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. ... and HDD folder selection

Emu Loader CiroConsentino 08/10/17 08:47 PM
. Some minor update to Emu Loader

I'm still recovering from surgery and starting physical therapy. But I implemented something new for the next version. Hard Disk Drive media type for ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 08/10/17 07:02 PM
. Re: Is this a bug?

That's true. My frontend always sets the current directory to where mame.exe is located before executing it.
EmuChat CiroConsentino 08/05/17 05:21 PM
. Re: [Q] Convert many FE favorites.ini to mewui/internal Mame favorites?

what is the format of the favorites list in MAME's UI ? I know I could look for it myself but I just don't have the time (or the strewth) right now (b ...
EmuChat CiroConsentino 07/27/17 01:53 PM
. Re: Attn frontend developers: machine flags in XML

WOW! Thanks for the warning and detailed info about it. My frontend uses all these "soon to be" deprecated tags.
News CiroConsentino 07/27/17 01:45 PM
. Re: Accidents happen :(

Yes, still alive! These past 4 weeks have been a killer. It's cold here in Brazil and those titanium pins are killing me. Maybe this is my true path n ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 07/26/17 03:02 AM
. Re: Sound problems with Q*Bert and Gorf

Easy for you to say... no, it's not that easy. I'm a programmer and I know what I'm saying. Re-adding samples support in MAME is no nearly an easy tas ...
EmuChat CiroConsentino 07/12/17 05:02 PM
. Re: Sound problems with Q*Bert and Gorf

My wish is the return of external samples support for those games, along with the discrete audio emulation. The user would be able to choose between e ...
EmuChat CiroConsentino 07/11/17 07:08 PM
. Re: Little update to show running a custom Amiga game with WinUAE emulator

>> I see the disks are listed seperated. Not a good idea. Sorry to say but it is to me. I really don't like the idea of merging disks into one. ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 06/28/17 06:59 PM
. Little update to show running a custom Amiga game with WinUAE emulator

Even multi-disks is supported... need I say more ?
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 06/28/17 04:27 PM
. Re: How to exit -software-list-games- (colecovision)?

Note that current official EL release is not fully compatible with MAME 0.186. MAME Settings in EL screen needs to be updated.
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 06/28/17 01:55 PM
. Re: EL thumbnail view improvements

A cache system is not possible, not the way EL was programmed. I tried that once and to keep checking the actual images for changes against the cache ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 06/28/17 01:53 PM
. Re: Accidents happen :(

Thank you. I'm glad the doc was able to fix both shoulder tendons. My right arm needs resting for at least 6 weeks before I can start using it again.. ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 06/28/17 01:44 PM
. Re: How to exit -software-list-games- (colecovision)?

You need to enable the partial keyboard emulation to be able to exit games with ESC. open mame.ini an set 1 in the ui_active entry.
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 06/28/17 02:00 AM
. Re: [Game start] Pause the cmd window?

>> 5.2.1 that's a very old verion. EL's functionality changed A LOT since then. >> That's what I miss in the newer versions. >> A ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 06/28/17 01:55 AM
. Re: Accidents happen :(

it's gonna take me about 6 months to heal it completely.
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 06/28/17 01:52 AM
. Re: [Game start] Pause the cmd window?

No, when MAME gets an error the cmd prompt window closes (MAME normal behavior). Are you sure you have all ROMs ? try rescanning the game in EL again. ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 06/27/17 11:48 PM
. Re: Mame/Mess - How to setup --software list-games--?

just create sub-folders with the same name of the software list files from mamedir\hash\ folder inside your ROMs folder and put all console/computer g ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 06/27/17 11:43 PM
. Re: MAME 186 and Portaudio

Does it delete old settings that are no longer valid ?
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 06/19/17 03:30 PM
. Re: Ok, probably a laughable request, but...

ask all you want, like I did several times before... and they will keep ignoring you. External wav samples will never be added back to those games. Th ...
EmuChat CiroConsentino 06/15/17 02:32 PM
. Re: Accidents happen :(

Went thru surgery in the Rotator cuff yesterday. One tendon completely ruptured and the other partially ruptured. I now have 2 titanium pins in my sho ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 06/14/17 08:17 PM
. Re: Accidents happen :(

>> hope you have a speedy recovery! Me too, thanks.
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 06/02/17 08:13 PM
. Re: MAME 186 and Portaudio

>> Personally i prefer editing mame.ini manually instead of through a frontend I prefer that too. Some settings I never change and others are a ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 06/02/17 02:39 PM
. Re: MAME 186 and Portaudio

Yes, I know. I've been working these past few months on merging EmuCon into Emu Loader and that broke quite a few things in the frontend. Still a bunc ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 06/02/17 02:01 AM
. Accidents happen :(

I had an accident a few weeks back, and two of my shoulder tendons got seriously damaged. Can't lift my arm ... but at least I feel no pain. I'm goin ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 06/02/17 02:00 AM

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