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. Euro Stocker

> Bally Sente isn't known for any giant blockbuster game titles, but they have some > excellent titles to their list worth checking out. Agree ...
EmuChat MrGoodwraith 04/11/18 08:50 PM
. Re: Wow !

> Its an admirable approach but it seems > to me like the MAME devs should fudge it Why the hell should MAMEdevs "fudge" anything so ...
News MrGoodwraith 03/22/18 09:19 PM
. Re: CAPS0ff Update: Decap C016: GMS' MJ-DFMJ (PIC16F84)

Meh. Until the laser beams are mounted on sharks' heads, it won't truly be [air quotes and Dr. Evil voice] high technology [/air quotes and voice].
News MrGoodwraith 02/15/18 09:41 PM
. Re: blockout, jamma game

The screenshots in that post bill this as... Game Revival Presents BLOCKOUT A Tax Game ...whatever that means. Looks like a bootleg of an Arkanoid-s ...
EmuChat MrGoodwraith 01/20/18 06:59 PM
. Re: Prototype RCA Arcade Game from 1975 Dumped and Emulated

> The program data was found on an audio cassette at the Hagley Museum And Library That's a mighty robust audiocassette to still be playable 40+ y ...
News MrGoodwraith 01/18/18 05:36 PM
. Re: Flyer Fever Update

> > Commander not emulated! > > I didn't find it in MAME. Must be super hard to find to dump. "Sky Chuter" is emulated in MA ...
News MrGoodwraith 11/08/17 08:19 PM
. Re: Nichibutsu Owl logo T

> Get well, dude. [...] When you get back to > financial solvency, shoot me a PM and I'll have my buddy > screen one up for you. Thanks and ...
MAME Artwork X: Other Artwork Projects MrGoodwraith 10/12/17 09:39 PM
. Re: Nichibutsu Owl logo T

Sorry, pong -- I meant to get an order in, but on the same day that I asked my question about the black and gold design, I went into the ER with a bra ...
MAME Artwork X: Other Artwork Projects MrGoodwraith 10/11/17 07:06 PM
. Re: Nichibutsu Owl logo T

The bigcartel site lists all of your sizes of the Next Level shirts as being "Next Level Tri-blend". The writeup that follows says this in ...
MAME Artwork X: Other Artwork Projects MrGoodwraith 09/23/17 03:33 AM
. Re: Verrrrry interesting

>> When PA-based Black Box bought CA-based MENU Small correction: MENU was based in Colorado, not California. Though I would love to know how M ...
EmuChat MrGoodwraith 09/13/17 11:01 PM
. Re: Verrrrry interesting

> One question maybe worth asking: "How did they go about finding the various > companies and each company's Apple II software products?&qu ...
EmuChat MrGoodwraith 09/08/17 10:09 AM
. Re: Verrrrry interesting

> I am sure one of your former colleagues will recall that book... It took most of the morning, but one of my Black Box coworkers indicated that s ...
EmuChat MrGoodwraith 09/07/17 09:09 PM
. Verrrrry interesting

> menu-1990-software-information-apple-ii > by Black Box Corporation, MENU > > Publication date 1990 > > "12,000 listings for ...
EmuChat MrGoodwraith 09/07/17 05:58 AM
. Pursuing the OT item mentioned here

> o/t: Pitt Pirates walk off 10th inning HR to beat Dodgers (1 to 0) to end the Dodger > pitcher's no hit game was outstanding. I don't recall e ...
News MrGoodwraith 08/25/17 08:35 PM
. Re: DU: May the 4th be with you

> He's using some program where it completely changes > every number every time. There is no range. Wow, that's some utterly troggish trolling ...
News MrGoodwraith 05/05/17 08:20 PM
. Re: CAPS0ff News: Decap #145 - Croupier

> > But I want to always win when I gamble! > > Well... Operators and owners clearly NOT. I disagree. Operators and owners want to alway ...
News MrGoodwraith 05/05/17 08:17 PM
. Re: DU: May the 4th be with you

> stop posting here. Is it possible to ban the IP range that this ankle-biter connects from?
News MrGoodwraith 05/05/17 08:16 PM
. Re: Here's a straight Mame Logo shirt idea.

Having enforced trademarks in documentation for a couple of decades now, I'll respond to this. When an organization owns a trademark, they have to def ...
News MrGoodwraith 03/17/17 12:47 AM
. Re: DU: MAME 20th Anniversary Party

It's been over a dozen years since I was actually on the MAME team, but I've never stopped following this forum. My thanks and congratulations to ever ...
News MrGoodwraith 02/08/17 07:09 PM
. Re: What's this Sky Skipper Project?

Looks like they're trying to create authentic, accurate reproductions of the original prototype Sky Skipper machine. More power to them!
EmuChat MrGoodwraith 10/31/16 09:07 PM
. Re: Most popular video game the year you were born.

I have no idea which arcade game was the most popular in the year 1967, but two of the arcade games released in 1967 that seem to be the most popular ...
EmuChat MrGoodwraith 10/27/16 04:57 PM
. Re: DU: Ocean To Ocean

> Well I could have chosen better words. I'll leave it at that. K. ;-) BTW, whatever happened to the (IIRC) "Hellow Gateball" and othe ...
News MrGoodwraith 10/06/16 05:12 PM
. Re: DU: Ocean To Ocean

> one of the last remaining undumped Deco Cassette games. Is it really? I'm pretty sure that at least thirteen known or suspected titles in the se ...
News MrGoodwraith 10/05/16 08:14 PM
. Re: Update: Got donation from Mr. Goodwraith

> You'll be there in time to see Pens raise the Stanley Cup banner in a few weeks when regular season begins. No, unfortunately I won't. I moved f ...
News MrGoodwraith 09/26/16 10:15 PM
. Re: Update: Got donation from Mr. Goodwraith

You (and MAME/MESSdom in general) are welcome. Although I'm not able to donate more often than once in a blue moon, I still follow some of these messa ...
News MrGoodwraith 09/26/16 07:30 PM

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