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. Re: MAWS Resurrected in Java

News cutebutwrong 03/20/14 09:37 PM
. So long and thanks for all the Konami!

There is no one else as quotable as you. It was always a pleasure and wish you all the best in all your projects.
News cutebutwrong 05/23/13 01:33 PM
. Re: Celebrity Look A Like Generator

Can't read my, can't read my, no you can't read my burger face
The Loony Bin cutebutwrong 05/16/13 05:24 PM
. Hats of to Ray Harryhausen
The Loony Bin cutebutwrong 05/08/13 01:19 AM
. Re: Donkey Kong: Pauline Edition

That has made my week.
The Loony Bin cutebutwrong 03/25/13 04:29 PM
. Re: Update list of working / nonworking roms

ProgettoEmma is your best bet (use a translator to see it in English). Fully working: ...
EmuChat cutebutwrong 03/25/13 04:24 PM
. I can confirm that

My waking hours are just that. At night I dream of fruit machines that pay out £5.
The Loony Bin cutebutwrong 03/19/13 03:40 PM
. Hey!

Oh... You mean the *actual* grrrl.
The Loony Bin cutebutwrong 03/12/13 09:09 AM
. Re: Super Mario Busters (SMB/Ghostbusters mashup)

That was just excellent! I liked the Dr. Who x Back to the Future one also:
The Loony Bin cutebutwrong 02/07/13 02:54 PM
. Re: Thanks Robbbert

I'm afraid I have become incapable of even successfully posting a single line...
HBMAME / ARCADE64 / MESSUI cutebutwrong 02/07/13 11:06 AM
. Thanks Robbbert

Really appreciate you keeping this going.
HBMAME / ARCADE64 / MESSUI cutebutwrong 01/21/13 06:30 PM
. Re: New project

Thank you for keeping this going!
HBMAME / ARCADE64 / MESSUI cutebutwrong 01/21/13 06:30 PM
. Re: Imagine MAME running on this ....

I like the form factor of this one more:
EmuChat cutebutwrong 01/10/13 07:27 PM
. Re: Hey Robert!!!

Hear hear +1
HBMAME / ARCADE64 / MESSUI cutebutwrong 10/26/12 09:44 AM
. Re: MAWS code

And here is the output for MAME .147u1... There are an awesome number of sets
EmuChat cutebutwrong 10/16/12 12:24 AM
. Re: MAWS code

> Thanks for that part too. As before, it's one of the reasons I miss MAWS......and > also Orc teasing you on MAWS forum being a slacker or a N. ...
EmuChat cutebutwrong 10/15/12 09:04 AM
. Re: MAWS code

> If you do return later to redo MAWS, you'll get to sort through pinball games, fruit machine games and pong. :-) Part of the appeal is the fact ...
EmuChat cutebutwrong 10/14/12 07:47 PM
. MAWS code

After this thread and this thread I have has a couple of people requesting the MAWS code base so I thought I'd post it here. A few things: * I have n ...
EmuChat cutebutwrong 10/13/12 09:23 AM
. Re: Jack Tramiel Dies at age 83

Very sad. One of the greats of my youth.
The Loony Bin cutebutwrong 04/09/12 11:23 PM
. Re: Anybody here write apps?

Sounds like that Big Bang Theory episode: AFAIK you need a Mac to write iPhone apps.
The Loony Bin cutebutwrong 02/24/12 07:13 PM
. Re: MAWS progress

I'd be happy to drop a steaming pile of the code to someone who wants to take it on. OTOH it's a really bizarre set up. miniMAWS is much better but fa ...
EmuChat cutebutwrong 01/27/12 09:08 AM
. Re: MAWS progress

It's already fallen off of the top of Google search results.
EmuChat cutebutwrong 01/20/12 02:19 PM
. MAWS progress

Hi guys, MAWS progress is non-existent. We have ascertained that it was the vector through which MW attacked and subsequently taken down by the host ...
EmuChat cutebutwrong 01/19/12 03:28 PM
. Re: ProgettoEmma.

LOL! You give me too much credit
News cutebutwrong 12/28/11 01:05 AM
. Re: Maws page has been updated

Happy to be back.
News cutebutwrong 11/15/11 09:25 PM

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