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. Re: Billy Mitchell's Direct Feed Recordings are MAME Generated

If anyone isn't up to date on the DK world record stuff, this should get you caught up.
News PoorKenny 02/03/18 08:17 PM
. Re: USPS lost a ton of undumped games

> Well, USPS has demonstrated itself to be unreliable, so there might not be much of a > choice. Over the last 20 years I've sent thousands of ...
News PoorKenny 01/02/18 07:19 AM
. Re: New fba4droid 1.74 1206 2016

This seems relevant:;CNDID=31938135
News PoorKenny 12/09/16 11:23 PM
. Re: Anyone get shaders like 5xBR or xBRZ to work with MAME 0.177?

EmuChat PoorKenny 09/25/16 05:53 PM
. Re: Skins Game WIP (Ted Green)

I've never played it but I'm assuming Skins Game is the NBA Jam of golf games. Yes? Very glad to hear The Grid is getting some love. I've always want ...
News PoorKenny 07/30/16 12:16 AM
. Re: Congrats...

> I hope all of you fawning, doe-eyed fans who are making heartfelt "OMG plz don't go > Haze " posts realize that you're completely pl ...
News PoorKenny 05/10/16 12:45 AM
. Re: I think this should be added to MESS.

> > This game is a perfect candidate for HBMAME, not MAME... > > If it's being use on hardware (as suggested) it's eligible for MAME, we ...
EmuChat PoorKenny 05/07/16 11:42 PM
. Re: HBMAME 0.170

> - [umk3te2] Ultimate Mortal Kombat III Tournament Edition 2.0.035 Excellent! Thank you!
News PoorKenny 01/29/16 01:29 AM
. Re: HBMAME 0.169

> > Does this include the latest UMK3:TE? > > I've just downloaded the patch for 2.0.035, so hopefully it will be in the next > versi ...
News PoorKenny 01/01/16 05:04 AM
. Re: HBMAME 0.169

Does this include the latest UMK3:TE?
News PoorKenny 12/31/15 03:09 AM

At the risk of being labeled an anti-SJW muppet, I thought I'd share this... While I don't entirely agree with it, it does make some good points.
The Loony Bin PoorKenny 12/12/15 09:52 PM
. Re: and there went my morning....

> > > There went my morning.... They actually give me credit for something I discovered in the SNES versio ...
The Loony Bin PoorKenny 10/19/14 04:52 AM
. Re: New DK record announced

> Donkey Kong is a great game and a classic. That is undisputed. However I have a > genuine question to you all... > > Why doesn't Pac-ma ...
News PoorKenny 09/07/14 09:27 AM
. Re: Top 10 favorite Beat Em Ups of all time?

> 8. Undercover Cops Undercover Cops would also be in my top 10. I was very disappointed when the SNES port was never released in the US.
EmuChat PoorKenny 08/05/14 02:29 AM
. Re: How I do to play this Mario kart-games?

There is a Triforce fork of Dolphin that has GP2 running. Not sure if GP1 is running yet, haven't checked for a new version in a while.
EmuChat PoorKenny 07/29/14 03:42 AM
. Re: We aim to please. Usually -nt

The Loony Bin PoorKenny 07/19/14 06:42 PM
. Re: Newbie MAME Question

QMC2 is popular around here. Takes a bit more to set up than MAMEUI but it isn't exactly rocket science. There's a fairly thorough guide available i ...
EmuChat PoorKenny 07/09/14 02:20 AM
. Re: Gov. Rick Perry says homosexuality is a disease like alcoholism...

>It's like turning the work instead of > the drill bit. Like...
The Loony Bin PoorKenny 06/13/14 04:59 AM
. Re: Play as "Real" Jade Mortal Kombat II Arcade

EmuChat PoorKenny 05/01/14 12:26 AM
. Re: Diggers find hundreds of Atari’s infamous E.T. game cartridges in New Mexico landfill

Things don't change much in landfills. Very little air gets to the stuff that's buried so they decompose very, very slowly. They're like smelly, dirty ...
The Loony Bin PoorKenny 04/27/14 07:14 AM
. The hunt for E.T. Just heard about this. Will be interesting if they actually find anything.
The Loony Bin PoorKenny 04/25/14 12:46 AM
. Re: I just had an awesome business idea... and I share it here for free!

Lego has so many different style blocks in so many different colors that it would be nearly impossible for them to do it right in a store setting. You ...
The Loony Bin PoorKenny 03/20/14 03:04 AM
. Re: UnMAMEd update

Welp, it's official. I'm completely blind. Don't know how I missed that.
News PoorKenny 02/03/14 02:43 AM
. Re: UnMAMEd update

Not sure if Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Wave Net is worth a mention or not. It's mentioned on Wikipedia under "Release" and, IIRC, it was also ...
News PoorKenny 02/02/14 10:10 PM
. Re: MESS on steroids...

I haven't used MESS in at least 10 years but with all this recent progress I think I'm going to have to give it a fresh look. > Yes i leave you al ...
News PoorKenny 04/23/13 05:37 AM

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