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. Re: Input Laaaaaaaaaaag

I don't notice any lag with a USB gamepad and G-Sync display.
EmuChat B2K24 01/21/18 10:12 PM
. Re: -video d3d raster.ini (HLSL)

> Wait, MAME's gamma is inverted? That's weird. I should've said before that another key is the activation of bloom_blend_mode. I'm pretty sure t ...
EmuChat B2K24 01/19/18 08:14 AM

> It seems that Pop n'music 4 doesn't work on Mame. I put the CHD files and the rom it > didn't work i wonder if i have the wrong CHD files if s ...
EmuChat B2K24 01/19/18 06:13 AM
. Re: -video d3d raster.ini (HLSL)

> I would think that gamma value would make things too dull for you. 1.00 is generally > too light to begin with. At first glance I can unders ...
EmuChat B2K24 01/19/18 04:02 AM
. -video d3d raster.ini (HLSL)

I've been enjoying the look of this the last couple of days I've worked on tweaking settings. It might be too dark for some but on my display it looks ...
EmuChat B2K24 01/18/18 07:56 AM
. Update @ Haze's: Radica Tetris..
News B2K24 01/18/18 04:14 AM
. Re: Game Boy Original Overlay Kit

WOW! I love the color choices. I just got finished giving these a look and they look really nice. Awesome work!
MAME Artwork X: Other Artwork Projects B2K24 01/17/18 06:49 AM
. Re: I showing off MAME set up.

Easily turning the monitor vertical is sweet ain't it? Run Visual Pinball cabinet tables on that setup as well and get a crappy second display for D ...
EmuChat B2K24 01/16/18 07:47 PM
. Re: NEW Sega Game Gear Overlay

Thanks for all the artwork you've posted. The updates are badly needed
MAME Artwork X: Other Artwork Projects B2K24 01/16/18 05:06 PM
. Update @ Haze's: The Alternative to Emulation
News B2K24 01/15/18 09:01 PM
. Re: MAMEPlus alternative in 2018?

> Hey all, > > Long time since I posted here but looking for a bit of advice on a viable modern > replacement for MAMEPlus. > > Ba ...
EmuChat B2K24 01/14/18 05:17 AM
. Update @ Haze's: Have a Cookie
News B2K24 01/11/18 05:13 PM
. Re: Got one today.

Is that the FreeSync display you linked from Amazon? If so, damn that was fast
EmuChat B2K24 01/11/18 07:07 AM
. Re: G-Sync/FreeSync & MAME

Yes that's a DisplayPort. Your card should be FreeSync capable. Exactly what card do you have? What does GPU-Z say that it is?
EmuChat B2K24 01/09/18 09:50 AM
. Re: G-Sync/FreeSync & MAME

> arcade games. For example dkong Yes, dkong is 60.606061 Hz which is probably a nightmare if you use a standard display. If you decide to buy t ...
EmuChat B2K24 01/09/18 07:22 AM
. Re: G-Sync/FreeSync & MAME

I can't speak for FreeSync but I've used G-Sync for a couple of years now. I own an Acer Predator XB271HU and am really happy with it. When it comes ...
EmuChat B2K24 01/09/18 05:51 AM
. Re: What if the PinMAME ported over to the newer MAME.

> We could tear machines apart and weigh the components for mass, but that’s > just one input, the simplest to measure. There are other things i ...
EmuChat B2K24 01/08/18 09:34 PM
. Re: What if the PinMAME ported over to the newer MAME.

> and I also said that the model used by PinMAME / Virtual Pinball was already a > massive problem, basically locking any kind of decent Pinball ...
EmuChat B2K24 01/08/18 09:28 PM
. Re: Mame life cycle

EmuChat B2K24 01/06/18 10:41 AM
. Re: MAME (and everything else) about to slow down...

Weird how people will pay for a product and not take advantage of updates that costs them nothing.
EmuChat B2K24 01/06/18 12:45 AM
. Update @ Haze's: Bad Touch ’96
News B2K24 01/05/18 09:18 AM
. Update @ Haze's: Welcome to 2018, What’s Going On?
News B2K24 01/05/18 09:17 AM
. Re: USPS lost a ton of undumped games

That fucking sucks. I pray the packages can all be recovered and there's no damage or missing PCBs
News B2K24 12/31/17 09:29 AM
. Re: "Fake news"

I remember what Haze is talking about and even had the chance to download the roms. For some reason I didn't do it at the time and something came up i ...
EmuChat B2K24 12/29/17 11:12 PM
. 2017 – New Focus
News B2K24 12/29/17 09:35 AM

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