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. Completely wrong. PC games and emulators are not affected.

I ran before and after GTA V benchmarks and there was no change. Similarly, MAME shows no measurable change. Benchmarks by various PC hardware sites ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 01/05/18 03:04 PM
. Re: xBRZ shaders in BGFX

> Since there was little interest in the xBRZ shaders in BGFX, > I went back to using the xBRZ shaders in GLSL. I don't even use BGFX anymore. & ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 01/04/18 08:41 PM
. Re: xBRZ shaders in BGFX

> BGFX is broken on the 0.193. MooglyGuy told me while back don't use it. BGFX is broken for games with certain kinds of artwork in 0.193 (mostly ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 01/04/18 08:41 PM
. Re: Namco System 11/12 Bootup and Tekken 3

Most System 12 games supported both 15 kHz JAMMA hookup and 31 kHz JVS hookup. MAME emulates the JAMMA standard for games that allow it, and JVS for ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 12/25/17 01:53 AM
. Re: Is TeknoParrot discussion allowed?

> This is true, despite the author hashtagging #realemulation against Lindbergh > *rollseyes* Recent versions of Windows 10 have built-in Linu ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 12/25/17 12:35 AM
. Re: 2017 is almost over what do you expect in 2018

> I have a feeling 2018 will be a quiet year (as 2017 was a very busy year, an > astonishing number of hardware problems were overcome meaning t ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 12/23/17 05:26 AM
. Re: 2017 is almost over what do you expect in 2018

> This may be asking for too much but.......attempt to crack the "MagicGate" security > dongle so we are able to emulate the Namco Sys ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 12/23/17 05:04 AM
. Re: Ataribox preorders set to open Dec. 14

> Atari plans to open preorders for its Ataribox home console this Thursday : > And ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 12/14/17 06:45 PM
. Re: All Sega Model 2 chips have been decapped and identified

> The only thing that we can do > with the information that those four chips are gate arrays is know that there's > nothing further to be don ...
News R. Belmont 12/14/17 06:27 PM
. Re: How to run beatmaina iidx like this video?

> I modify source code from that,but it dosen't work.someone can tell me how?Thanks for > the help. video link// ...
Programming R. Belmont 12/07/17 11:49 PM
. Re: How to us TAB key on windows 10 tablet for ROM directory in MAME

MAME does not offer any kind of touch support at present. You will need to plug in a USB keyboard to play the games and access the menus.
Hardware R. Belmont 12/07/17 11:44 PM
. Re: MAME Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr.

> Thank you for the answer. Much appreciated. > > Which MAME emulator do you recommend I use for my Hyperspin Barcade since mine is > ver ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 11/17/17 09:44 PM
. Re: Cobra Command - CHD minimum requirements?

> Except Cobra Command. I get the boot screen (and wait 60 seconds), but what i get > after that is a white screen with a big yellow blob (where ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 11/13/17 06:44 PM
. Re: Replacement Apple //e keyboard

> (My old one is toast btw [not repairable], the case & everything else is fine, just > need a good working keyboard.) You can either find ...
Hardware R. Belmont 11/10/17 10:53 PM
. Re: Apple Macintosh and Analog joysticks

> TY for planning on supporting USB Joysticks in Mame using a Mac core... however, I > can't even get to the point where I could do anything. Y ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 11/06/17 04:49 AM
. Re: How much of a boost would I get going from a 2500k to a 8600k both OC'ed to 4.7GHz ?

> 20-30% boost, would be my guess ? My 6700K at stock clocks gives a bit better performance than my 4.8 GHz OCed 2600K did, on about 1/4th the po ...
Hardware R. Belmont 11/06/17 04:45 AM
. Re: Apple Macintosh and Analog joysticks

> Question 1: When it comes to System 7.x or 8.x, can I choose anything more powerful > than maciicx or is that still the only mame core that su ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 11/03/17 09:02 PM
. Re: MAME 0.191

> Also curious whether any of this work might impact SH2 emulation as well - it would > be interesting to see Saturn/32X speed improvements too ...
News R. Belmont 10/29/17 03:45 AM
. Re: A question about the console 'DivX' flavours

I'm not aware of any commercial console games using DivX Corporation files or decoders. PSX had it's not-quite-MPEG1 format, PS2 and I think Xbox had ...
Programming R. Belmont 10/22/17 02:01 AM
. Re: Recommendations for (close to) stock systems?

> As Aaron is likely to be doing tasks that make use of more than 2 cores (such as > compiling) then the dual core i3 *really* isn't going to cu ...
Hardware R. Belmont 10/12/17 05:00 PM
. Re: Recommendations for (close to) stock systems?

> So my desktop system is now over 7 years old and I figure it might be time to invest > in something that can do better on the more heavy-duty ...
Hardware R. Belmont 10/11/17 06:00 PM
. Re: Recommendations for (close to) stock systems?

> Interesting you mention not caring about the video card, because there's been a fair > bit of talk over the year of how MAME could use them, a ...
Hardware R. Belmont 10/11/17 05:47 PM
. Re: New Apple II Game "Lawless Legends" Nearing Completion

> The question is why anyone would actually want a game in this age to look and feel > anything like The Bard's Tale. At least 33,741 people a ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 10/06/17 02:03 PM
. Re: can mame emulate 4 ways joystick ?

> Thanks for the reply. > I agree nothing replaces a real 4 ways stick, but still, emulation would be a starter > > > I can't find th ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 10/06/17 01:59 PM
. Re: Choosing a Linux distro is more troublesome than ever

> And then what? I get used to one flavor on my desktop while a completely different > one is more suited for me to play around with on my Raspb ...
The Loony Bin R. Belmont 10/06/17 04:24 AM

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