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. Re: DU: TH keeps striking back

There is likely a world or N. America version out there. This may be where the name Thunder Hoops 2 actually comes from, where as all the versions we ...
News BrianT 10/12/17 04:10 AM
. On Target

Morten Shearman Kirkegaard and Peter Wilhelmsen have done it again by successfully reading out the DS5002F protected / encrypted MCU for Target Hits. ...
News BrianT 09/28/17 03:59 AM
. Re: System16 Updated

I'd love to see unMAMEd updated as well, especially now that we've had so many break throughs with emulation and MCU dumping. Not to mention all the ...
News BrianT 09/01/17 05:50 AM
. Re: DU: So many MCUs I don't know what to do's

All I can say is ..... WOW!!!!! Thatís fantastic, again I (we) can only humbly say THANK YOU ShouTime, Brad and all involved!! BrianT
News BrianT 06/20/17 04:32 AM
. Re: The Return of the Japump

This is a significant and welcomed event. It goes to show that like minded people with a single goal in mind can accomplish great things. It took pe ...
News BrianT 06/18/17 06:00 PM
. Re: DU: Palamedes leaves Japan

Nope, it looks like this one is a legit prototype or location test version. Line 5 of the copyright notice screen says: OUTSIDE THESE TERRITORY MAY ...
News BrianT 06/15/17 05:33 AM
. DU: Skating on thin Ice

We dumped a seemly rare revision of 2 On 2 Open Ice Challenge. This new revision is 1.2A and marks the only time I have ever seen a version different ...
News BrianT 02/25/17 01:56 AM
. Re: system 11 got New Cross Pang

Like Jumping Break, the other F2 System game using a Hyperstone CPU, New Cross Pang comes on the same exact PCB the F-E1-16-002 so it should slot righ ...
News BrianT 01/16/17 04:22 AM
. Re: DU: Miss World 2002 back in the spotlight 14 years later

I take that back... after some more "testing" I see it does indeed have some explicit pics... so yes this one is the "A" level nud ...
News BrianT 12/06/16 06:50 AM
. Re: DU: Miss World 2002 back in the spotlight 14 years later

Here's the Simpson Junior title from MAME.
News BrianT 12/06/16 06:05 AM
. Re: DU: Miss World 2002 back in the spotlight 14 years later

First off, this looks like a hack of Wow New Fantasia. Both sound roms are the same and one of the sprite roms was the same. It's also a straight up ...
News BrianT 12/06/16 04:30 AM
. Re: OSD=messui for 0.180+ subtarget=arcade Build steps

The needed info to build the subtarget=arcade version of MAMEui is here in this thread: ...
MAMEUI & IV/Play BrianT 12/04/16 04:18 AM
. Re: compile problems with last update mameui 179

I tried that and it didn't work because the build would complain about no arcade.rc file. But thanks to Robbbert here is what I did: make a copy of ...
MAMEUI & IV/Play BrianT 12/01/16 05:36 AM
. Re: DU: Merit vs. John_IV's frontends

Here's a snap from MAME
News BrianT 07/09/16 02:02 AM
. More Clone News

Haze did a nice little write up about a few clones system11 ( ) picked up. These include an earlier version of 1945K ...
News BrianT 04/20/16 05:29 AM
. Re: DU: TourVision Storm

47 carts just added to the source: 1943 Kai After Burner Armed-F Ballistix Be Ball Chōzetsurinjin Beraboh Man Bomberman Chuka Taisen Coryoon ...
News BrianT 12/31/15 08:28 AM
. MAME 0.169

GIT has been updated to MAME 0.169 so it should be out shortly: 0.169 ------- MAMETesters Bugs Fixed ------------------ ...
News BrianT 12/30/15 10:12 AM
. Trivia R Us

Luca did some work with the VRenderZero core and was able to get Trivia R Us up and running. Details over at Luca's site: ...
News BrianT 11/23/15 02:57 AM
. look up... up... it's Super Duck

by total chance I ran across an eBay auction for an unknown Comad game. System11 being a collector of Comad games snapped it up and dumped it once it ...
News BrianT 11/26/14 05:42 AM
. Re: Elfin is also now dumped (nt)

Sound doesn't work, it never has. Currently MAMEdev doesn't have the required docs for the KS0164 chip. This chip also goes by the name of Samsung's O ...
News BrianT 09/07/14 11:36 PM
. Re: Elfin is working

yup... Elfin works...
News BrianT 09/07/14 10:58 PM
. Re: DU Update: Jump Jump - Show Time

The "cleanest" show time pic from the demo
News BrianT 09/07/14 10:17 AM
. Re: DU Update: Jump Jump

News BrianT 09/07/14 10:15 AM
. Re: DU Update: Jump Jump

Here's a couple of pics from MAME:
News BrianT 09/07/14 10:03 AM
. 1995 B.C. The Dolmen cometh Another rare game saved by The Dumping Union
News BrianT 09/18/13 01:11 AM

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