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The Basics

The Patterns




If you love Pac-Man or if you want to improve your game you should make use of these resources:

Local Resources:

cherry.gif (866 bytes) Download this guide as a PDF file

cherry.gif (866 bytes) Downloads of my highscore input files which can be replayed in MAME32 .53 version:

Here - 512.000 in Pac-Man

Here - 544.000 in Pac-Man Modified

cherry.gif (866 bytes) How to win at Pac-Man - The complete Pac-Man Strategy Guide, also the one which led me to frustration and prompted me to write my own guide. The Cherry and Mid Fruit Patterns are the same I use for the first 75% of the pattern but I find the endings insufficient. The Apple pattern I found unreliable and the 9th key one overly complicated. I also don't agree that one pattern is enough to go from level 5 to 21, there are too many changes in ghost behaviour. Plus it lacks a lot of detailed description of what actually happens while executing these patterns and fails to offer alternative routes or escape routes in case of pattern failure, exactly what I tried to do in this guide. However it does give some interesting insights, it provides some useful background information and who knows, maybe the patterns work for you :) You can certainly use parts of them when trying to find your own. Although incomplete and frustrating it is definitely written out of love for the game and should be read if you plan to research the game in depth.*

cherry.gif (866 bytes) How to win one million at Pac-Man - Another complete strategy guide, this one in .pdf format. I have the same criticisms as above, but I do like the patterns they provide better and some actually have similarities with mine. Plus there is more information on ghost behaviour, how to develop your own patterns and a strategy guide for Ms. Pac-Man included. Definitely worth a read. *

cherry.gif (866 bytes) Joystick Pac-Man Patterns 1 and 2 - A few scans of more Pac-Man patterns. I haven't tried them at all, but I've never seen them anywhere else so they're original for sure :)

cherry.gif (866 bytes) Mr. Roboto's Pac-Man Patterns. Please visit his great Pac-Man site here and view his patterns there. His patterns are the first set of complete patterns which I can recommend as being 100% correct without there being any more information needed. I don't think they're quite as safe as mine, but if executed correctly they are spot on! The patterns are shown here only for backup purposes in case his site disappears.

cherry.gif (866 bytes) A history of Pac-Man: This is a great history of the game, from it's conception through 20 years of dot munching antics up to today. Credits go to Doug Trueman and it should be read at it's homepage here. The local copy is for backup purposes only, this article is too precious to lose.

cherry.gif (866 bytes) Official World Record Announcement: This is the official news article on Billy Mitchell playing the perfect game, published by Twin Galaxies, the official arcade games scorekeepers. Credits and copyrights belong to Twin Galaxies and the article should be read here. However for preservation purposes there is a local copy available here

cherry.gif (866 bytes) The absolutely positively last word on Pac-Man: I found this very cool chapter on the Pac-Man phenomenon by Steve Bloom at Brian's Coin-Op History Archive. I had to back this up to make sure it won't get lost, a class read. Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6

cherry.gif (866 bytes) Pac-Man movie - A very cool model of a Pac-Man cabinet which you cab zoom in and out plus spin around it's axis in Quicktime

cherry.gif (866 bytes) Pac-Man Designer Interviews 1 and 2 - Two interviews with Pac-Man designers Nakamura and Iwatani which were found at Retrogamer Magazine *


On the Web:

cherry.gif (866 bytes) Mr. Roboto's PacMania - A great Pac-Man Fan Page and the best set of patterns I have found up to date. This is the only documentation I have seen which takes into account the ghost movement variations between levels 5 and 21. And the patterns are spot on!

cherry.gif (866 bytes) MARP - MAME Action Replay Page. Here you can download the world's best Pac-Man scores as MAME INP files and study the best players' techniques. Nothing beats looking over a great players' shoulder :) ( You can download my 2nd place Pac-Man INP and first place Pac-Man Modified INP locally, but I encourage you to view other players' styles, too :))

cherry.gif (866 bytes) Norbert Kehrer's Java Pac-Man Emu - This plays like the real thing, but online. Awesome job! The link goes directly to the Pac-Man emulation but you should also check out his other work, it's all top notch stuff!

cherry.gif (866 bytes) PacMAME - This special build of MAME supports over 150 different kind of Pac-Man clones, hacks, derivatives and others...all from the Pac-Man family, all for the Pac-Man nutter :) Also includes all sorts of manuals and schematics.

cherry.gif (866 bytes) The Pac Page - A great starting point for research with lots of Pac-Man related stuff

cherry.gif (866 bytes) Pac-Man Arcade Hacks - Tons of graphical hacks for Pac-Man in MAME by BlueJustice

cherry.gif (866 bytes) Jerky's Arcade Hacks - More hacks, not exclusively but also including Pac-Man variations

cherry.gif (866 bytes) RCATT - Arcade Games Tips and Tricks Galore! Including a neat Pac-Man section with a number of alternative patterns :)

cherry.gif (866 bytes) - The virtual Pac-Man Museum. The largest collection of Pac-Man memorabilia I have seen. Simply everything is to be seen there. Awesome stuff, you wouldn't believe the merchandise our little dot munching friend sells, lol :)

cherry.gif (866 bytes) Super Pac-Man - All about Pac-Man and a lot of technical documentation available. Well worth a visit.

cherry.gif (866 bytes) Pac-Man Info - Huge Info archive about Pac-Man boards and anything that runs on them

cherry.gif (866 bytes) Jerry's Arcade Hacking Page - Everything you need to know abouT Pac-Man programming


*(This document is copyrighted material and you should try and purchase it if you like it. I haven't managed to find one and provide a backup of this guide only for preservation purposes. I doubt there are any purchasable new copies out there and if fans like us don't preserve these things they will be lost forever. No intention of copyright breach or questionable motives are involved in presenting this copy here, I definitely do not seek any financial gain from it. If the lawful copyrightholder of this document sees this and objects, please contact me and I will take it down immediately)

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