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MAMEWorld Mission Statement

Here at MAMEWorld we believe that the Multi Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) is one of the most unique and rewarding experiences offered to the video gamer and we try to enhance this experience by providing access to everything that relates to MAME, whether hosted here or elsewhere on the net. What's more, we wish to add to the enjoyment MAME brings to it's fans by providing content of all sorts around MAME in the shape of utilities, tools, images, sounds, games, reviews and countless more. MAMEWorld hopes to be as close as possible to a complete resource site for MAME, it is not designed to replace the official MAME site, we are here to compliment it and offer all the things that make up the entire MAME community, not just the emulator itself.

Below you will find the basic principles of what we try to do and what not:

We are on a mission - ...from God! Our #1 rule. It reflects how seriously we take the business of MAME and MAMEWorld and how little seriously we take ourselves. Relax people, the most important thing is fun. We want to convey the pleasure element of MAME, and nothing but the pleasure element. But we take this very seriously and work very hard to make it a reality.

A Gamer's Page - ...and a game page. This often gets misunderstood and we still get mails and posts asking us to make the page smaller in size, take out the Java, delete the images. This is not what MAMEWorld is about, we will never be reduced to a daily list of news snippets. MAMEWorld is about conveying the pleasures of MAMEing and of the MAMEr. The pleasures of a game player come in the form of images, sounds, tunes, games, clickable stuff, movable stuff, funstuff...rarely in the form of lines of text. If you want raw MAME news there are many other places on the web which provide that service. You are at MAMEWorld, not MameNews or MameUpdates. You are entering gamer's world, this is far more than just news. There are many ways to spread news efficiently, low bandwidth, quickly to large amounts of people and not all of them include HTML. We want to do more than just that.

A content page - ...not a list of news snippets. Again referring to the above. Lists of news snippets bore us to death. We want to provide content here at MW, it is the most important thing a website can offer and it is the most fun thing the visitor can enjoy. Check out our many hosted sites and see how much activity there is around MAME which is not dependent on daily updates, releases, bugfixes etc. Just an expression of how much fun a large amount of people are having with this little gem of an emulator.

A page of emotion - ...not a page of facts and figures. The fun people have with MAME is far more important than the cold facts. The things MAME makes people do are far more impressive than cold facts. Therefore we try to convey the emotions associated with reliving long lost memories or discovering what it must have been like in the golden years of arcade gaming. Look at our reviews pages: We don't care whether a game scores 7.5/10 or 8.5/10, we don't care if gfx are great or not. What we care about is what it makes you feel when you play it: Do you have a stiff arm from playing Pac-Man day in day out? Do you have blisters on your fingers from competing against your best friend at Track&Field? Do you have cramps from manipulating 2 joysticks in Robotron? These are far more impressive and important aspects than numbers, scores and facts. They convey our emotions. And this counts for everything here at MAMEWorld

A community - ...not an amalgamation of sites. We do consider MAMEWorld to be a community of MAME/Game Fans, not just a place where you will find 50 MAME related sites. Many of us know each other, many of us interact with each other, all of us share the love for the old games and the MAME emulator. MAMEWorld will never be one of the anonymous huge games sites where the list of hosted sites is 3 pages long, the webmaster himself can't remember who he's hosting and no-one actually knows what's there. Where you have to go through pages to actually get to the real content, where no-one knows each other. Everybody here at MAMEWorld is a dedicated MAME Fan. We all do this for the love of the games and fun, and you will not find any dead and obsolete pages here. We are a MAME community and we are proud to have an interest in each others work and help each other out.

A place of interaction - ...not a cemetery of game news. We have a number of busy forums, chat, and we encourage the contributions and co-operation of our visitors with regard to all aspects of MAMEWorld. Check out the Fanstuff Page, the Rips Page, the Tunes Page, the reviews Pages, MameTesters, etc., and all our hosted sites. Many visitors contribute regularly and share their enthusiasm for MAME, the games and MAMEWorld. It is one of the most rewarding experiences about running this site to receive so many enthusiastic contributions and to see the pleasures which MAME creates for so many people. And we respond personally to all requests, proposals or questions we get.

A place that generates profit - is not! Never have we made one penny, often has it cost us money ourselves. Any profits of the MAMEWorld shop go to the MAME dumping project to buy new arcade PCB's.. MAME is free and so is MAMEWorld. It is our way to contribute a little something and to express our enthusiasm for MAME. To give back a little and pass along a little of the joys that MAME and the MAME community has given us. To convey the pleasures of playing ancient games with blocky graphics and to share the memories associated with this.

A hobby - ...not a full time job. We do this in our spare time. Therefore there are limitations to what we can do. We have a huge list of other things we could think about doing, and we will do so in due time. But MAME doesn't run away nor do they old games. They've been around for 20 years, they'll be around for another 20. And if at some point there are more important things in life, then these take priority...remember, the most important thing is fun. For us as well as for you.

Having said all of the above we do want to reassure everyone that MAME will never turn into a high tech inaccessible high bandwidth MAME-O-Rama. We are trying to keep the balance between our ambitions and accessibility. MAMEWorld is accessible with most browsers in most operating systems and anything from at 28k modem to a T1 connection. Load times will be as fast as we can make them, bandwidth will never be several hundred k. At the same time we will not align with the lowest common denominator either. If we want to stick to our mission and provide the least bit of enjoyment on top of news text we require a certain minimum of compatibility. You will however find that in contrast to most game sites on the web, this is comparatively low.


Your MAMEWorld Team