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. Re: Any millionaire die hard Atari fans out there with cash burning a hole in your pocket?

Dammit the title had me hoping we were finally going to get marbleman.
News JustNiz 03/10/18 04:04 AM
. Re: Model 2 WIP

Great news. There are multiple awesome games in that list. I've got many happy memories of much pocket money and many hours spent on Sega Rally Champ ...
News JustNiz 03/09/18 01:29 AM
. Re: USPS lost a ton of undumped games

What boards were in the boxes? Just so we can know what to look out for on ebay etc.
News JustNiz 01/02/18 08:00 PM
. Re: USPS lost a ton of undumped games

Very sorry to hear that, but come on guys it was beyond dumb to ship that stuff via USPS, especially having already been bitten before, and especially ...
News JustNiz 01/01/18 03:19 AM
. Re: DU Fundraiser: Insanely rare 1980s baseball game

Will this help Wing War emulation at all?
News JustNiz 12/24/17 02:05 AM
. Re: All Sega Model 2 chips have been decapped and identified

Is this true for all variants of Model2? (Model2A, Model2B and Model2C?).
News JustNiz 12/14/17 12:41 AM
. Re: DU: Hang on a second, junior

Amidar. Wow. Just goes to show that some oldies are still out there.
News JustNiz 12/05/17 02:33 AM
. Re: DU: Rare version of Death Crimson OX

Dreamcast or Naomi version?
News JustNiz 12/04/17 02:15 AM
. Re: Arbee WIP: Upcoming Apple II emulation fun and a little business

Maybe a dumb question but wouldn't emulating that mostly just consist of turning up the default emulation speed?
News JustNiz 11/04/17 05:34 AM
. Re: btw

I'm disappointed that in the May 2013 post and all of Haze's posts thereafter talking about future directions of work for MAME, there's absolutely no ...
News JustNiz 10/21/17 02:41 AM
. Re: DU: Rare Naomi pickup

Hi Sixtoe! Since you're reading this thread and this subject is already being discussed, please can you answer a question about the entries for (Naom ...
News JustNiz 09/26/17 04:54 AM
. Re: DarkFrontEnd V2.3

Is there really no English version?
News JustNiz 09/25/17 01:24 AM
. Re: DU: Rare Naomi pickup

>> is there any evidences this game was released for NAOMI ? System16 and may other game sites list it ...
News JustNiz 09/22/17 04:17 PM
. Re: DU: Rare Naomi pickup

Awesome. Would anyone care to comment on the likelihood of Naomi version of "F1 World Grand Prix" ever surfacing? ... or even the mythical ...
News JustNiz 09/17/17 01:28 AM
. Re: Rod-Land disassembled, reassembled, flipped on its head, slapped, spanked and lept into

This is the only video game at RodmanLand in N.Korea.
News JustNiz 07/04/17 07:09 PM
. Re: "Beats of Rage" getting ported to NeoGeo

Please don't add this romset to mame otherwise it will open the floodgates for any/all homebrew stuff. MAME is meant to be a historical archive of com ...
News JustNiz 03/31/17 09:58 PM
. Re: DU: Elevator Action Death Parade

Cheeky young whippersnapper. I used to play Elevator Action in the arcades a lot.
News JustNiz 02/24/17 06:04 PM
. Re: DU: Adventures in Atariland

While this new info is obviously useful for reference, is there anything left that uses slapstick and is still broken, (that this info will actually f ...
News JustNiz 02/10/17 06:47 PM
. Re: Multibowl: MAME Remix

Seriously whats the point in even telling us about this if its never going to be released. This just makes me think its probably just a faked up video ...
News JustNiz 10/19/16 06:42 AM
. Re: EMMA Italian Dumping Team & DU member dumps "Intergirl" but what the hell is Intergirl

> Looks to be a mahjongg / hanafuda / etc. type of game with the usual 'make the girl > get nekkid' gameplay. Oh jeez not ANOTHER one.
News JustNiz 07/25/16 04:15 AM
. Re: DU: Road Burners

Man those prices. $689 for dirt devils? wow. its just a model 3.
News JustNiz 05/10/16 07:45 AM
. Re: Galaxian3 'Project Dragoon' LD footage

ugh thanks for watermarking it. Not.
News JustNiz 04/30/16 05:50 PM
. Re: Beavis & Butthead arcade game restored

> Oh, they restored it - I am so excited... ...The real question is : > Is it dumped ? I'm hoping they do, but it wouldn't surprise me if this ...
News JustNiz 04/09/16 07:42 PM
. Re: DU: '96 Flag Rally

> > Looks like its basically a Route 16 remake? > > No, it's a remake of Namco Rally X. Yes thats a better comparision. I had that in m ...
News JustNiz 02/11/16 07:25 PM
. Re: DU: '96 Flag Rally

Looks like its basically a Route 16 remake?
News JustNiz 02/10/16 07:16 PM

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