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. Re: Way to find out CHDs for working ROMs?

but since there is no real reliable "working set" indicator in MAME's -listxml output, clrmamepro won't help him that much.....
EmuChat Roman 06/20/18 04:36 PM
. Re: Clrmamepro site forbidden?

don't worry... this is currently intended
The Loony Bin Roman 05/25/18 01:50 PM
. Re: DU: The great laserdisc flood

question is what size you're talking about...the raw one? The compressed one? What data is captured, how it will be which container it wi ...
News Roman 05/14/18 06:21 PM
. Mostly PIC16C57
News Roman 05/08/18 04:38 PM
. Re: How to Run 6502 hex games on MAME?

Read Haze's reply again. Unless all parts of your 'machine' are known and emulated in MAME you won't be able to run it.
EmuChat Roman 04/19/18 09:34 AM
. Re: .dat files / files ???

You don't need a datfile (no matter if xml or deprecated format) to use cmpro with mame...and yes, it's an auditing tool for your romsets. You don't n ...
EmuChat Roman 04/18/18 05:50 PM
. Re: Clrmamepro 4.034 released

Answer no and use single profiles. It's easier to maintain/setup. The batcher then allows to run a scan/rebuild operation through all profiles.
News Roman 02/28/18 08:30 AM
. Re: Clrmamepro 4.034 released

I've had a quick look at the code, it does indeed look for the setname no matter what merge mode is for incomplete clone X of parent Y in a m ...
News Roman 02/22/18 08:39 PM
. Re: Clrmamepro 4.034 released

a) such discussion should be placed at the cmpro forum ;-) b) generally the move function should work fine, good question regarding merged sets though ...
News Roman 02/22/18 06:13 PM
. Re: MAME 0.194

well yes I'm aware of this (sample parent can be different to romparent) ....but generally a romclone becomes a sampleparent (in this special example ...
News Roman 01/31/18 11:46 PM
. Re: MAME 0.194

machine name="homerun" sourcefile="homerun.cpp" cloneof="nhomerun" romof="nhomerun" sampleof="homerun&quo ...
News Roman 01/31/18 08:35 PM
. Re: MAME (and everything else) about to slow down...

If you're messing around with computers since your childhood you should know that you cannot prove the absence of bugs(*), hacks, trojans or viruses.. ...
EmuChat Roman 01/05/18 06:47 PM
. Re: 2017 is almost over what do you expect in 2018

yieha...finally a sys16 rewrite...oh
EmuChat Roman 12/22/17 09:37 PM
. Re: 2017 is almost over what do you expect in 2018

All laserdisks getting redumped and all missing ones getting added. I want to see my bandwidth melt and a reason to by 10TB hds... ...actually I hop ...
EmuChat Roman 12/22/17 10:11 AM
. Re: Recommendations for (close to) stock systems?

So...what did you get in the end?
Hardware Roman 11/08/17 09:46 PM
. Re: Recommendations for (close to) stock systems?

Beware that Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake CPUs (and the beloning chipsets 270 / 370) are pin-compatible but they don't work when you mix them (Coffee Lake ...
Hardware Roman 10/16/17 03:05 PM
. Re: Is there a tool out there that can make a dat? For example want to make just for neogeo.

Sure...Set-Information dialog Select Sets = %s=cps1.cpp;%s=cps2.cpp;%s=cps3.cpp Hit Apply Hit export ;-) (you may also want to include parent/clones/ ...
EmuChat Roman 09/25/17 10:10 AM
. Re: Nintendo Switch has a hidden NES emulator

Nintendo releases VS titles based on the original code for the switch...sooo...guess how they do run :-)
EmuChat Roman 09/17/17 04:56 PM
. Re: DU: Watch ye damn language while you're on the moon we don't take kindly

it's of course German...and the text sounds too funny these days....
News Roman 09/13/17 08:51 AM
. Re: Ms. Pacman rom issue

No, it's a single SET which consists of various roms. yes, MAME is updated montly and yes, romsets do change from month to month, not all, but some. R ...
EmuChat Roman 09/12/17 10:05 AM
. Re: Getting this server update error.

www cache of what? cmpro cache folders have nothing to do with it. I have touched the version file on the server some time ago, Maybe now you get the ...
News Roman 09/06/17 09:04 PM
. Re: Getting this server update error. it does not check version.ini if it's the 64 bit version but good to know you solved your problem.... it's more likely that it's somehow ...
News Roman 09/06/17 06:27 PM
. Re: Getting this server update error.

try to open this url in your browser: and check if this is listed under update in your version(64).ini ...
News Roman 09/06/17 02:09 PM
. Re: Getting this server update error.

1) yes, you need to manually update to 4.033 2) after installing 4.033 you should be able to go to About and hit "update" and it will then s ...
News Roman 09/06/17 07:33 AM
. Re: Getting this server update error.

- check if update.dll file date is Sep 3rd - check if version.ini (version64.ini) got https:// before the urls
News Roman 09/05/17 12:08 PM

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