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. Re: I showing off MAME set up.

> You have a Corsair K70 RGB also? I got one of those and I love it.
EmuChat cyberdman 01/17/18 12:16 AM
. Re: Was the writer/director of The Last Jedi trolling us?

I agree with absolutely everything you said. They are trying to remove the longtime Star Wars fans from their fan base and trying to please more casu ...
The Loony Bin cyberdman 12/23/17 03:59 PM
. Re: Wayder XML Cheat Collection for MAME 0.191

Geocities?!?! They're still around? Thanks.
News cyberdman 11/01/17 11:43 PM
. Re: POLYBIUS - The Video Game That Doesn't Exist

I can't believe I watched all that, but it was really nicely done. The 8-bit graphics used in the story telling, the VHS tracking added in to some sce ...
The Loony Bin cyberdman 10/28/17 04:10 PM
. Re: MAMEUI 0.190 and Video Options

Thanks for the reply. I tried out regular MAME in the same directory and it worked. I went back to MAMEUI and it didn't work and then neither did reg ...
MAMEUI & IV/Play cyberdman 10/02/17 06:16 PM
. MAMEUI 0.190 and Video Options

Are video options no longer working? I used to have HLSL set and used BGFX post-processing with the crt-geom screen chains and I just loved that look. ...
MAMEUI & IV/Play cyberdman 09/30/17 04:29 PM
. Re: Error compiling MAME64UI with the latest 0.189 source from Robbbert repository

I just updated all my tools tonight from 5.3.0 to 7.2.0 and compiled your latest source code I just pulled from the git with no trouble at all.
MAMEUI & IV/Play cyberdman 09/24/17 01:44 AM
. Re: Emergency release 0.188.A

Thanks. I'm not sure I even know how to copy a single file out of GitHub, either that or I'm drawing a huge blank.
MAMEUI & IV/Play cyberdman 08/03/17 10:53 PM
. Re: Need to dust this off

OH MY GOD I have the exact same controller. LOL I haven't used that in years.
The Loony Bin cyberdman 06/23/17 10:32 PM
. Re: For Sale: One MyCloud 8tb external hard drive (NAS)

Thanks but I have one already exactly like it. Sorry for your troubles.
The Loony Bin cyberdman 05/13/17 01:12 AM
. Re: Breaking Albuquerque

LOL! Nice.
The Loony Bin cyberdman 04/19/17 10:15 PM
. Re: MAME 0.184

My own 64 bit compile with symbols stripped is 150 MB.
News cyberdman 04/01/17 04:11 PM
. Re: HBMAME 0.184

Holy hell that is a lot of "King of" games. Thanks.
News cyberdman 03/29/17 10:19 PM
. Re: PC issue - bios flash gorked it

I'd say either your BIOS flash didn't flash correctly, or you flashed a BIOS file that was incompatible with the BIOS on your board. Always remember ...
Hardware cyberdman 02/07/17 11:02 PM
. Re: Programmable RGB keyboards and Mame

I have the Corsair K70 and I love it. Yes you are correct though, each application will have only one automatic setting. What you can do though is s ...
Hardware cyberdman 02/07/17 10:56 PM
. Re: Thanks! (edit)

I just downloaded the whole updated git and I do not have an ini_files folder.
News cyberdman 01/02/17 01:16 AM
. Re: More compile problems 0.179

I can confirm that it builds. Instead of updating my source I just pulled in the full git and it compiled with no trouble whatsoever.
MAMEUI & IV/Play cyberdman 10/28/16 12:53 AM
. Re: Movie backlog checklist: Prometheus done.

> But suicide squad is a definite watch, if you haven't seen it yet. Many folks were very harsh on this film, but I thought it was a fun ride.
The Loony Bin cyberdman 08/30/16 10:10 PM
. Re: Movie backlog checklist: Prometheus done.

> If it's been in theaters in the past... decade or more... I haven't seen it until it's come out on some video format. I'm not going to torrent a ...
The Loony Bin cyberdman 08/30/16 10:09 PM
. Re: History Display

Of course. I didn't change the structure of any directories and put all the files in their same spots. I didn't change any settings either as far as t ...
MAMEUI & IV/Play cyberdman 08/07/16 04:48 PM
. History Display

Something is different with history on 0.176. I have my settings the same and the .dats where they are supposed to go, but no History display.
MAMEUI & IV/Play cyberdman 07/31/16 03:59 PM
. Re: [Annc] MameUI64 .176 released w/ icons and snaps.

I was referring to the source version. The source I pulled is r45336. I just finally ran my compiled version and it says 0.176 so I must be good. Th ...
News cyberdman 07/28/16 10:26 PM
. Re: [Annc] MameUI64 .176 released w/ icons and snaps.

I updated my source from the git yesterday afternoon and did a compile. It compiled fine, but I am not sure if I have the latest, I haven't actually r ...
News cyberdman 07/28/16 12:56 PM
. Re: Error compiling mameui64 0.174

I hadn't had the time to try it out until now, but TOOLS=0 was the trick. It worked. Thanks again.
MAMEUI & IV/Play cyberdman 06/04/16 05:22 PM
. Re: Error compiling mameui64 0.174

Thanks red, yes I've tried restarting the compile with no luck. I remember in the distant past drives either timing out or things conflicting with th ...
MAMEUI & IV/Play cyberdman 05/31/16 01:04 PM

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