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. Re: DU: Watch ye damn language while you're on the moon we don't take kindly

> it's of course German...and the text sounds too funny these days.... The heading calls it "the world's most accurate moon landing game&quo ...
News apeman 09/14/17 09:20 AM
. Re: FEEL frontend CE released open-source on GitHub

> Official website (more info): > FEEL website Thanks, I think that link is wrong though, should be:
News apeman 05/09/17 12:23 AM
. Re: Opengl vs D3D

> Check Tafoid's response to me- in my case, at least for OpenGL since D3D was fine for > me, it was in the "Manage 3D Settings" secti ...
EmuChat apeman 04/09/17 01:29 AM
. Re: Opengl vs D3D

I have the same weird throttling issue with D3D and OpenGL: Code: mame64 pacman -nothrottle -str 30 -video d3d Average speed: 99.00% (29 seconds) ...
EmuChat apeman 04/08/17 08:19 PM
. Re: MAME 0.183

Thanks for another one of your excellent formatted and hyperlinked "what's new" posts!
News apeman 02/22/17 09:41 AM
. Re: CAPS0ff long term project strategy

Thank you for all your hard work.
News apeman 01/27/17 04:05 PM
. Re: MAME 0.180

Thanks for posting, and for your excellent formatting!
News apeman 11/30/16 02:24 PM
. Daytona USA and Cruis’n coming back to the arcades!
EmuChat apeman 11/02/16 10:09 PM
. Re: DU: Splendor Blast

Great news, thanks! I always liked the first part, never heard of it but in MAME it feels like a total sleeper hit to me
News apeman 10/22/16 05:42 AM
. Re: HLSL crashing under Windows 10

Problem solved! Windows 10 doesn't come with DirectX 9 anymore. So I just needed to install it.
EmuChat apeman 08/23/16 11:21 AM
. HLSL crashing under Windows 10

I just switched to Windows 10 and when I try and run MAME64 with HLSL enabled, I get a crash: Code: >mame64 -v metrocrs Video: Monitor 000000000 ...
EmuChat apeman 08/23/16 10:01 AM
. Re: R.I.P. MAMEUIFX: Time to leave...

> Wow, what a prick. His life is collapsing around him yet he still can't resist > hypocritically throwing stones at the project that without wh ...
News apeman 07/10/16 09:42 PM
. Re: R. Belmont - 0.174 Apple notes

This is awesome, thanks! The IIc, or //c rather, was my first ever computer...
News apeman 06/06/16 01:04 PM
. Re: DU: Dive Bomber Squad

> Action shot of Andy at work... Awesome! I love this pic. Great to see where our ROMs come from
News apeman 05/30/16 05:07 AM
. Re: MESSinfo 0.166

> The three files can coexist peacefully. Good to know Thanks!
News apeman 10/06/15 11:18 AM
. Re: MESSinfo 0.166

How can I make this coexist with MAMEinfo.dat and history.dat?
News apeman 10/06/15 07:24 AM
. Re: DU: Cave X-Rays

News apeman 08/27/15 01:25 AM
. Re: New MAME Benchmarks today

Thank you! I am also deciding on what CPU to get for my new build... and MAME performance is probably my top criterion. There's still no substitute f ...
EmuChat apeman 08/05/15 04:47 PM
. Re: Haze: What To Do In One Six Two (Part 1) & (Part 2)

> > > > ...
News apeman 06/03/15 04:19 PM
. Re: Command.dat (9-23-2013) released

> Good, if you shut up forever that will be one less hacked MAME based on the festering > MAMEUI codebase polluting the ecosystem. MAMEFX is a ...
News apeman 09/29/13 03:17 AM
. Re: The end of the road or...

Wow... that came as a shock (to me at least). Thanks for all your awesome effort! It will be missed, as will your slightly sarcastic, yet always o-t ...
News apeman 05/22/13 03:47 PM
. Re: MESS on steroids...

Awesome. Thank you!
News apeman 04/22/13 03:19 AM
. Re: 1952-2012 : History of video games

Love it! Although I must confess I can't name every single game
EmuChat apeman 01/20/13 07:24 AM
. Re: Timeline of CHD versions? [Updated]

You probably already know this, but chdman info -i will give you the CHD version of the file in question...
EmuChat apeman 01/20/13 07:15 AM
. Re: Is CHD Convert fromv4 to v5 supported in the new CLRMAME?

> Of course you're aware that you cannot convert all chds to v5 without getting in > trouble....all chds marked in MAME as BAD_DUMP will change ...
EmuChat apeman 01/20/13 06:35 AM

Search results for query: apeman (1 - 25 of 41)
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