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. Re: What year would you say MTV jumped the shark?

I’d move it up sooner, to 1987 with the launch of its first non-music related program, the gameshow “Remote Control.” The novelty of watching music ...
The Loony Bin Gatinho 03/16/18 06:47 PM
. Re: About that bridge........

> It seems like there should've been some support on the ends... I read an article today that said the bridge was not done. It’s final design inc ...
The Loony Bin Gatinho 03/16/18 06:22 PM
. Gets even crazier with 3D printing

The Loony Bin Gatinho 03/16/18 03:43 AM
. I got lost on the highway today.

My exit was not found.
The Loony Bin Gatinho 03/16/18 03:19 AM
. Re: I guess I'm going to throw away a printer every time I need new ink

I've heard people say that before, that it's cheaper to buy a new printer than to buy ink. Here's a link to printers with ink tanks instead of cartri ...
The Loony Bin Gatinho 03/15/18 03:14 AM
. RIP on this pi day

The Loony Bin Gatinho 03/14/18 04:04 PM
. Re: "...the moon isn't what you think." video

> About the astronauts finding alien > bodies and a ship somewhere on the moon, but being ordered to keep quiet about it. > Sounds cool af, b ...
The Loony Bin Gatinho 03/13/18 03:26 PM
. Re: Astronomer finds ‘proof’ of faked moon landings...

>ISRO already showed pretty definitive imaging of the tracks left by the lunar rover. >Then there are the images returned by the Lunar Reconnais ...
The Loony Bin Gatinho 03/12/18 09:42 PM
. Re: Astronomer finds ‘proof’ of faked moon landings...

My Dad worked for NASA during the moon landings. NASA, for PR purposes, would do well to send a satellite over the landing site and get pictures of th ...
The Loony Bin Gatinho 03/12/18 05:31 PM
. Re: You're not right

Oh. Maybe I should have watched more than the first minute. I saw him calling “Windows Tech Support” and called it off after that. Just wasn’t ready t ...
The Loony Bin Gatinho 03/08/18 02:06 AM
. That's not right >:(

He's not trolling cold-calling telemarketers (who deserve to be trolled)... HE called Windows tech support. He called them. So... he's wasting his ow ...
The Loony Bin Gatinho 03/07/18 07:42 PM
. Re: For the guitar players (and Classic Rock afficionados)

I'm just taking lessons.... can I get the tabs for those?
The Loony Bin Gatinho 03/05/18 12:54 AM
. Welcome to the Sea of Cinders

Plugging our way through this Minecraft map, rated as one of the top 6 maps of all time by Minecraft Magazine. In 40 hours of world-time play, we've ...
The Loony Bin Gatinho 03/03/18 08:13 PM
. Re: Any Bitcoin Billionaires here (or millionaires) ?

One of my best fruends from high school talked to me about buying bitcoin. Best I understood it, it was for buying in-game purchases, which I thought ...
The Loony Bin Gatinho 03/02/18 08:33 AM
. I was tricked into watching Kung Pow once.

... way to sober to fully appreciate it at the time. Bastards.
The Loony Bin Gatinho 02/28/18 11:06 PM
. Aziz knows all

The Loony Bin Gatinho 02/28/18 05:25 AM
. Re: married binner here

> But why is some antiquated nonsense in a church the only form of commitment... Did I mention a church? > If I ever tell a girl I want to be ...
The Loony Bin Gatinho 02/28/18 03:36 AM
. married binner here

If you are asking “whats in it for me” then, imho, you’re not ready for it. Until you are thinking “I dont care whats in it for me, Im committed to th ...
The Loony Bin Gatinho 02/28/18 01:48 AM
. Re: jeans today

> Is it wrong that I took this snap an hour after I completed a company e-training on > sexual harassment? I can't help myself. > > > ...
The Loony Bin Gatinho 02/07/18 05:55 AM
. Posted my first Minecraft map

Didn't know where was best to share it from, so I went with Planet Minecraft. web page
The Loony Bin Gatinho 01/31/18 05:03 AM
. Re: Ready Player One (ed: added more info)

I agree, I hope the movie does the book justice. MAMEWorld chatted about the book here. I hope they don't do to it what they did to Ender's Game wh ...
The Loony Bin Gatinho 01/23/18 12:02 AM
. Winner!

The Loony Bin Gatinho 01/22/18 11:05 PM
. That one of them new overlays?

Config in your broken.ini file.
The Loony Bin Gatinho 01/03/18 02:27 AM
. Deserves a "Like"

Thank you for this awesome tradition, and Merry Christmas!
The Loony Bin Gatinho 12/25/17 07:30 AM
. Re: Why do Americans pronounce solder as sodder?

Because for the same reason there is no "I" in team, but there is an "I" in pie. And there's an "i" in meat pie. Meat is ...
The Loony Bin Gatinho 12/11/17 08:07 AM

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