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. Re: Nintendo Switch has a hidden NES emulator

> Just wait for Virtual Console to officially ship. Virtual console is boring, it's just an emulator.
EmuChat John Doe 09/20/17 12:32 AM
. Re: Nintendo Switch has a hidden NES emulator

> Not really so hidden if the information is true :P If you have to hack a console and disassemble the code to find it, then it's pretty well hidd ...
EmuChat John Doe 09/20/17 12:31 AM
. Re: Nintendo Switch has a hidden NES emulator

> No, this is definitely "company that ships NES emulators in 4 form factors includes a > beta on a 5th". Almost completely uninterest ...
EmuChat John Doe 09/19/17 08:51 PM
. Re: Nintendo Switch has a hidden NES emulator

> I was thinking the same thing. It would be expected that they'd run it through an > emulator. That's pretty common practice now-a-days. I don' ...
EmuChat John Doe 09/18/17 09:50 AM
. Re: Street Fighter II USA 910204??? What's that?

> Not sure what you did not get in my post but let's make it step by step so you can > understand my point: > - So far, the 1st version to be ...
EmuChat John Doe 09/11/17 11:32 AM
. Re: Question about ALG driver status

> That's an interesting setup but it seems like it's still dependent on a > particular type of LD player. Also all that hacking about is concern ...
EmuChat John Doe 08/06/17 02:55 PM
. Re: Question about ALG driver status

> The thing is that while we're both in agreement that post-read processing (passive or > otherwise) doesn't create an ideal output signal, we d ...
EmuChat John Doe 07/22/17 07:47 AM
. Re: Question about ALG driver status

> There are loads of players with digital frame stores. The Pioneer CLD-D925, for > example, has an 8-bit digital signal path, just like the LDV ...
EmuChat John Doe 07/18/17 10:48 PM
. Re: Question about ALG driver status

> as well as video > codecs capable of preserving the video output in a way that can be read, manipulated, > and displayed true to the origin ...
EmuChat John Doe 07/18/17 08:58 PM
. Re: Question about ALG driver status

> Well if you cant trust a Blackmagic Decklink card, while it is a de facto standard in > every good post production house for capturing stuff, ...
EmuChat John Doe 07/17/17 08:30 AM
. Re: Question about ALG driver status

> ...After all, (almost) all of these games are everything but playable; Accurate emulation would be to display "out of order" 99% of th ...
EmuChat John Doe 06/23/17 05:57 PM
. Re: Question about ALG driver status

> I dont know what codec is used on that discs, but > in a worst case wouldnt it be enough to capture them in a lossless codec format? > bett ...
EmuChat John Doe 06/23/17 04:56 PM
. Re: Xbox emulation on PC

> there isn't any real control over what can and can't be applied outside of a > WSUS-managed update environment. If you use WSUS to control wh ...
EmuChat John Doe 06/20/17 02:19 AM
. Re: Shooting game kept alive and updated through operating systems for 21+ years

> Commodore ruled in the 16bit market at that time with their Amiga 500, but Sharp > would blown away them with X68000. In 1987 (according to t ...
EmuChat John Doe 06/19/17 03:03 PM
. Re: Xbox emulation on PC

> Or they add something that detects your legitimate disc and lets you play it. I don't > believe the readable portion in Xbox discs is the same ...
EmuChat John Doe 06/19/17 02:25 PM
. Re: Xbox emulation on PC

> I would pay money for an official Xbox emulator that let me play games on disc. That won't happen because you can't read xbox discs on your PC u ...
EmuChat John Doe 06/17/17 08:55 AM
. Re: Solved my own problem... "Run with graphics processor"

> it has > both integrated Intel graphics and GeForce 750M graphics, so I'm not sure why I > wouldn't be getting that option. if you run wit ...
EmuChat John Doe 06/12/17 09:29 AM
. Re: After Burner/Thunder Blade z80 ROMS with extended/melody music.

> (OutRun has extra music, too, made specifically for that release, but because it adds > additional tracks to the game, rather than the track-f ...
EmuChat John Doe 06/04/17 05:32 PM
. Re: Best Nintendo 64 emulator?

> Nope So if the original games aren't ugly but mame is ugly, then what is the difference?
EmuChat John Doe 05/09/17 08:46 AM
. Re: Best Nintendo 64 emulator?

> I have to agree. I think the way MAME renders 3D polygons is pretty ugly Do you think the original games are ugly too?
EmuChat John Doe 05/08/17 11:16 PM
. Re: Get Rid Of MAME Menu

> I know at least I was sniffing around the forums around MAME 0.35b1 and wasn't added You missed the mame + roms on a floppy era & no zip fil ...
EmuChat John Doe 04/23/17 07:04 PM
. Re: mame 0.171 -verifyroms does not always work

> Yeah, but it still can't verify that ROM properly on a 32-bit system, it just doesn't > crash any more. The happyfish set has a 4GB Flash ROM ...
EmuChat John Doe 03/30/17 12:26 PM

> Second of all if this shortcut was already known > about it certainly wasn't known about to the general public or to the guy who spent 2 > ...
EmuChat John Doe 03/30/17 12:23 PM
. Re: "Oh noes"

> The Pinball Construction Kit writeup is a good one, least not because even after > studying it he has no idea how it would even be possible to ...
EmuChat John Doe 03/29/17 05:21 PM
. Re: MAME is one of the few emulators that can't work at all with this app

> And before you say this is the case for ALL other emulators and games, I can assure > you it isn't, and if you don't take my word for it, just ...
EmuChat John Doe 03/15/17 08:44 PM

Search results for query: John Doe (1 - 25 of 43)
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