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. Re: Provenance is kind of bada$$

And you begged for it when you guys made it legal to take mame and do this and now act surprised when people do it. You held out a cooked hotdog in fr ...
The Loony Bin Smitdogg 04/26/18 04:48 PM
. DU Fundraiser: Centipedes invade Japan! - Done!

Thanks to recent donations, we were able to combine forces with ShouTime and get the ultra rare Japan version of Centipede. It's so rare that not e ...
News Smitdogg 04/26/18 03:57 AM
. Re: DU: Bicycle King

Yeah I dumped "Last Bank" and figured it was related but couldn't recall the name as it's so terribly named. "Bicycle King" actual ...
News Smitdogg 04/25/18 04:25 AM
. Re: DU: IC King

Looks like a bunch of cheap RAM chips to me. ROMs weigh way more than ram per square inch of pcb. ROMs is heavy, dawg.
News Smitdogg 04/25/18 04:24 AM
. The worst

Very Stable Genius Smitdogg 04/25/18 04:15 AM
. DU: Bicycle King

Michael Moffitt dumped Bicycle King, some sort of betting game, and interestingly the PCB is serial #1. Also Kevin Eshbach improved the documentati ...
News Smitdogg 04/25/18 03:18 AM
. Re: Maybe I was in a sour mood, but Super Trooper 2 disappoints

That's pretty shitty if they fucked up the sequel to their breakout movie. They are inexplicably inconsistent with movie quality. Total dice roll afte ...
The Loony Bin Smitdogg 04/25/18 03:15 AM
. Re: DU: Mind Mania

I think I googled with searching by images and trying with "mind mania and" "mindmania" and also adding "arcade" into th ...
News Smitdogg 04/23/18 05:11 PM
. DU: Mind Mania

Asure dumped Mind Mania. Corrado dumped an alt Simpsons set but the previous owner might have screwed the roms up.
News Smitdogg 04/22/18 05:45 PM
. Re: DU: 6 geniuses walk into a bar

Sounds like a liner game but I don't know
News Smitdogg 04/19/18 11:36 PM
. DU: 6 geniuses walk into a bar

Farzeno dumped Genius6 by IGS
News Smitdogg 04/19/18 10:10 PM
. Re: DU: Taito TT Speed Race

There's really no point in anyone ever saying what they want to see unless they are coming with their own work and cash. I'm the only person who even ...
News Smitdogg 04/19/18 10:08 PM
. The next bubble begins

Home prices just shot up with the biggest jump in 4 years, protections from Dodd Frank removed and subprime mortgages with adjustable rates are once a ...
Very Stable Genius Smitdogg 04/19/18 06:34 PM
. Re: DU: Taito TT Speed Race

He would probably sooner stab himself with a samurai sword than to play a game under emulation.
News Smitdogg 04/19/18 12:33 AM
. Re: DU: Taito TT Speed Race

It's the color version
News Smitdogg 04/19/18 12:18 AM
. Re: DU: Taito TT Speed Race

There's no more information. When you dump a discrete logic game if anything you're dumping proms that contain things like the car graphics or color t ...
News Smitdogg 04/18/18 08:07 PM
. DU: Taito TT Speed Race

Andy Welburn dumped Taito TT Speed Race ...
News Smitdogg 04/18/18 06:07 PM
. DU: system11 in the hospital recovering from tourvision

system11 dumped the Tourvision bios version 1.1
News Smitdogg 04/18/18 12:59 AM
. DU: Tuesday bits

Corrado redumped some mask roms from World Rally 2. pyJamma sent in a dump of NBA Play by Play (UAB). Asure dumped TAB Silverball V 4.09 Dual.
News Smitdogg 04/17/18 06:05 PM
. You're all gonna die tonight. Die die die die die die die.

Friday the 13th! I'll kill you.
The Loony Bin Smitdogg 04/14/18 01:03 AM
. Re: Embarassingly simple question I can't figure out.

It lets people get right into the latest game additions for testing. I used to use this sorting all the time when I was a hardcore mametester, I would ...
EmuChat Smitdogg 04/13/18 07:10 PM
. Best Republican quote

Very Stable Genius Smitdogg 04/12/18 09:27 PM
. Re: DU: Jaxis

I post whatever games the DU dumps because it's cool and preserving games. It's expanding past arcade for some members. Simple.
News Smitdogg 04/10/18 02:05 AM
. Re: DU: Jaxis

I tend to stick to arcade but mame expanded to include what used to be mess so anything mame news is mameworld news eligible.
News Smitdogg 04/10/18 02:00 AM
. DU: Jaxis

SpinalFeyd dumped the PC game Jaxis from 2002 by Jamie System Development published by Media Kite
News Smitdogg 04/10/18 12:22 AM

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