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. Re: Steering Problem with Pole Position

The controls seem the same to me.
EmuChat anikom15 01/25/18 09:54 PM
. Re: Steering Problem with Pole Position

Youíll need to look at the manual to see how dipswitch settings affect speed. Higher speeds are more difficult to control. Controls feel fine for me ...
EmuChat anikom15 01/25/18 08:42 PM
. Re: Gamecube, PS1 and PS2 HDMI video adapter - I need help finding some good ones.

Use Nintendoís own component cables, then use a good component to HDMI adapter if your television doesnít have component inputs. Always enable progre ...
EmuChat anikom15 01/25/18 07:15 AM
. Re: Mame life cycle

Pac-Man is around the point when arcade games start to feel too dated. For consoles itís anything before the Famicom. For computers it really varies b ...
EmuChat anikom15 01/24/18 01:40 AM
. Re: -video d3d raster.ini (HLSL)

Wait, MAME's gamma is inverted? That's weird.
EmuChat anikom15 01/19/18 06:40 AM
. Re: -video d3d raster.ini (HLSL)

I would think that gamma value would make things too dull for you. 1.00 is generally too light to begin with.
EmuChat anikom15 01/18/18 11:12 PM
. Re: Could MAME be ported to UWP?

Yes, 64-bit Windows canít run 16-bit programs, but the Win16 functions are actually still there. There is no evidence the API is going anywhere. To sa ...
EmuChat anikom15 01/17/18 10:00 PM
. Re: Could MAME be ported to UWP?

Oh, you donít believe me eh? Win16 still exists.
EmuChat anikom15 01/17/18 05:12 PM
. Re: Could MAME be ported to UWP?

Win32 will never go away.
EmuChat anikom15 01/16/18 07:11 PM
. Re: not much on the east coast :(

Arcade games are common in bars where I live. They are usually only a quarter. I suppose drinks can ease the pain of bad games, but unfortunately for ...
EmuChat anikom15 01/16/18 06:12 PM
. Re: MAME. HLSL Settings Question for all games

Send me a PM with a list of games you want to play, along with your screen resolution and dimensions (yes, measure your screen's width and height with ...
EmuChat anikom15 01/15/18 09:40 AM
. Re: MAMEPlus alternative in 2018?

Have you tried BGFX in MAME?
EmuChat anikom15 01/14/18 04:37 AM
. Re: BGFX - CRT-GEOM-DELUXE feature request

> > Why do you prefer CRT Geometry DX over HLSL? > > Because with my LCD TV, this shader is the one which provides the greatest (nearest ...
EmuChat anikom15 01/11/18 03:17 AM
. Re: BGFX - CRT-GEOM-DELUXE feature request

Looks like the shader was written by cgwg, Themaister, and DOLLS. No, disrespect, but I donít know who any of those are. They would be the ones who sh ...
EmuChat anikom15 01/11/18 12:27 AM
. Re: MAME weird pixel stretching on SNES games

Do you think overclocking should be dropped at some point, given that itís almost universally considered a bad idea?
EmuChat anikom15 01/09/18 04:35 AM
. Re: MAME weird pixel stretching on SNES games

Thatís just Haze being Haze. Donít take it personally. The SNES driver isnít even good right now. It has a lot of issues. If another emulator works b ...
EmuChat anikom15 01/09/18 03:13 AM
. Re: MAME weird pixel stretching on SNES games

Yeah, I'm in favor of moving from bitmaps to lines and letting the shaders do the horizontal 'rasterizing'. It's something I'd like to try to implemen ...
EmuChat anikom15 01/09/18 01:58 AM
. Re: MAME weird pixel stretching on SNES games

I was under the impression this is just a MAME thing. Shouldnít it be possible to allow for resolution to switch dependent on the mode?
EmuChat anikom15 01/09/18 12:48 AM
. Re: What if the PinMAME ported over to the newer MAME.

All of those things are totally deterministic so no RNG necessary. I think the most challenging thing is friction (the ball getting stuck). I donít kn ...
EmuChat anikom15 01/08/18 06:45 PM
. Re: xBRZ shaders in BGFX

Does it go away when you turn off the shadow mask?
EmuChat anikom15 01/08/18 12:42 AM
. Re: xBRZ shaders in BGFX

What do mean by red lines?
EmuChat anikom15 01/07/18 11:51 PM
. Re: MAME and pinball

But that's the thing. These things only seem to come about because it is the only way to get the emulation working, i.e. emulation is the first class ...
EmuChat anikom15 01/04/18 03:33 AM
. Re: MAME and pinball

Haze, it really depends on what the devs are interested in and what their expertise is. I am interested in a lot of things, but I don't have much exp ...
EmuChat anikom15 01/04/18 01:16 AM
. Re: USPS lost a ton of undumped games

Most of the lost packages I've experienced in my lifetime could have been rectified by requiring a signature. Unfortunately all the packages that have ...
News anikom15 01/03/18 04:45 AM
. Re: 2017 is almost over what do you expect in 2018

HDR will make it easier to set up certain CRT effects that need to show whites that are whiter than 'white'. A lot of things in HLSL not wholly relat ...
EmuChat anikom15 01/01/18 09:49 PM

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