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. Re: Flyer Fever Update

> Xevious - Atari (1982) [Licensed by Namco; Alternate flyer] I wonder if this is the audio of the Xevious 30-second TV commercial mentioned in t ...
News Andrew 12/10/17 05:43 PM
. Re: Named him after a man of the cloth. Called him Anus Moses. *nt*

Not sure what all that means but needed somewhere to post this. Thanks. IH Fall Style Issue 2017: Dark Denim from InsideHook on Vimeo.
The Loony Bin Andrew 11/05/17 03:29 AM
. briefcase-style gaming console
EmuChat Andrew 11/03/17 03:00 AM
. someone else preserving the past...
EmuChat Andrew 10/30/17 03:18 AM
. Godspeed [NT]

The Loony Bin Andrew 10/08/17 04:47 PM
. Re: Stay safe Mameworld Texans [nt]

I'm waiting to see if Irma is headed my way. .
The Loony Bin Andrew 09/04/17 01:43 AM
. Cross over, children. All are welcome. All welcome. Go into the light...there is peace and serenity in the light. .
The Loony Bin Andrew 08/06/17 04:01 PM
. twitch-starcade-marathon .
News Andrew 07/25/17 04:49 AM
. Re: Sound problems with Q*Bert and Gorf

> I'd like a fix.
EmuChat Andrew 07/12/17 03:47 AM
. Story behing the Dolly Parton pinball artwork I guess I would have chosen the country girl themed back glass too. Shame there was no Wond ...
The Loony Bin Andrew 06/13/17 04:43 AM
. MAKERBALL – The DIY Pinball Machine Kit .
The Loony Bin Andrew 06/13/17 03:35 AM
. Re: Just sharing

This song helps cheer me up when I run into similar issues. .
The Loony Bin Andrew 06/09/17 04:34 AM
. The Atari Arcade Theatre Kiosk
EmuChat Andrew 04/22/17 06:42 AM
. Grattis på födelsedagen!

Agnetha Åse Fältskog is 67 today.
The Loony Bin Andrew 04/06/17 03:04 AM
. Pinball HD Collection (actually free) [NSFW]

@ Amazon Underground: .
The Loony Bin Andrew 03/05/17 07:14 PM
. Pro Pinball Deluxe (actually free)

@ Amazon Underground: .
The Loony Bin Andrew 03/02/17 06:41 AM
. Re: Saw Suicide Squad

I'm just waiting for Wonder Woman in June and maybe Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in May.
The Loony Bin Andrew 02/09/17 08:16 AM
. for once i didn't click "Skip Ad"

The Loony Bin Andrew 01/29/17 09:57 AM
. i'll take your word for it -nt- blocked

The Loony Bin Andrew 01/19/17 04:10 AM
. Re: New Retro Arcade: Neon on Steam

Like to check it out in between shoveling snow today. Looks fluffy. So far.
The Loony Bin Andrew 01/07/17 06:04 PM
. qbert schematics

Qbert schematics are probably well known to the dev team but I thought this was a very interesting review of how qbert works, the first half of this v ...
EmuChat Andrew 12/31/16 08:27 PM
. artwork for Player's Edge Plus?

Is there any artwork available for the Player's Edge Plus games, e.g., pekoc819? Just recently figured out how to get this one running. Thanks in adva ...
MAME Artwork: Official Andrew 12/30/16 06:33 PM
. Re: Last month was DiRT3, this month (right now) it's GRID.

Looks good, thanks for the heads-up. Any idea how to use a spinner for steering in these driving games? .
The Loony Bin Andrew 12/24/16 07:09 PM
. Re: DU: Feel the power

News Andrew 12/09/16 03:52 AM

MNF road crew staying at the Holiday Inn next door to my job. I wonder where the cheerleaders stay. .
The Loony Bin Andrew 12/09/16 03:47 AM

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