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. Re: emphatic +1

Yeah it tanked at the box office. 31.5 mil opening weekend is pretty sad especially for a movie like this. Haven't seen it yet, I'll wait for DV ...
The Loony Bin Renegade 10/10/17 05:52 AM
. Re: Capt. Briney & Salty

Hey now! Capt. Kangaroo had a sidekick! His name was Mr. Greenjeans! And yes I'm that old...
The Loony Bin Renegade 09/23/17 09:58 PM
. Re: Piss off at Apple right now.

This is what always cracked me up, people bitched about Microsoft not being inclusive and how it was so closed but people brag about Apple and it' ...
The Loony Bin Renegade 09/20/17 02:42 AM
. Re: DU: Rare Naomi pickup

> > > Ordyne dumped a dev/proto/early version of Shoot Out Pool Prize Ver B. > > > > What is -P and that one writing on that st ...
News Renegade 09/15/17 07:06 PM
. Re: CLRMAMEpro 4.033 released

Thank you Roman for the last 20 yrs and for making my life easier!! I've used it since almost day one and hope to see you continue for another 20 ...
News Renegade 09/04/17 02:49 AM
. Re: Anyone else have trouble with the forums loading?

Yeah same here, I just blame smitdogg, hell everything is his fault, makes my day go by smoother.
The Loony Bin Renegade 08/02/17 10:53 PM
. Re: Gay of Thrones

> I find I dislike it for the exact same reason. Every plot line just sprawls across a > ton of episodes, and the overall pacing is absolutely ...
The Loony Bin Renegade 08/02/17 10:51 PM
. Re: Gay of Thrones

I've kept up with it personally. One thing to know is that the first couple episodes of each season are slow, they use them to set up everything go ...
The Loony Bin Renegade 08/02/17 05:26 AM
. Re: Pics of AtariBox are revealed !

Sega master system has love child with Atari 2600 and this is what happens
EmuChat Renegade 07/19/17 02:11 AM
. Re: The Return of the Japump

> > If I had to do this type of work with public scrutiny like this, I would have quit > a > > long time ago. > > Welcome to th ...
News Renegade 06/19/17 03:57 AM
. damn you Nintendo! Now I'm hooked!

The girlfriend picked up a Nintendo switch and zelda. Now I have never really been a zelda fan but I got to playing it on the switch and I'm hooke ...
The Loony Bin Renegade 05/31/17 07:16 PM
. Re: So long Roger Moore- the James Bond of my youth

> > > The only consent it has is the actors and writers consented to making a pile of > > shit. > > > > > > Probably ...
The Loony Bin Renegade 05/26/17 01:28 AM
. Re: So long Roger Moore- the James Bond of my youth

> I've never minded any of the Bond actors overall, just grandpa Connery in Never Say > Never Again. That movie is shit. Ironically, that ...
The Loony Bin Renegade 05/24/17 04:07 AM
. Re: So long Roger Moore- the James Bond of my youth

Man, what a hard question.... For being an asshole & not giving a damn, Sean Connery. For being cocky & pushing his luck, Roger Moor ...
The Loony Bin Renegade 05/23/17 10:55 PM
. Re: DU: Time for a Re-Volt

I still play it occasionally on my dreamcast. It can be a fun game just to pass time. Wish I had a wheel and pedals for my dreamcast
News Renegade 05/21/17 05:28 PM
. Re: DU: Another one for the Borg

I only watched it for "7 of 9". I always wanted to give her at least my "8 of my 9"
News Renegade 05/11/17 06:14 AM
. Re: Journey to the center of the earth

That's old news,been there done that, haven't they seen any of the movies?
The Loony Bin Renegade 04/09/17 02:41 AM
. Re: Ashley Graham, Baywatch pics

That's just wrong, I used to have a small affection for that red Baywatch bathing suit but it just died. No Baywatch suit should ever have to endu ...
The Loony Bin Renegade 03/12/17 02:16 AM
. looking for good simple mame frontend

hey gents, Im looking for a simple mame frontend, something that just shows a screen shot, uses the cat ver list, history dat etc. ...
EmuChat Renegade 03/05/17 03:48 AM
. Re: Every day on average 65 years of video is uploaded to YouTube

> Is that not fucked up? Fucked. Sad part is only about 2 yrs of it is worth watching !!
The Loony Bin Renegade 03/01/17 11:53 PM
. Re: DU: MAME 20th Anniversary Party

> From what I heard they copied it without getting permission and even used Astro Boy > music. I'm old enough that I used to actually watch ...
News Renegade 02/05/17 08:09 PM
. Re: Advertising has gotten to scary

> > > ...
The Loony Bin Renegade 01/18/17 02:40 AM
. Re: Uuuggghhhh!

> > > I'm just waiting patiently for the galspanic chips to make it thru the > process.... > > > > I'm calling it now: Those ...
EmuChat Renegade 12/31/16 04:37 AM
. Re: Uuuggghhhh!

> > btw: These two web pages/blogs will be the favorites for 2017....maybe 2018 as > well. > > > > ...
EmuChat Renegade 12/30/16 11:56 PM
. Re: AND now Debbie Reynolds, Singin' in the Rain star...

Sad, a double funeral for the family.. broken heart over carrie ?
The Loony Bin Renegade 12/29/16 04:59 AM

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