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. Re: Euro Stocker

> > Bally Sente isn't known for any giant blockbuster game titles, but they have some > > excellent titles to their list worth checking ou ...
EmuChat Stiletto 04/12/18 03:25 AM
. Re: Random Emulation Questions (Mostly MAME)

> 2.) Ok, so no up-to-date list anywhere? Just gotta experiment and try out different > games to see if they emulate well or not? If that's the ...
EmuChat Stiletto 03/30/18 09:24 PM
. Re: Ars Technica covers the growing LCD handheld emulation scene

> Also, someone needs to tell Mr. Orland that MAME is no longer an acronym: > ...getting these kinds of games into the increasingly poorly named ...
News Stiletto 03/20/18 07:14 PM
. Ars Technica covers the growing LCD handheld emulation scene
News Stiletto 03/20/18 12:15 PM
. Re: What year would you say MTV jumped the shark?

1993 and the arrival of Chris Hardwick. - Stiletto
The Loony Bin Stiletto 03/17/18 02:24 AM
. Re: the "gregf" game

> > I'll go first with: pistachio nuts. > > Going partly off script of rules. Can I somewhat cheat and go with early 1980s Atari > Foo ...
The Loony Bin Stiletto 03/06/18 10:20 AM
. the "gregf" game

Rules: 1. Provide a quasi-randomly selected noun or phrase. 2. gregf must reply - when he gets a chance, please - and in his reply, associate what you ...
The Loony Bin Stiletto 03/05/18 09:40 AM
. Re: Dear Netflix, I hate Mute

> You guys are nuts. That was my favorite movie in 1981. Of course, I was like 4 at the > time but you guys are still nuts and imdb voters are m ...
The Loony Bin Stiletto 03/04/18 09:05 AM
. Re: Rene Auberjonois

> I don't want to delete it, just wanted to understand your point His point: it turns out "Odo" from ST:DS9 is actually a liberal and r ...
Very Stable Genius Stiletto 03/01/18 10:24 PM
. Re: HBMAME 0.195

> > HB 0.195 before official 0.195? > > > > Interesting... > > Not too difficult to accomplish. A release of MAME has it's ...
News Stiletto 02/28/18 04:29 AM
. Re: DU: Moon Shuttle

> > ShouTime dumped Moon Shuttle (Ver A / USA) > > > Interesting that the game name currently isn't on Nichibutsu You mean in Undump ...
News Stiletto 02/24/18 06:59 AM
. Re: Dammit Stiletto

> Sigh... > > I'm supposed to be working on arcade artwork, but just haaaad to go looking to see > what I could find. > > I've got ...
MAME Artwork: Official Stiletto 02/23/18 11:43 PM
. Re: I bump this up for Mr.Do to take a look at.

> Here's another shot of it, looks like it's in some type of Atari museum somewhere: > > ...
MAME Artwork: Official Stiletto 02/23/18 06:06 PM
. Re: Artwork Page back up and running... please test

Is there a way to return page to default sort? Because I can't seem to find a way other than closing and reopening the web page. Personally I prefer ...
MAME Artwork: Official Stiletto 02/22/18 05:16 PM
. Re: DU: Your super HD camera is garbage. This is what quality photos look like.

> Andrew Welburn got PCBs for a 'Compugraphic' photo-typesetting machine from 1978, > similar to ...
News Stiletto 02/16/18 12:09 AM
. CAPS0ff Update: Decap C016: GMS' MJ-DFMJ (PIC16F84)
News Stiletto 02/15/18 01:57 PM
. Re: Interesting post at

> Hmmm... could be. Iíd never even heard of that until the wiki entry. Iíll drop Owen a > line and see if itís familiar to him... I forget whe ...
EmuChat Stiletto 02/14/18 06:05 AM
. Re: Interesting post at

> Gregf can't identify it? There is something wrong with the universe. > > Kidding aside, I wonder what that is. "Captain Seahawk&qu ...
EmuChat Stiletto 02/13/18 07:40 PM
. Re: No, never *nt*

> hmm may i ask why? mame\mess is now getting to the point where it will be emulating a > toaster pretty soon, so why those things are left off? ...
EmuChat Stiletto 02/13/18 06:15 PM
. Re: Is there any way to change palette colors in mame games?

> I've been checking for years about the color bug in Gorf. I wish i knew something > about the astrocade driver, i would just change it myself. ...
EmuChat Stiletto 02/12/18 06:27 PM
. Re: Titan *Found*

> The Lowen-Automaten game seems to have an Aztec theme, while this game has a sci-fi > theme. > > ...
News Stiletto 02/10/18 05:06 PM
. Re: Titan *Found*

> Hi everyone > > I found "Titan" which appears to be an undumped ROM hack of Piranha. It will be > dumped in the next few week ...
News Stiletto 02/10/18 07:56 AM
. Re: another good Flyer Fever Update

> Another good round of flyer additions....such as this particular update. > > > > Golden Spear - Seibu Leasing Company Limited (1978 ...
News Stiletto 02/03/18 03:14 AM
. Re: The Lost Zelda Game | The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets [BS-Zelda]

> Are these even dumped? > > How come I never heard of these Zelda games? All the answers you seek are IN the video. - Stiletto
EmuChat Stiletto 02/02/18 05:19 PM
. Re: asteroid.cpp question...

> Thank you for looking. I spent about half hour looking at it before I posted and > didn't see anything. But then again, I haven't wrote code i ...
Programming Stiletto 01/25/18 04:06 PM

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