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. Re: MAME Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr.

That'd be up to the devs. Since their goal is perfect 1:1 emulation, I don't see them trying to simulate the sounds to what people think should be mo ...
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 11/18/17 08:56 PM
. Re: MAME Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr.

a) that's a very old version of MAME. You should be using the most recent build (.191) b) this has been discussed before, in length. Ultimately th ...
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 11/17/17 08:06 PM
. Re: Bosconian bug?

As already stated, it's NOT broken. You have to wait a little while before the game starts. Works fine on my end on the latest build. Hit F10 if yo ...
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 11/06/17 12:36 AM
. Re: MAME gotta have Fix it Felix Jr.

Agreed!!! If you really want to play it, just play it through the website
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 11/01/17 06:25 PM
. Re: Mame Arcade Bezels?

Here is an easy link to all the artwork...
MAME Artwork X: Other Stuff Envisaged0ne 10/31/17 01:57 AM
. Re: Nintendo Switch has a hidden NES emulator

I was thinking the same thing. It would be expected that they'd run it through an emulator. That's pretty common practice now-a-days. I don't reall ...
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 09/17/17 06:06 PM
. Re: Solitaire Crashes TouchMaster 8000 on Mame

MESS was integrated into MAME quite a long time ago. At least several years
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 09/13/17 04:12 PM
. Re: DAPHNE - can't exit games

I'm a sweet angel O:)
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 09/12/17 04:37 PM
. Re: DAPHNE - can't exit games

10 Years ago? Amazing since I reply in those forums quite frequently, and there's been a lot of communication in the Dexter sub forums lately. The r ...
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 09/12/17 01:27 PM
. Re: DAPHNE - can't exit games

You should post this question in the Daphne forums. Under the New Topics sub-forums
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 09/12/17 01:03 AM
. Re: Ms. Pacman rom issue

The mspacman rom is not a speedhack version. That would be mspacmnf. The mspacman rom hasn't changed since version 0.185
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 09/12/17 01:02 AM
. Re: Simon (Rev A) artwork issue. *REVISED .lay*

The artwork isn't showing up anymore when I replace the lay file.
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 09/10/17 05:28 PM
. Re: Williams Predators Prototype

Marble Man? No it hasn't!
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 09/10/17 05:25 PM
. Problems with 1983 Atar Star Wars sounds

Hello, Using the latest .189 build, I noticed that there are a few problems with the sounds. Some of the sounds get cut off. For example, when Dart ...
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 09/02/17 08:35 PM
. Re: Capcom Is Re-Releasing Street Fighter II On A SNES Cartridge

Well said. I totally agree!
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 09/02/17 07:08 PM
. Re: Modified 0.189 build

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 09/02/17 01:08 AM
. Re: What work would need to be done to get more accurate vector shaders?

Thank you for the explanation!
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 08/31/17 07:39 PM
. Re: What work would need to be done to get more accurate vector shaders?

While this is a vague response, the dev's might enlighten you on what's fully involved - but the gist of what we've always been told is that the way M ...
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 08/31/17 06:38 PM
. Re: What is a good front end for a 4k monitor?

Ok, way off topic here, but I gotta ask. Your 1st screenshot, showing a snapshot of Asteroids Deluxe, is that being played through MAME? And if so, ...
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 08/29/17 04:56 AM
. Re: MAME opengl/bgfx/gdi and 'alt-tab'

Yeap, I can confirm this happens with me also. I'm running MAME 0.188. Not using any front-ends. When I try using OpenGL, I can't switch to other wi ...
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 08/24/17 08:51 PM
. Re: Turn off Malwarebytes before compiling MAME.

Dude, I've been using the paid version of Malaware bytes for about 4 years now and I've never had a problem compiling MAME while it's running
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 07/30/17 05:16 PM
. Re: Sound problems with Q*Bert and Gorf

I have to agree.
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 07/11/17 07:14 PM
. Re: Sound problems with Q*Bert and Gorf

I agree. I'm very supportive of MAME, but I'm really upset that they disabled the samples for those games, without getting the emulated sounds workin ...
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 07/11/17 06:41 PM
. Re: Dear MAME Devs

Yes MAME devs. Stop everything you've done for us...offering your hard FREE work that you do in your spare time, to give us this amazing emulator so ...
MAME Artwork: Official Envisaged0ne 06/22/17 02:12 AM
. Re: Xbox emulation on PC

Or you can just to the Network & Internet settings in Windows 10 and enable Metered Connection
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 06/19/17 02:58 AM

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