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. Re: Marble Madness 2 ?

Has there been any further developments on Marble Man? D
News Doosh 09/10/17 12:47 PM
. Re: Williams Predators Prototype

Has Marble Man been dumped? D
EmuChat Doosh 09/10/17 12:44 PM
. Marble Madness 2 ?

> Yeah I've seen a few come off my personal list in recent years: > > Angler Dangler > Manhattan > Delta Command (NY Warriors) > Aa ...
News Doosh 03/31/17 02:18 PM
. Re: Laserdisc Games

Hi What is the latest news on laser disc games being emulated in mame? Is dragon's lair actualy playable in mame now? D
MAME Artwork: Official Doosh 04/30/14 11:51 PM
. Re: MAME 0.146

> > So has the official word been given to convert chds to v5? > > You can if you want to, but don't just blindly batch it - a large chu ...
News Doosh 05/21/12 11:19 PM
. Re: MAME 0.145u8

" - Started adding support for scrolling reel displays, currently text only, but should be pretty easy to get graphics in there and add different ...
News Doosh 05/14/12 10:18 PM
. Re: MAME 0.145u1

Can someone please post detailed instructions on how to update/convert an entire current CHD directory which is version 4 to another CHD directory whi ...
News Doosh 02/20/12 09:20 PM
. Re: clrmamepro 4.03 - How To Rebuild CHD's

Roman, Just to verify, can you confirm you cannot use clrmamepro version 4.03 in any way to update CHD's from version 4 to version 5.
News Doosh 02/20/12 09:08 PM
. Is there a list of games that work on FB and not on MAME?

Is there a list of games available that work on FB but not on MAME? If so where can I find the list. D.
News Doosh 10/15/11 09:46 PM
. Marble Man Status?

Hello, Would anyone know what the status of the emulation of the game 'Marble Man' (Marble Madness 2) in Mame is? I recall only a few copies of the ...
EmuChat Doosh 10/24/10 07:11 AM
. Status on Dragon's Lair in Mame

Hello, A while back (years ago), I read a WIP on some post there was progress being made to get Dragon's Lair emulated on Mame. I believe it was some ...
EmuChat Doosh 10/17/10 12:18 AM
. Re: CHD Utility - HELP required

Hi, Can anyone assist with the problem I have with the CHD Utility posted? I've attempted to run the CHD utility but without luck, and I hope someo ...
Programming Doosh 07/16/09 11:54 AM

Search results for query: Doosh (1 - 12 of 12)
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