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. Re: USPS lost a ton of undumped games

Yep, that's very typical of USPS with national (US) deliveries. I've had this happen several times with purchases from EBay. But I don't think the sam ...
News Sacrilego 01/03/18 10:00 PM
. Re: Current pledges

Quick question, when and where should we send the cash?
News Sacrilego 12/29/17 08:36 AM
. Re: Current pledges

count me in for $50 USD
News Sacrilego 12/22/17 05:52 PM
. Re: DU Fundraiser: Win a trip to Calcune

You guys are on a roll! Sent 50.
News Sacrilego 12/08/17 03:05 AM
. Re: Mega Man 2.5D

I was thinking the same thing just a few days ago, but not just about games, but also youtubers and even music. It feels like originality has gone out ...
EmuChat Sacrilego 10/07/17 02:00 AM
. Re: DU Fundraiser: $200 and we can get better CPS1 emulation

Donation sent. Glad to put in some cash to help perfect cps1.
News Sacrilego 10/03/17 03:26 AM
. Re: Solved my own problem... "Run with graphics processor"

> Oddly enough, I don't have that menu option, and yet I do in fact have the GeForce > drivers installed. I'm on a MacBook Pro 17" that I b ...
EmuChat Sacrilego 06/11/17 08:34 AM
. Re: MAME is one of the few emulators that can't work at all with this app

> Have you enabled remote fx? > > > > ...
EmuChat Sacrilego 03/01/17 10:10 PM
. Re: Which Programming Language to Learn First

I think I laughed more than I should've on the ugly toy->PHP bit.
Programming Sacrilego 01/22/15 08:07 PM
. Re: DU Update: No good deed goes unpunished

WTF? I would've never imagined something like this could happen. Now, if you run a donation drive to help pay the taxes owed if any come up, would th ...
News Sacrilego 01/30/13 09:02 AM
. Re: Asus... junk or gem?

I just finished setting one up for one of our higher ups at work. Quite nice for business use, but it really sux for any decent gaming.
The Loony Bin Sacrilego 01/17/13 04:16 AM
. Re: lmao

lol, same here, I suddenly had an urge to watch them all. I had my old TNG season 1 collecting dust, cleaned it up and started watching, then I reali ...
The Loony Bin Sacrilego 01/08/13 03:32 AM
. Re: Not getting this

That sux. Oh well, the money can always be used for other stuff.
News Sacrilego 12/20/12 02:15 AM
. Re: DU Quick Fundraiser: Atomiswave

Sent ya a little somethang
News Sacrilego 12/19/12 09:37 PM
. Re: DAC volume way too high in Mortal Kombat 1

I believe the devs would prefer an audio recording straight from the machine rather than the Sega CD audio track. It was not uncommon to "enhanc ...
EmuChat Sacrilego 11/25/12 09:06 PM
. Re: Results

That's great news!
News Sacrilego 11/03/12 09:29 PM
. Re: DU Fundraiser: Rare Capcom game

$50 sent your way
News Sacrilego 11/02/12 08:02 PM
. Re: Ville's: Hang Pilot

Quote: least we can play R2 on our PCs until Kale finishes it. (PC iso of this game is fully playable even on Windows 7 64 bit ! - Could this ...
News Sacrilego 09/17/12 07:35 PM
. Re: Boong-ga Boong-ga -Obtained

Looks like your wish to play this will happen sooner than you thought. Dumping Union just secured it.
EmuChat Sacrilego 01/26/12 12:49 AM
. Re: DU Update: We got Seoul...comin' out the asshole

Holy crap! I did not see this one coming! Very curious to see it in action
News Sacrilego 01/26/12 12:47 AM
. Re: DU Update: In a remote place, there is a happy village...

LOL, popó in spanish means poop.
News Sacrilego 01/19/12 01:08 AM
. Re: Mame32 CD-Rom

> I have a "Speccy Classix '98" CD right here (Which shows how far back we're going), > full of ZX Spectrum, and for some reason, C64 ...
EmuChat Sacrilego 11/13/11 05:44 PM
. Hey nirv, do only 1 image then move to another one.

nirv, avoid doing the same image twice.
News Sacrilego 03/19/11 06:46 AM
. Re: Scud Race WIP video on Demul...

For some reason I thought it said "video on demand"
News Sacrilego 01/22/11 12:00 AM

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