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. Re: MAME Artwork Update - More Stuff

Incredible work as always. Thanks!
News Shoegazr 06/04/18 03:34 PM
. Re: DU Fundraiser: One of the rarest of the undumped Korean gems

> > > I'd love to see Vampire by Entertainment Enterprises turn up, now that looks like a > ...
News Shoegazr 05/24/18 12:32 AM
. Re: DU: The great laserdisc flood

> > The new lossless AV1 would be nice. > > Digitising LaserDiscs is unavoidably lossy as they are analog. Besides the point. Even in ...
News Shoegazr 05/13/18 05:13 AM
. Re: DU: The great laserdisc flood

> As far as I know those details aren't figured out yet. The new lossless AV1 would be nice.
News Shoegazr 05/13/18 01:03 AM
. Re: DU: New Cross Pang & Lup Lup Puzzle

> > f205v dumped New Cross Pang. Brian Troha and caius got Lup Lup Puzzle v1.05 but one > > of the roms won't read out correctly. > > ...
News Shoegazr 04/10/18 12:47 AM
. Re: Wow

Nah, my comments had nothing to do with Haze at all. I'm sure he can do a pretty good job defending himself anyway, assuming he cares enough to digni ...
News Shoegazr 04/06/18 06:24 PM
. Re: Wow

> As for games, they were everywhere and played a lot so there are many people who > think otherwise of the quality of them. I love the find-it ...
News Shoegazr 04/06/18 06:23 PM
. Wow

Hah yeah, I had roughly the same reaction reading his maligned dribble as I'm sure many others did.. we all know him well enough to know by now he's f ...
News Shoegazr 04/06/18 04:45 PM
. Re: music systems

> > it's nice at least to noodle around with concept stuff or if you're in a tight space > with > > no real studio or immediate access ...
News Shoegazr 04/03/18 11:06 PM
. Re: music systems

> > Quite right about the RZ1! It was/is a beautiful beastie. > > Not my area, primarily drums myself, but I used to hear praises from so ...
News Shoegazr 04/02/18 11:08 PM
. Re: "come on punky....get funky" ...

Quite right about the RZ1! Glad I'm not the only one pleasantly surpised to see this working in MAME. It was/is a beautiful beastie.
News Shoegazr 04/01/18 01:30 PM
. Re: Model 2 Wippie Wipperton

Wippie McWipface! Not that jokes should take away from the mind-bendingly cool things happening on Model 2 land these days thanks to Kale, SailorSat ...
News Shoegazr 03/22/18 04:51 PM
. Re: Vas: Let's have fun with DSPs! (QSound WIP)

Fantastic! I've been hoping for progress on Qsound for years, long before the DSP16A was even dumped. Thanks so much Vas. Awesome stuff.
News Shoegazr 03/16/18 01:55 AM
. Re: Model 2 WIP

Model 2 driver improvements of this magnitude are a really big deal and a huge accomplishment. I agree with gregf that they rank way up there with Po ...
News Shoegazr 03/09/18 02:39 AM
. Re: Moose's Software Valley - new website

> Hey, thanks Shoe. > > I removed the reviews, arcade emulation, apple ][ emulation, etc sections during the > big re-design of 2014 - b ...
News Shoegazr 03/02/18 01:40 AM
. Re: naomi emulation

> i know there are naomi and atomiswave emulators that emulates that many years ago so > why mame dosen't do that yet? Hmm.. perhaps because y ...
EmuChat Shoegazr 03/01/18 07:51 AM
. Re: Moose's Software Valley - new website

I too just discovered this post. It's always a nice nostalgia trip going to your site, Moose. Thanks for keeping it up!
News Shoegazr 03/01/18 07:46 AM
. Re: MAME Artwork Update - For real this time

You're a star, thank you so much for the Rygar bezel! Looking forward to checking it out!
News Shoegazr 01/31/18 07:30 AM
. Re: 2017 is almost over what do you expect in 2018

> > 10) Promotion of Rygar arcade bezel to "official" artwork from Mr. Do! and artwork > > team > > Assuming I get my shi ...
EmuChat Shoegazr 12/23/17 11:11 PM
. Re: 2017 is almost over what do you expect in 2018

Reiterating most of last year's wish list, though based on Haze's comment below I hardly expect any progress to be made on these in 2018: 1) Support ...
EmuChat Shoegazr 12/23/17 12:00 AM
. Re: DU: Translate the mahjong title

> All I got in my head now is this song & yes I know it's not chinese but have a listen > to the chorus & you'll be listening to it goin ...
News Shoegazr 11/28/17 05:04 PM
. Re: MAME 0.191

> I like how new releases are presented like this, a couple of paragraphs informing us > whats been improved etc... it's clean and concise. Than ...
News Shoegazr 11/07/17 12:07 AM
. Re: MAME 0.191

> > Also curious whether any of this work might impact SH2 emulation as well - it would > > be interesting to see Saturn/32X speed improve ...
News Shoegazr 10/29/17 05:16 PM
. Re: MAME 0.191

> If the games however slowdown because the original SH3 CPU is not fast enough rather > than the blitter, then yes, the recompiler could cause ...
News Shoegazr 10/27/17 01:24 AM
. Re: MAME 0.191

> > > The Hitachi recompiler runs CV1000 buttery smooth now. > > > In fact it's so smooth, i get killed all the time as the thing ru ...
News Shoegazr 10/26/17 06:41 AM

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