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. Re: So long Roger Moore- the James Bond of my youth

> Roger Moore dead: 'James Bond' actor was 89 > > > > Never watched a single Sean Connery Bond film until after Moore ...
The Loony Bin Robbbert 05/24/17 11:30 AM
. Re: Stupidity Assessment

> So Yahoo sends an email out to everyone today telling us they've been bought by > Verizon and so they're changing their terms of service. I lo ...
The Loony Bin Robbbert 05/20/17 12:03 PM
. Re: MyCloud, you are a POS

> I was able to map a drive letter to it > > So it wasn't inherently recognized as a drive, you had to do something to it > yourself? > ...
The Loony Bin Robbbert 05/12/17 01:29 PM
. Re: Acer 27 inch LED monitor power light blinking blue

> What does that mean? Does it mean my monitor is dying? Probably. When my Samsung started flashing the screen on and off, I googled it and fou ...
Hardware Robbbert 05/11/17 02:54 PM
. Re: I think I've figured out Trump's formula for getting away with anything

> It's constantly being 1 inch away from impeachment or losing or jail time or > whatever, being there every second. As long as you're always 1 ...
The War Room Robbbert 05/10/17 05:28 AM
. Re: MAMEUI 0.185 crash

> It crashes even before I double-click on the rom set. I just put the cursor focus on > the IBM 51070 line and: > > -------------------- ...
MAMEUI & IV/Play Robbbert 05/03/17 10:18 AM
. Re: MAMEUI 0.185 crash

> Only in the GUI does it crash, and it does it as soon as you move the cursor onto it. > Turned off the SL window, thought maybe something was ...
MAMEUI & IV/Play Robbbert 05/03/17 07:14 AM
. Re: MAMEUI 0.185 crash

> It's apparently a MAMEUI bug. I can duplicate it. However, that particular system is > flagged as "Not working". Works for me.
MAMEUI & IV/Play Robbbert 05/03/17 04:05 AM
. Re: MameUI SoftwareList grid

> Hi, > Is it possible to change the SoftwareList grid appearance to the same of the rom sets > grid? Allowing the columns we want to see and ...
MAMEUI & IV/Play Robbbert 04/29/17 06:04 PM
. HBMAME 0.185 2017-04-26 0.185 ---------------- - cps1: replaced hard-coded per-game tables with a .key rom. New Working Games - ...
News Robbbert 04/27/17 09:22 AM
. ARCADE32/64 0.185 Arcade-only portion of MAME, a replacement for the defunct MAMEUIFX. Further details listed on the above link.
News Robbbert 04/26/17 09:52 AM
. MESSUI 0.185 Console/computer portion of MAME, command-line and gui versions. 32 and 64 bit builds. Also you can find 32-bit build ...
News Robbbert 04/26/17 09:50 AM
. Re: Help compiling broken HBMAME on Linux

> Yesterday I tried doing a "git bisect" for you in an attempt to find the exact commit > that caused the problem; however the older b ...
HBMAME Robbbert 04/22/17 05:05 PM
. Re: Help compiling broken HBMAME on Linux

> I've narrowed down the crashing issue: it only crashes if I load roms from a remote > mount point. For example: > > WORKS: > $ hbma ...
HBMAME Robbbert 04/22/17 01:15 AM
. Re: Pretty sure I can help with this, sending PM on IRC. *nt*

Yes this has worked out thanks to MooglyGuy. The new URL is Still doing the finishing touches, but most conten ...
The Loony Bin Robbbert 04/21/17 03:26 AM
. Re: Help compiling broken HBMAME on Linux

> $ hbmame monaco > > I get: > > Value 1 not supported for option sound - falling back to auto > Segmentation fault > > ... ...
HBMAME Robbbert 04/21/17 03:23 AM
. Re: Help compiling broken HBMAME on Linux

I pushed out a change a few days ago in an attempt to fix this. Please try it out.
HBMAME Robbbert 04/20/17 10:24 AM
. Re: End of

> I could ask about moving it to mw but it usually takes a lot more than 2 days to get > requests through. Let me know if moogly's plan doesn't ...
The Loony Bin Robbbert 04/19/17 01:45 PM
. Re: End of

> I hope you find a new home! I also hope you have this stuff backed up! Well the site is now dead. R.I.P.
The Loony Bin Robbbert 04/19/17 06:57 AM
. Re: End of

> > Uh, so I'm guessing you have a backup of the whole thing stored? Everything is stored here, don't worry about that.
The Loony Bin Robbbert 04/17/17 04:15 AM
. End of

As you may know, is my original website and has many documents relating to emulation, ham radio, cb radio, old valv ...
The Loony Bin Robbbert 04/17/17 02:23 AM
. Re: MAMEUI Download Won't Extract

> I've downloaded MAMEUI 0.184 32 bit and I can't get the file to extract. I get an > "unknown method in mameui" message. I am using W ...
MAMEUI & IV/Play Robbbert 04/16/17 04:12 PM
. Re: Saving in Puzzle Uo Poko Revisited

> > Mame version 0.170 I'm using this version because it is (one of?) the last 32 bit > > supported by MAMEUI and the system I'm using rig ...
EmuChat Robbbert 04/16/17 08:18 AM
. Dear Leader what does this button do?

Trump alias Dear Leader II Trump is proving himself to be an imbecile voted in by morons.
The War Room Robbbert 04/15/17 02:22 PM
. Re: Nice job United - so what?

> > Haha what a bunch of morons. PR nightmare over 1 lousy seat. > > ...
The Loony Bin Robbbert 04/13/17 02:13 AM

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