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. Re: Porting Mame to a different platform

> Hello everyone, > > i'm new to this forum. > > I would like to know where to find more deep information about configure and compile ...
Programming Stiletto 01/19/18 05:26 PM
. Yes.

> Just asking. MS seems to want Win32 to go away at some point. There has been some considerable work done to allow MAME to compile for UWP by Br ...
EmuChat Stiletto 01/16/18 08:46 PM
. Re: Mame life cycle

> Anyone else remember Atmospherical Heights? Sure thing, that was one of my daily destination websites in the late 90's - Stiletto
EmuChat Stiletto 01/15/18 10:40 PM
. Re: not much on the east coast :(

> The second entry was Barcade's five East Coast locations? - Stiletto
EmuChat Stiletto 01/06/18 08:30 PM
. Re: Gorf Virtual Cabinet

> I haven't really been nothing more than a troll on the mame forums until recently. > Decided to join up after trolling mameworld since 2000 W ...
MAME Artwork X: Other Artwork Projects Stiletto 01/04/18 10:11 PM
. Re: USPS lost a ton of undumped games

> Shipped 2 large boxes with over undumped 30 PCBs from the US back in November which > USPS has lost. > > If anyone can get the word out ...
News Stiletto 12/31/17 04:41 AM
. Re: 2017 – New Focus

> Very nice write up & well worth a read. FYI: According to Haze, he's still working on this article, so it very well may have much more mate ...
News Stiletto 12/29/17 07:02 PM
. Re: Visual PinMAME v3.0

> Is PinMame still based on an ancient MAME core? As far as we know. - Stiletto
News Stiletto 12/29/17 12:32 AM
. Visual PinMAME v3.0

Visual PinMAME has had another release on 12/24/2017. What's New: Code: Version 3.0 (December 24th, 2017) - "11 years in the making" ---- ...
News Stiletto 12/28/17 10:16 PM
. MAMEScore files updated (12/27/2017)

Updated: Quote: Emuloader default.el: This file allows you to display the game list of MAMESCORE in your Emuloader Front-end. Download it and place ...
News Stiletto 12/28/17 09:31 PM
. Re: 2017 is almost over what do you expect in 2018

> In short, what's the story behind this ? Why not releasing this simple arcade game, > when thousand of others is already released ? > In o ...
EmuChat Stiletto 12/28/17 06:59 PM
. Re: Someone falling a sleep? Wrong places. :)

> Windows 64-bit (x64) - msys32-2017-12-26.exe > Windows 32-bit (x86) - msys64-2017-12-26.exe > > should be like this. > > Windows ...
News Stiletto 12/27/17 08:02 PM
. Re: 'Twas The Night Before MAME - 2017 Edition

> > how old is this tradition? It seems like what 18 yrs now? > > I don't know if Stiletto was posting 'Twas The Night Before MAME on Gr ...
The Loony Bin Stiletto 12/27/17 01:51 AM
. Re: Deserves a "Like"

> Thank you for this awesome tradition, and Merry Christmas! Thanks! Same to you and yours! Maybe try singing it to this tune... - Stiletto
The Loony Bin Stiletto 12/25/17 09:00 AM
. 'Twas The Night Before MAME - 2017 Edition

'Twas The Night Before MAME or: A Visit From St. Nicola (Mickola?) by Stiletto --------------------------- 'Twas the night before a MAME upload, and ...
The Loony Bin Stiletto 12/24/17 08:38 PM
. Re: DU Fundraiser: Insanely rare 1980s baseball game

> an insanely rare baseball game called New Moero Pro Baseball Homerun Derby. > We do have the original Moero Pro Baseball Homerun Derby dumped ...
News Stiletto 12/24/17 07:24 PM
. Re: Another attempt to get that authentic arcade-look using scanlines (file4)

> Indeed, I am using a bezel design that replicates the coin-op as well, a virtual > bezel for DK. I couldn't be happier with the results. Wow ...
EmuChat Stiletto 12/24/17 04:22 AM
. Re: Changes for Future Releases

> > > > We’ll be making a few changes to the Windows binaries from MAME 0.193 onwards. This > will only af ...
News Stiletto 12/21/17 03:38 PM
. Changes for Future Releases Quote: We’ll be making a few changes to the Windows binaries from MAME 0.193 onwards. This will only affect pre-built ...
News Stiletto 12/21/17 03:31 PM
. is now back online

Former wiki content is now back online at If you made the HOSTS file change, comment it out or delete it, and ...
News Stiletto 12/21/17 01:19 PM
. is dead. Long live Quote: 2017-12-17 (Sean Young) What happened to used to host th ...
News Stiletto 12/20/17 11:25 PM
. Re: xBRZ shaders in BGFX

> I converted the GLSL xBRZ shaders to BGFX. The 6xBRZ shader does not compile under > DX9 because its too complicated. I had to fiddle with the ...
EmuChat Stiletto 12/14/17 04:33 AM
. Roberto Fresca WIP: More Aristocrat MkV games dumped

Roberto Fresca has updated his WIP development blog with the news of more Aristocrat MkV games dumped/redumped on behalf of MAME. See http://www.rob ...
News Stiletto 12/13/17 08:59 PM
. More WIP news from Roberto Fresca

A few more added/fixed games for MAME have appeared thanks to Robbie, including an unemulated version of Jolly Card, as well as a few more Aristocrat ...
News Stiletto 12/06/17 11:09 PM
. Re: History.dat 1.92

> Nice touch, Alexis, and way to go reminding some of us how old we are Disagree, I think it's something that can be calculated by a basic fronte ...
News Stiletto 11/29/17 08:26 PM

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