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. Re: The King of Fighters ’98: Ultimate Match HERO (PGM2)

Is this a year or what & it's not over yet. 2017 has got to be a year where the most breakthru's in emulation there has ever been. I can't wait fo ...
News agard 12/14/17 07:40 AM
. Re: All Sega Model 2 chips have been decapped and identified

Thanks Haze for an explanation into what needs to be done. Mame will get there in the end. As we are on sega chips Wonder Boy to me seems to not sync ...
News agard 12/13/17 09:18 PM
. Re: All Sega Model 2 chips have been decapped and identified

Well a good straight to the point NO there. What needs to be done now that they are de-capped ?
News agard 12/13/17 05:58 PM
. Re: All Sega Model 2 chips have been decapped and identified

Does this mean Model 2 games will become more playable ?
News agard 12/13/17 01:33 PM
. Re: DEMUL has been updated once again

Does this means Mame is gonna get an update too?
News agard 11/28/17 11:55 PM
. Re: DU: Translate the mahjong title

All I got in my head now is this song & yes I know it's not chinese but have a listen to the chorus & you'll be listening to it going around & ...
News agard 11/28/17 01:28 AM
. Re: DU: Dark Adventure

Well very nice find & hope u did several dumps to make sure u got everything ok. Hopefully another test location will show up that's complete or i ...
News agard 10/10/17 07:17 PM
. Re: DU: Dark Adventure

Very nice work. Can the graphics rom be replaced with a revision rom & if so does it work & is there the same graphics as the replaced rom? wo ...
News agard 10/10/17 11:43 AM
. Re: DU: Slap Fight

Thanks for that info Haze at least you cleared it up for me as like you said all the ports were called slap fight & i've always known it as slap f ...
News agard 09/12/17 10:12 PM
. Re: DU: Slap Fight

Why is Alcon the parent rom ? When Slap Fight was released in july '86 & Alcon later december '86. I thought the parent roms were the 1s released ...
News agard 09/12/17 09:00 PM
. Re: DU: TourVision update

sorry i meant does it work in turbo grafx emultor? terra cresta 2
News agard 08/28/17 10:29 PM
. Re: DU: TourVision update

thanks & also is it in the turbo grafx emulator working?
News agard 08/28/17 05:58 AM
. Re: DU: TourVision update

Am I reading it right there's a Terra Cresta 2 in these TourVision carts? If so can I see a video of the game play please & thanks
News agard 08/28/17 02:41 AM
. Re: progetto-SNAPS 0.188 update!

Thanks for nice update . The video for Shao-lins Road dosn't work though. file name shaolinb.
News agard 08/23/17 05:28 AM
. Re: DU: Some Spanish Oldies

Very nice finds. Can you tell me what sort of connector it is for the top board, is it like a Konami board connector on the right side & on the le ...
News agard 08/15/17 07:41 PM
. Re: Dodonpachi III dumped

Thanks Smitdogg it is Ashura-X build that was compiled at 10:24 ? All the posts that I read on here it's the first time I've heard of him doing nightl ...
News agard 08/04/17 05:31 AM
. Re: Dodonpachi III dumped

I'm sorry Smitdog I've tried loads of times to compile my own Mame ui. But never got it to work, only the errors worked. I can update my roms & ch ...
News agard 08/04/17 01:11 AM
. Re: Dodonpachi III dumped

Very Very nice find & fast in getting it into next Mame 0.189 release. Only 27 approx days until I can get to play this, unless someone nice is go ...
News agard 08/03/17 07:34 PM
. Re: DU & Caps0ff - The other Toaplan chips

I agree Slap Fight should be the parent rom. But there's always 1 parent that doesn't get custody
News agard 08/01/17 11:23 PM
. Re: DU & Caps0ff - The other Toaplan chips

It's got me with Slap Fight why is it listed as a clone of Alcon when the source file is Slapfght ? Plus which is the newer Japan set 1 or 2 ?
News agard 08/01/17 12:21 AM
. Re: Haze: DS5002FP Dumping

Nice write up Haze & Thanks to all involved & i'm sure The Mame Team will get more boards sent to dump before they all go bad. Cant wait to fu ...
News agard 07/17/17 05:57 PM
. Re: Haze WIP: The Super Real Darwin Award

Thanks & really looking to play this now you have to kill the boss twice.
News agard 07/13/17 03:12 PM
. Re: Gaelco WIP

It's people like you that send Mame team boards that is really great so check your boards & post away. So Thanks & we all benefit in the end & ...
News agard 07/13/17 03:05 PM
. Re: Going old-school

Nice write up & thanks for the rewrite. Only code I used to rewrite was the high scores in games then I could put a rediculiously high score & ...
News agard 07/08/17 01:06 AM
. Re: Rod-Land disassembled, reassembled, flipped on its head, slapped, spanked and lept into

Really interesting read nice 1 thanks
News agard 07/04/17 03:16 PM

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