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. Re: Was the writer/director of The Last Jedi trolling us?

> The whole fucking movie is the troll. Perfectly stated in its entirety - every single thing JJ set up, Rian set on fire.
The Loony Bin JWJr 12/23/17 08:30 AM
. Re: Because US English is pretty stupid.

> Why the fuck is Arkansas pronounced Arkensaw? Because it's not, in any way, "US English".
The Loony Bin JWJr 12/12/17 12:55 AM
. Re: New Firefox browser.

> There appear to be 2 noteworthy forks, PaleMoon, which is based off an Ancient > version and seems very crappy with compatibility issues with ...
The Loony Bin JWJr 11/17/17 07:59 PM
. Xena & Gabrielle [nt]

The Loony Bin JWJr 11/01/17 04:36 AM
. Re: Blade Runner 2049 (no spoilers)

Thanks, Moogly. We're planning a mid-week group day to re-watch the original, grab some dinner, and then see the new one.
The Loony Bin JWJr 10/08/17 04:03 PM
. Schrödinger's Petty [nt]

The Loony Bin JWJr 10/03/17 06:36 AM
. Re: Replacement SSD just died with the same error

> I think the uncommon factor is video processing. I guess it's essentially an acid > test / stability test / life test for hard drives. I've al ...
The Loony Bin JWJr 09/10/17 12:55 AM
. Re: Replacement SSD just died with the same error

> The one I bought for my brother 3 years ago that died in under 2 was from a little PC > repair shop while I was on vacation in Nashville and I ...
The Loony Bin JWJr 09/09/17 06:56 PM
. Re: Replacement SSD just died with the same error

> Nothing else has died in years and years and my power supply is 2 years old, bought > from Fry's. Face it SSD drives are shit. I was doing 4K ...
The Loony Bin JWJr 09/09/17 03:34 PM
. Re: #AcronisTrueImage

> Or any other number of backup solutions. I can feel sorry for the person who just > happened to buy a computer to surf YouTube and knows nothi ...
The Loony Bin JWJr 08/30/17 05:29 PM
. Re: Binspirational quote..

> Never put the key > to your hapenis > in someone else's > clown pocket I believe that's all that's necessary...
The Loony Bin JWJr 05/05/17 05:13 AM
. Re: Wrong...

> The first thing to check in a mobile phone is that it doesn't say 'Apple' anywhere, > to avoid vendor lock-in (not that Android is much better ...
The Loony Bin JWJr 04/08/17 05:46 AM
. Re: Where'd the title "Camel Try" come from anyway.

> Currently looking at a similar group: > I was a beta tester for the ST version of Ai ...
The Loony Bin JWJr 03/08/17 10:53 PM
. Re: Pro Pinball Deluxe (actually free)

Barnstorm is in the process of fscking over the Kickstarters (like me) that made this project possible. None of the promised physical rewards have hap ...
The Loony Bin JWJr 03/02/17 06:13 PM
. Re: Why is Robot Chicken two 15-minute shows back-to-back totalling 30 minutes?

Each original RC was only 15 minutes. There hasn't been a new one since May, so what you're seeing now is back-to-back reruns.
The Loony Bin JWJr 01/26/17 07:42 AM
. Woot! *nt*

The Loony Bin JWJr 01/24/17 06:09 AM
. sells 4 different sizes [nt]

The Loony Bin JWJr 12/30/16 07:44 AM
. Re: Hats off to George Michael

Is 2016 over yet? Please?
The Loony Bin JWJr 12/26/16 03:21 AM
. Every morning... [nt]

The Loony Bin JWJr 11/24/16 06:59 AM
. Total Carnage [nt]

The Loony Bin JWJr 11/12/16 11:37 PM
. Re: I'd rather not...

> I completely agree with this. People who respect the four rules of firearm ownership > should absolutely be able to carry in order to quickly ...
Very Stable Genius JWJr 09/29/16 04:25 AM
. At last, they're coming back for you. Wait outside, especially if it's raining. [nt]

The Loony Bin JWJr 09/22/16 04:36 AM
. Re: Formative experiences - AKA: I found them!

> Alien is basically a monster movie. I always found the adult backdrop...and certainly > Bishop...more interesting. Bishop was in the first s ...
The Loony Bin JWJr 09/14/16 05:38 PM
. Re: Smoking kills pets!

> People should be able to kill themselves however they want. We are very quickly going > to get to the point where the earth can't sustain us a ...
The Loony Bin JWJr 09/04/16 05:44 AM
. Re: Double Feature Night at Gat's!

My son just got me the BR for Buckaroo for my birthday. Raised him right, apparently. Spoilers from the "making of": [your last chance to ...
The Loony Bin JWJr 09/04/16 05:42 AM

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