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. Re: Vrc6 emulation for Castlevania 3?

MAME doesn't yet support the VRC6 sound, just the mapper functions of the chip. The available documentation all contradicts each other and I couldn't ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 06/21/18 03:43 PM
. Re: First emulated game?

> UPDATE 01: The information here confirms that it was released on Mac first: > > > 1994 J ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 06/15/18 05:16 PM
. Re: Went ahead and bought it on Steam

> I must say that I like it. Feels/plays like a 8-bit Castlevania but the controls > don't feel as stiff, if that makes sense. Graphics could be ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 05/30/18 07:49 PM
. Re: War: Final Assault crash in first person view but can't find the error log.

> Hope no other regression in other voodoo based games occur from this change. There > may be more to come. Not that anyone's reported.
EmuChat R. Belmont 05/30/18 07:45 PM
. Re: DU: The great laserdisc flood

> Cool. What video format can be expect ? MPEG-2, AVI, MPEG-4, AVC, DivX, Xvid... None of those. In more detail: lossy, inflexible, lossy, loss ...
News R. Belmont 05/16/18 10:44 PM
. Re: DU: The great laserdisc flood

> No mention of Galaxian3? It is far, far too early to complain about specific titles. Your post is roughly like showing up circa 1935 when elec ...
News R. Belmont 05/16/18 10:39 PM
. Re: DU: War Mission

That disk looks rough, and KryoFlux can't do any error detection on the read (it doesn't know the format) so crossing my fingers.
News R. Belmont 05/11/18 08:56 PM
. Re: gregf posed for the title screen pic

> Some of the colors are wrong in the emulation. Much of the red is supposed to be dark > blue or black. So you're saying it's not gregf?
News R. Belmont 05/11/18 08:45 PM
. Re: SG1000/SC-3000 Lode Runner will not start

> Now command: > > mame sg1000 -window ldrun > > starts the Lode Runner game using SG1000. Right, which is one reason the software ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 05/11/18 08:36 PM
. Re: Emulators not running on MAC OS High Sierra!

MAME definitely works on High Sierra; I develop it on a MacBook running the latest developer beta. Do you have the latest SDL2 framework? There was ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 05/07/18 10:29 PM
. Re: Better than reality: New emulation tech lags less than original consoles

> That's something I've been wondering myself for a while. I mean, some older systems > are emulated unthrottled even at %1000 and we are past 7 ...
News R. Belmont 04/20/18 05:55 PM
. Re: Miracle Piano emulation

> Official windows x64 0.196 binaries on Windows 7 x64. > USB-MIDI device is some sort of generic no-name thing I got given as a gift. > The ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 04/19/18 10:48 PM
. Re: It's official- Twin Galaxies dumps Mitchell's scores, bans him

> and his asshole response > You're being manipulated by the movie. Like all " ...
News R. Belmont 04/19/18 10:43 PM
. Re: Miracle Piano emulation

> Tried that, MIDI input works (and the Miracle software picks up the inputs) but > output just prints "MIDI out: packet assembly overflow, ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 04/16/18 09:41 PM
. Re: I live.. AGAIN. What year is it?

> Sega Chihiro/Triforce No change. > Bemani No change. > 573 Digital No change. > Twinkle Games are playable now, but lag makes it ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 04/12/18 04:49 PM
. Re: Donating an entire set of GameWave discs to MAME

> USA I think my friend is willing to pay for shipping to someone in the states. We > just need to know where to send We're narrowing it down. ...
Hardware R. Belmont 04/04/18 04:36 PM
. Re: Sure is taking his time with it....

> I'm still waiting on a game Kickstarted in 2012- SpaceVenture from the Two Guys from > Andromeda (original programmers of the Space Quest game ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 03/27/18 03:50 AM
. Re: Wow !

> Are these now playable in MAME? What's the difference in game playability to the > Model 2 emulator would you say its just as good? These ar ...
News R. Belmont 03/23/18 09:28 PM
. Re: Model 2 Wippie Wipperton

> The challenge is runs 8 instances in a same pc using mame and m2 emulator Fortunately you don't have to; over a LAN works well too
News R. Belmont 03/23/18 09:27 PM
. Re: Wow !

> No. Sega and other 3D hardware-emulated graphics generally look very poor in MAME > compared to the real hardware and other emus, even old one ...
News R. Belmont 03/23/18 09:24 PM
. Re: Donating an entire set of GameWave discs to MAME

> Hi guys, myself and another friend have an entire set of ZAPiT GameWave roms that we > dumped to redump ...
Hardware R. Belmont 03/23/18 09:19 PM
. Re: MAMEinfo 0.196GIT (r94403)

> Also, your MAMEinfo file is really useless, unless you're aiming for comedy. Your > categorisation of just about every single one of my change ...
Very Stable Genius R. Belmont 03/19/18 09:21 PM
. Re: Random Emulation Questions - Names/SWL/Systems/MAME

> 3.) So by default on the AES version of Metal Slug you aren't able to toggle blood? > Or It's just that in MAME you'll need the Universe BIOS ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 03/13/18 04:49 PM
. Re: taito_en sound issue

> Lines 202-203 of taito_en.cpp are: > > MCFG_CPU_ADD("esp", ES5510, XTAL(10'000'000)) // ES5510 Clock is unverified > MCFG_DEV ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 03/11/18 11:02 PM
. Re: Random Emulation Questions - Names/SWL/Systems/MAME

> 2.) Does MAME SWL not save individual game controller Cfg files? Seems when I change > my controls in one game, they stick to the next game an ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 03/11/18 10:58 PM

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