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. We're half way there...woah oh

The Loony Bin Sune 01/05/18 03:12 AM
. " on K-MOG, sound of the seventies"

> > It might seem that way but no I've never deleted his posts. Maybe if he deleted his > > user account it made all of his posts show up ...
The Loony Bin Sune 12/16/17 03:30 AM
. Re: Invaders Revenge - A question about that one board that I saw on this video.

> > Most of the sounds are already in the HBMAME version. > > Using hack so the sounds will work? I missing the point here on why. I g ...
EmuChat Sune 12/16/17 03:19 AM
. Re: Is there a Model 2 forum?

> > > As with many emulators, it's more likely to be something stupid in the head of > > >the user. > > > > wow, you a ...
EmuChat Sune 12/16/17 03:16 AM
. Re: Xbox controller now not working on PC

> Problem solved. Not really > Apparently, it will work with the USB ports in the rear of the > computer, but not those on top or in front. ...
Hardware Sune 12/09/17 08:11 AM
. Re: For curious people without an Intel processor

> I was curious how would they react to the fact that half the computers in this world > have someone sitting in front of them without knowledge ...
The Loony Bin Sune 12/09/17 06:59 AM
. Macedonian Province

> > > Something tells me we would not make a good comedy duo > > > > It's that expert Macedonian wit that you just don't unders ...
The Loony Bin Sune 12/09/17 06:55 AM
. Move to Programming board_nt

The Loony Bin Sune 12/09/17 06:49 AM
. Re: Im confuse to MAME ROMS, street fighter champion edition - sf2ceua

> where are the two roms that the > MAME project found? In its parent set: If you're unsure ...
Programming Sune 11/30/17 04:10 AM
. Re: DEMUL has been updated once again

> Does this means Mame is gonna get an update too? (Disclaimer: Without looking at code or changelogs or knowing anything about anything) Maybe ...
News Sune 11/29/17 04:50 AM
. Re: They fix this shit yet?

> So this isn't something that can easily be fixed by a Windows update, right? Each > manufacturer is going to have to release a BIOS firmware u ...
The Loony Bin Sune 11/29/17 04:42 AM
. Re: Sudden problem with MAME and Neo Geo...

> I have two different versions of MAME running on my arcade machine. For years it has > worked flawlessly. I just noticed recently that when I ...
EmuChat Sune 11/24/17 01:55 AM
. What What..

> After playing this game for a while, I started seeing glitches. First, one of the > questions came up as a line of garbage across the screen a ...
EmuChat Sune 11/21/17 01:29 PM
. Re: If you like Grace Slick

> OOOOHYEEEEHHHHHH HYAAAAAAHHAAAHHHHHHHH Hahah that's a real man! Grace Slick is nowhere near as funny but she makes up for it with intensity: ...
The Loony Bin Sune 11/06/17 07:10 AM
. Re: If you like Nirvana

> It's interesting in several parts. I wonder how they got the isolated tracks? There's a rumour that some were "leaked" during remixing ...
The Loony Bin Sune 11/03/17 03:30 AM
. Re: I prefer Cobain's Reggae version.

Andy Rehfeldt! This is my favorite:
The Loony Bin Sune 11/03/17 03:23 AM
. If you like Nirvana

The Loony Bin Sune 11/02/17 06:22 PM
. Re: MAME DirectX error

> Ive run DXDiag all looks good (Win 7 x64). Ive also installed the SDK and the user > runtimes If you were using the DirectX 9.0c "web in ...
EmuChat Sune 10/19/17 01:54 AM
. Drink and post

> > > Seems the latter would yield better results. > > > > There's no way to predict which direction the player wants to go whe ...
EmuChat Sune 10/11/17 04:36 AM
. Re: The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

> The uploader is SNL and I'm in the USA. How does this make sense?
The Loony Bin Sune 10/10/17 04:20 PM
. Don't drink and post

> Seems the latter would yield better results. There's no way to predict which direction the player wants to go when he hits a diagonal. EDIT ac ...
EmuChat Sune 10/10/17 04:05 PM
. Re: RIP Walter Becker...

> For all the bashing they took for not being a performance group, Undeserved, because even if they did stop touring for a while, this is sick: ...
The Loony Bin Sune 10/03/17 05:46 AM
. Saude!

> So, I think we should all drink tonight to Reirom. He's still alive, and he's still > commenting on emulation. Here's to a legend. indeed ...
The Loony Bin Sune 10/03/17 05:36 AM
. Re: Edited my reply. TL:DR skip the sound card, get case fans!

> Hm, yeah. Seems kind of obvious now that I think about it... I've only had machines > with 1 drive. & besides, I'm sure I can figure it ou ...
Hardware Sune 10/03/17 05:32 AM
. Re: 'Been considering building a Gaming PC

> So, any suggestions on anything I could swap out, or probably wouldn't need...? Or > any other recommendations? Your build has no case fans! ...
Hardware Sune 10/03/17 02:10 AM

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