Halloween Theme by Oscar

MAME Intro (mpeg) by Producer   MAME Mobile Phone Logo by Big Bad Bug (works with Siemens phones)

MAME Mobile Phone Logo 1 and 2 by "G" (works with Nokia phones)

  MAMEWorld Wallpaper 800x600 by Johnny MAMEWorld Intro (mpeg) by Producer   Arcade Room 3D Rendered by Mac
  MAME High Score by superunknown MAME Story, as stream (needs Flash) or as .exe by Kastellorizo   Zakk's MAMEWorld X-MAs Pinball
    MAME Dance (needs Flash) by Kastellorizo   Twisty's Bubble Bobble PC Icons Set
        Twisty's Galaga 88 PC Icons Set
        MAME Logo by Stormrider
        MAME Dodge Skin for Nascar Thunder 2003 by Larry M Morgan Jr.

Arcade Vector Art by Stormrider:

Black Tiger, Capcom, Double Dragon, Final Fight, SF2

Crazy Taxi, CapcomvsSNK, Sega