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. Re: DU: Weekend Roundup

> Kale got NEW Moero!! Pro Baseball Homerun Derby running, thanks again to the > donators. > > ...
News Master O 01/15/18 03:09 AM
. Re: Update @ Haze's: Bad Touch ’96

> > > > Good Lord. That game look like a bootleg or prototype. > > Also ...
News Master O 01/06/18 06:15 AM
. Re: USPS lost a ton of undumped games

> There must be major differences in the way governments divvy out subsidies for mail. > Using anything other than USPS going USA to internation ...
News Master O 01/02/18 02:41 AM
. Re: USPS lost a ton of undumped games

> Very sorry to hear that, but come on guys it was beyond dumb to ship that stuff via > USPS, especially having already been bitten before, and ...
News Master O 01/02/18 02:30 AM
. Re: MC Hammer got dumped

> > > > > and G ...
News Master O 12/28/17 05:00 AM
. Re: DU Mini Fundraiser: $33 for Konami sluts

> Oops did I say sluts? I meant slots, Konami slots... Thanks to all the donators in > the Crazy Train Fundraisers. It is still going strong but ...
News Master O 12/23/17 04:54 AM
. Re: 2017 is almost over what do you expect in 2018

> Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone! > 2017 is a great year for Mame,2D emulation work almost have done,so what do you > expec ...
EmuChat Master O 12/22/17 06:01 AM
. Re: DU: Now you know and knowing is half the battle

> Opiates You speak from experience?
News Master O 12/18/17 05:26 AM
. Re: DU: Now you know and knowing is half the battle

> coolmod dumped GI Joe (version AA). Joe Magiera dumped an alternate bootleg of > Popeye. What's the other half of the battle? The battle it ...
News Master O 12/18/17 05:02 AM
. Re: The King of Fighters ’98: Ultimate Match HERO (PGM2)

> *Onslaught of annoying Hispanic and Brazilian rom k ...
News Master O 12/14/17 04:39 AM
. Re: I'm so broke I had my identity stolen and the thief felt sorry for me and gave it back

> > Something tells me we would not make a good comedy duo > > It's that expert Macedonian wit that you just don't understand, braj Th ...
The Loony Bin Master O 12/02/17 04:14 AM
. Re: Hibiscus mistaken for Marijuana, elderly couple falsely busted...

> Dude if I was that lady. I would go down to the police station in her underwear to > file charges on that one cop for grabbing on her. lol I ...
The Loony Bin Master O 11/19/17 07:33 PM
. Re: Kale is The King of Ping Pong

> Nice progress : If Kale is the King of Ping Pong, what arcade games are the other mamedevs Kings of?
News Master O 11/17/17 04:36 AM
. Re: DU: Some send-ins

> > I thought you retired from Mamedev. > > What does that have to do with pasting an old quote on an unofficial MAME-related > forum ...
News Master O 11/16/17 05:07 AM
. Re: DU: Some send-ins

> I asked him about it when the original prototype surfaced, and here's what he told > me: > > Yes, this was my game. Only ONE ever built ...
News Master O 11/10/17 04:39 AM
. Re: update WIP video

Oh, I thought this game was based off of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, but it's of course based off of Journey to the West.
News Master O 11/10/17 02:49 AM
. Re: Haze: Progress Post

> Mame is Cao Cao. PGM2's protection is Dong Zhuo.
News Master O 11/08/17 03:51 AM
. Re: Netflix cancels House of Cards due to Kevin Spacey being a pervert...

> It's because the guy was underage (14). But yeah there's hypocrisy all over > hollywood. Hypocrisy is an understatement. Hollywood's had th ...
Very Stable Genius Master O 11/07/17 04:02 AM
. Re: Songs that been played on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

> Roundabout > > > Walk Like an Egyptian > > > So far I heard. If there any others that I don't know about please share the v ...
The Loony Bin Master O 11/04/17 01:40 AM
. Re: List of Trump's impeachable offenses

> 34:32 - 38:30 > > > > That shows examples why he's horrible and shouldn't be allowed to breathe air, ...
Very Stable Genius Master O 11/04/17 01:37 AM
. Re: DU: Cave 1st Gen emulation accuracy project launch

> With many Cave games it is especially important to get extremely accurate emulation > because they were programmed with the pushed limitations ...
News Master O 10/27/17 02:48 AM
. Re: This is being worked on....

> > Phil Bennet is looking at this. > > Phil Bennett is looking at it too (or at least he will once he receives the PCB to > play wit ...
EmuChat Master O 10/23/17 02:11 AM
. Re: can mame emulate 4 ways joystick ?

> > ok now after I've played with the controler settings, configuring individual games > > and default options, I can't get working the 4 ...
EmuChat Master O 10/11/17 01:58 AM
. Re: Piss off at Apple right now.

> This is what always cracked me up, people bitched about Microsoft not being > inclusive and how it was so closed but people brag about Apple a ...
The Loony Bin Master O 09/20/17 03:04 AM
. Re: DU: The Gaelco preservation train keeps chugging along

> > So what? The US, as well as several other nations, have their own sports called > > Football. > > > > Get used to it. &g ...
News Master O 09/10/17 11:51 PM

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