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. Re: What year would you say MTV jumped the shark?

> ...and since then probably the only > good thing they've had is Jackass. I'd say it happened when they put people willing to jump sharks on ...
The Loony Bin TriggerFin 03/17/18 05:05 AM
. Re: I guess I'm going to throw away a printer every time I need new ink

> Brand new printer including black and color inks, 40 bucks > > ...
The Loony Bin TriggerFin 03/15/18 04:56 AM
. I have no business saying anything about any fashion

My glasses predate the Clinton administration, because these frames lasted longest. My shoes, pants, and shirts, when not sweats and tees, are mostly ...
The Loony Bin TriggerFin 03/15/18 12:10 AM
. Re: Astronomer finds ‘proof’ of faked moon landings...

> Right now there are conspirationists claiming Mars photos shown are altered in > contrast and coloring to show something we can comprehend, th ...
The Loony Bin TriggerFin 03/14/18 05:13 AM
. Re: "...the moon isn't what you think." video

> There's another video I've seen a long time ago. About the astronauts finding alien > bodies and a ship somewhere on the moon, but being orde ...
The Loony Bin TriggerFin 03/13/18 03:02 PM
. Re: Creator of Dead Pool just signed with Netflix for 7 figure deal

> Sometimes. Jessica Jones was the worst comic adaptation since the Fantastic Four > movie, and Iron Fist wasn't much better. Daredevil was a hi ...
The Loony Bin TriggerFin 03/11/18 01:43 AM
. Will they have feet on Netflix? (nt)

The Loony Bin TriggerFin 03/09/18 02:48 PM
. Please don't tell us where the rifle is. (nt)

The Loony Bin TriggerFin 03/08/18 08:57 PM
. Re: age

> Why does Steam's age dropdown have 2018 in it? Are 2 month year olds a real issue on > buying overage games? At a guess, I'd say it's a &quo ...
The Loony Bin TriggerFin 03/03/18 07:18 AM
. Dungeons 2 Free on GoG

So if you didn't already get it free on Steam from HB, or if you want it without Steam, there it is.
The Loony Bin TriggerFin 02/16/18 07:49 PM
. KoF2002 Free on GoG (nt)

The Loony Bin TriggerFin 02/13/18 09:45 PM
. Amnesia Collection at HumbleBundle for free.

Seems I already had Dark Descent, but this added Machine for Pigs.
The Loony Bin TriggerFin 01/25/18 09:57 PM
. Free at GOG:

Carmageddon TDR 2000;utm_term=EN
The Loony Bin TriggerFin 01/18/18 08:42 PM
. Re: Patrick Stewart + Cowboy Songs

Should have stopped at two albums. Five is going way too far.
The Loony Bin TriggerFin 01/16/18 05:36 PM
. Free at Humble Store... The Red Solstice
The Loony Bin TriggerFin 01/16/18 12:03 AM
. Re: santa didn't get me what i wanted this year....

> to be able to use my switch pro controller on my pc via usb cable. (i hear bluetooth > is so fucked up, it's not worth messing with). i think ...
The Loony Bin TriggerFin 01/07/18 06:10 AM
. Re: Hey Smit, how are you handling having to pump your own gas?

> There's like 2-3 idiot attention whore girls on social media and the world thinks > there's an actual issue, or just wants an easy joke target ...
The Loony Bin TriggerFin 01/06/18 10:28 PM
. Re: Was the writer/director of The Last Jedi trolling us?

The Loony Bin TriggerFin 12/24/17 03:42 PM
. GOG Giveaway: Oxenfree (nt)

The Loony Bin TriggerFin 12/19/17 07:13 PM
. HB giving away Layers of Fear

Never heard of it, but it's free in the Humble Bundle store right now.
The Loony Bin TriggerFin 12/19/17 01:30 AM
. Re: Bart Simo

(...Thanks for sending me to my temp folder-- NVidia still aren't cleaning up after themselves.)
The Loony Bin TriggerFin 12/16/17 02:03 PM
. Re: Is Vegas Pro good?

> And Company of Heroes 2 is free... I forgot to say that... Yeah, Vegas Pro is a very popular video editing tool (suite?). It's the reason that ...
The Loony Bin TriggerFin 12/15/17 06:58 PM
. Free on GOG: Grim Fandango Remastered (nt)

The Loony Bin TriggerFin 12/12/17 09:33 PM
. Re: Because US English is pretty stupid.

> > I don't call your shoulder your shodder. > > > > When I watch X-Files I don't watch Scully and Modder. > > > > Whe ...
The Loony Bin TriggerFin 12/11/17 11:17 PM
. :) -nt-

The Loony Bin TriggerFin 12/10/17 07:49 AM

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