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. Re: 5 year old's touch sends on-loan sculpture crashing to floor. Kansas City bills parents 132K

Being in America, the family should get a lawyer and not admit anything. Also, anyone who thinks that piece of junk is worth more than a new car has ...
Very Stable Genius Robbbert 06/17/18 08:28 AM
. Re: 88890000a Error In Mame.

> I was going to simply try re-installing the sound drivers, but there's no internet > connection on my machine. Would maybe changing the sound ...
EmuChat Robbbert 06/16/18 06:22 AM
. Re: For Play Rally logic schematic pdf scans zip file

> Zip file contains both color and black/white scan images of For Play's Rally logic > schematics. 404 not found
EmuChat Robbbert 06/15/18 11:21 AM
. Re: Wubba lubba dub dub

The Loony Bin Robbbert 06/14/18 05:28 PM
. Re: Search Bar changed to "Search Games" panel

> To allow tool bar color customization I had to remove the "Search Bar" and replace it > by a simple button. Click on it and a new pa ...
Emu Loader Robbbert 06/13/18 09:59 AM
. Re: Server move

> We just had a server move and it looks like we lost some posts as a result so you > might need to repost some things. I didn't know it was hap ...
News Robbbert 06/13/18 09:49 AM
. Re: Mame Gives No Logs, PlzHlp!

> Im aware im not specifying a game to run. Im presently looking to capture the error > of "no game selected" to a log file when i run ...
EmuChat Robbbert 06/10/18 01:45 PM
. Re: my rompath line is too long (-> crash !)

> Missed this, so we just need a \software folder in the dist? Yeah, it's empty. Or you can include a dummy file if you think it would vanish.
MAMEUI & IV/Play Robbbert 06/10/18 02:22 AM
. Re: my rompath line is too long (-> crash !)

> Still not in MameUI 0.198 My package includes it. If John's doesn't then talk to him.
MAMEUI & IV/Play Robbbert 06/09/18 02:34 PM
. Re: Time to ditch Github I guess

> Microsoft Corp. has agreed to acquire GitHub Inc., the code repository company > popular with many software developers. Although there's no d ...
The Loony Bin Robbbert 06/06/18 08:29 AM
. Re: ARG!! its been along time and I need help

> long story short: old computer died, (win10). buy cheap used computer for now. > > Old computer duo core and win10 no problems setting up ...
EmuChat Robbbert 06/03/18 06:14 AM
. Re: Finger pointing

> The uploader has not made this video available in your country.
The Loony Bin Robbbert 06/03/18 12:26 AM
. Re: preliminary shots

> > perhaps Haze has Aspergers Egocentrism. > > Fixed ! I don't know what the disease is, but maybe some medical advice might help. Af ...
News Robbbert 05/30/18 01:51 PM
. Re: [Annc] MAMEUI64 .198 & icons/snaps released.

> > > Thanks to Robbbert for the .exe. Changelog for MAMEUI. - If your roms have a checksum error or the wrong ...
News Robbbert 05/30/18 08:54 AM
. ARCADE 0.198
News Robbbert 05/30/18 04:38 AM
. HBMAME 0.198 What's new in HBMAME ==================== 2018-05-30 0.198 ---------------- - Added missing bioses to Neogeo - HBM ...
News Robbbert 05/30/18 04:36 AM
. Re: Way to go, Roseanne!

> I don't know if it's an earnestly racist comment, or if she's lost in her character > and trying to be what she thinks her audience wants her ...
The Loony Bin Robbbert 05/30/18 12:59 AM
. Re: Doubt about NVRAM files

> Does it make any difference having NVRAM enabled? I see that some games generate > NVRAM files while others do not. What's the purpose of thes ...
EmuChat Robbbert 05/29/18 12:43 PM
. Re: props to N. Korea twitter account comedy staff writers

> > Talking about North Korea, it's obvious Trump doesn't want to go to any meeting, and > > > doesn't want an agreement with them. &g ...
Very Stable Genius Robbbert 05/25/18 05:05 PM
. Clrmamepro site forbidden? Forbidden You don't have permission to access /clrmamepro/ on this server. Links to the binaries still wor ...
The Loony Bin Robbbert 05/25/18 01:40 PM
. Re: are some torrent clients more "tyrannical" than others?

> pleasuredome recommended qtorrent, so i'm using it for now. > > with utorrent, i've had stuff downloading before at 5+MB, and no problem w ...
The Loony Bin Robbbert 05/20/18 12:31 PM
. Re: MAMEinfo 0.197 :)

> MAMEINFO.DAT Why aren't you including the MESS side of MAME?
News Robbbert 05/10/18 01:43 PM
. Re: Now for the next question...

> What I found: > Whenever I close & re-open MAMEUI v197 the last filter turned off is automatically > turned on. Everything else is save ...
MAMEUI & IV/Play Robbbert 05/02/18 10:35 AM
. Re: Pitfall 2 using MAME 0.196 does not work, bug in MAME?

> Hello! > > I try to play Pitfall 2 using MAME, but the game misbehaves, goes crazy and crashes. > The behaviour is completely unpredict ...
EmuChat Robbbert 04/29/18 11:13 AM
. HBMAME 0.197

HBMAME 0.197 ARCADE 0.197 MESSUI 0.197
News Robbbert 04/25/18 01:39 PM

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