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. Re: btw

I'm disappointed that in the May 2013 post and all of Haze's posts thereafter talking about future directions of work for MAME, there's absolutely no ...
News JustNiz 10/21/17 02:41 AM
. Re: DU: Rare Naomi pickup

Hi Sixtoe! Since you're reading this thread and this subject is already being discussed, please can you answer a question about the entries for (Naom ...
News JustNiz 09/26/17 04:54 AM
. Re: DarkFrontEnd V2.3

Is there really no English version?
News JustNiz 09/25/17 01:24 AM
. Re: DU: Rare Naomi pickup

>> is there any evidences this game was released for NAOMI ? System16 and may other game sites list it ...
News JustNiz 09/22/17 04:17 PM
. Re: DU: Rare Naomi pickup

Awesome. Would anyone care to comment on the likelihood of Naomi version of "F1 World Grand Prix" ever surfacing? ... or even the mythical ...
News JustNiz 09/17/17 01:28 AM
. Re: Rod-Land disassembled, reassembled, flipped on its head, slapped, spanked and lept into

This is the only video game at RodmanLand in N.Korea.
News JustNiz 07/04/17 07:09 PM
. Re: "Beats of Rage" getting ported to NeoGeo

Please don't add this romset to mame otherwise it will open the floodgates for any/all homebrew stuff. MAME is meant to be a historical archive of com ...
News JustNiz 03/31/17 09:58 PM
. Re: DU: Elevator Action Death Parade

Cheeky young whippersnapper. I used to play Elevator Action in the arcades a lot.
News JustNiz 02/24/17 06:04 PM
. Re: DU: Adventures in Atariland

While this new info is obviously useful for reference, is there anything left that uses slapstick and is still broken, (that this info will actually f ...
News JustNiz 02/10/17 06:47 PM
. Re: Multibowl: MAME Remix

Seriously whats the point in even telling us about this if its never going to be released. This just makes me think its probably just a faked up video ...
News JustNiz 10/19/16 06:42 AM
. Re: EMMA Italian Dumping Team & DU member dumps "Intergirl" but what the hell is Intergirl

> Looks to be a mahjongg / hanafuda / etc. type of game with the usual 'make the girl > get nekkid' gameplay. Oh jeez not ANOTHER one.
News JustNiz 07/25/16 04:15 AM
. Re: DU: Road Burners

Man those prices. $689 for dirt devils? wow. its just a model 3.
News JustNiz 05/10/16 07:45 AM
. Re: Galaxian3 'Project Dragoon' LD footage

ugh thanks for watermarking it. Not.
News JustNiz 04/30/16 05:50 PM
. Re: Beavis & Butthead arcade game restored

> Oh, they restored it - I am so excited... ...The real question is : > Is it dumped ? I'm hoping they do, but it wouldn't surprise me if this ...
News JustNiz 04/09/16 07:42 PM
. Re: DU: '96 Flag Rally

> > Looks like its basically a Route 16 remake? > > No, it's a remake of Namco Rally X. Yes thats a better comparision. I had that in m ...
News JustNiz 02/11/16 07:25 PM
. Re: DU: '96 Flag Rally

Looks like its basically a Route 16 remake?
News JustNiz 02/10/16 07:16 PM
. Re: NAOMI Development BOOT ROM

Wait are you guys saying this is actually a hidden mode already in standard Naomi roms? (rather than a special rom that Sega only gave out to Naomi de ...
News JustNiz 12/04/15 04:10 PM
. MAME 0.167 - questions

Great job guys! I was prompted by this item in whatsnew.txt: "Add mockup playfield layouts for Playboy, PowerPlay and Matahari" to finally ...
EmuChat JustNiz 10/29/15 02:35 AM
. Re: DU: Crystal System Pimps

Yes he's clearly a cool guy and major benefit to the community. We should try to not discourage him. I must admit I can't help being impatient for a ...
News JustNiz 06/30/15 12:46 AM
. Re: DU: Crystal System Pimps

> PIC is a protection device so it's not dumpable by definition. Actually thats not quite true. When you program a PIC you can choose to make cer ...
News JustNiz 06/29/15 04:58 PM
. Re: DU: Tokyo Bus Guide

Would love to know was it expensive?
News JustNiz 06/14/15 05:34 AM
. Re: OK so we need a ton of money

I realise you're not saying the exact name of the game to prevent someone else from hijacking the auction, but I suggest if you at least gave some app ...
News JustNiz 05/29/15 04:24 AM
. Re: New Neo-Geo game being developed "KRAUT BUSTER"

Even as a person from a country that got pounded by the Nazis in WW2, I'm disgusted that this long after WW2 someone still thinks that such a racist t ...
News JustNiz 04/20/15 07:44 PM

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