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by KiLLerCloWn



The Basics

The Patterns




A few people have written in with further suggestions and tips after reading this guide and I'm glad they added to it's accuracy and completeness. Thanks very much to:

grape.gif (882 bytes) Simon Owen - For the Escape Routes Tip

grape.gif (882 bytes) Bob DeCrescenzo - For greatly improving my understanding of ghost movement

grape.gif (882 bytes) Scott Jacobi for confirming my Pinky suspicions and sending in the great Virtual Pac-Man Museum link

grape.gif (882 bytes) David Widel for sending in some class links on board info and programming as well as scans of more Pac-Man patterns and the Easter Egg

grape.gif (882 bytes) Jimmy Rushay for sending in a couple of alternative endings to my ninth key pattern

grape.gif (882 bytes) David Rosen for turning this guide into a PDF File


Throughout my research for this guide I was really inspired by:


grape.gif (882 bytes) Billy Mitchell - The lone World Record Holder and only man alive to ever play the perfect game

grape.gif (882 bytes) Neil Chapman - For his awesome 3,250,910 points input file recording at MARP

grape.gif (882 bytes) ccr - By his beautiful 9th key Pac-Man (Harder) pattern

...and the love which still exists for this game after 20 odd years in every corner of the web....Pac on... :)

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