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. Re: Piss off at Apple right now.

The Loony Bin B2K24 09/20/17 08:20 AM
. Re: Nintendo Switch has a hidden NES emulator

> A secret beta test is not news? It's only interesting because it's hidden & nobody > knows how to run it. > > Can you reveal how to ...
EmuChat B2K24 09/19/17 11:19 PM
. Re: Nintendo Switch has a hidden NES emulator
EmuChat B2K24 09/17/17 08:20 PM
. Re: Reirom sends his regards

I'll drink to that
The Loony Bin B2K24 09/17/17 05:16 AM
. Turning all the cheats on at once in Mortal Kombat 2 arcade
The Loony Bin B2K24 09/11/17 04:31 PM
. Re: bad dump's?

> today i was playing some cps1 games and when loaded i encountered this message with > some games > > one or more roms/chds have not bee ...
EmuChat B2K24 09/06/17 03:12 AM
. Re: Street Fighter II USA 910204??? What's that?

All arguments aside if it really is the PCB owners favorite game of all-time then he should be happy to share the dumps with MAME and allow MAME to do ...
EmuChat B2K24 09/05/17 06:04 AM
. Re: CLRMAMEpro 4.033 released

Thank you Roman for 20 years of updates and support. CMP merged followed by T7Z is the best combination ever 39.5 GB 11673 Archives and everything ...
News B2K24 09/03/17 11:49 PM
. Re: DU: The Gaelco preservation train keeps chugging along

> So what? The US, as well as several other nations, have their own sports called > Football. > > Get used to it. I don't know if you'r ...
News B2K24 09/03/17 08:10 PM
. Re: Modified 0.189 build

> Thanks. > If possible it would be useful to have the diffs released as a patch or git diff so > that we could apply to other versions of ma ...
EmuChat B2K24 09/02/17 02:29 AM
. Anyone have any recent experience with CenturyLink Fiber?

Having had their regular DSL a few years back with upload that was about 10% of the max download, I quickly learned it was utter shit. No fucking way ...
The Loony Bin B2K24 09/02/17 12:49 AM
. Re: Questions about bgfx on mameui64

A lot of what you ask and the question of is one better than the other it's completely subjective. What one person claims looks nice can look complete ...
EmuChat B2K24 09/01/17 09:47 PM
. Re: System16 Updated

> System16's been updated for the first time in a while, lots of updates to the Atari > System 1 and System 2 pages, also some Atari laserdisc g ...
News B2K24 09/01/17 02:13 AM
. Re: Timer Plugin

> Thanks, but i use tekken 3 for example, some games doesn't have cheats for unlock > character and you must to wait the time pass. So you're ...
EmuChat B2K24 08/31/17 07:46 PM
. Re: Timer Plugin

> How can i use the timer plugin? it's possible do change the game timer? for example i > want to unlock the time release characters on tekken 3 ...
EmuChat B2K24 08/31/17 07:25 PM
. Haze: Hunting Alligators
News B2K24 08/30/17 02:59 AM
. Re: Got a message asking me to report to mame developpers

I myself haven't used a 32-bit CPU and 32-bit O/S since the P4 Northwood and Windows XP back in 2002. Not sure what the problem is.
EmuChat B2K24 08/25/17 07:23 AM
. Re: 1979 eclipse

Very cool. Thanks for posting this
The Loony Bin B2K24 08/21/17 06:58 AM
. Zelda Ocarina of Time glitch
EmuChat B2K24 08/21/17 02:09 AM
. Joey Diaz Tells Hilarious S@#$ stories
The Loony Bin B2K24 08/19/17 12:25 PM
. Re: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Bloodstained Community Broadcast 16 with Angel Corlux
EmuChat B2K24 08/19/17 02:10 AM
. Re: CRT-aperture GLSL shader

> I did not write the code and IMHO the hum bar is just a kind of a nice gimmick. It is > a phenomenon that happens, by filming a CRT screen and ...
EmuChat B2K24 08/18/17 07:20 PM
. Re: CRT-aperture GLSL shader

> I'm curious, since I'm hacking up HLSL right now, what do people want most from these > shaders? I'm unsure about what you're doing or what ...
EmuChat B2K24 08/18/17 07:05 AM
. Re: CRT-aperture GLSL shader

> I made a conversion of EasyMode's CRT-aperture shader from RetroArch. It's a > nice-looking lightweight shader, good for low-end videocards to ...
EmuChat B2K24 08/18/17 02:37 AM
. Update @ Arbee's: MAME: where Spelunx is in color.
News B2K24 08/17/17 06:48 AM

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