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. Re: More monkeys!

IDrinkHF will know much more about this, but it has been suggested that some of the "too hard to tell" bits are due to "damage on die.& ...
News drewcifer 08/23/17 05:42 PM
. More monkeys!

A new die is up at ! This is another member of the TGP series on the SEGA Model 1 hardware. There will be a few more of these, ...
News drewcifer 08/22/17 05:47 PM
. Re: Monkey Revival

Giving users another way to input data is definitely high on our list of things to add. Widgets that let you click on dots (tap on them in your phone ...
News drewcifer 07/28/17 10:49 AM
. Re: Monkey Revival

Yeah, apologies for not responding to *any* suggestions yet. I'm quickly running out of time, and wanted to get new dies processed so they could be t ...
News drewcifer 07/28/17 10:41 AM
. Two more die images up!

Same place, Sega die 315-5573 and Sega die 315-5677 are now up. I will be engaged in a major life change soon, and will have very little time for thi ...
News drewcifer 07/27/17 12:47 PM
. Re: Monkey Revival

No worries back atcha' . You're not stepping on any toes, but I figured I'd respond since we often hear people saying things like "I bet a goo ...
News drewcifer 07/27/17 12:43 PM
. Re: A successful typing

Here are the more fine-grained time statistics for the 315-5571: Estimated user time: 37:51:37 Median view time: 26 sec Statistics for top user: Med ...
News drewcifer 07/27/17 10:51 AM
. Re: A new die appears!

Another day, another die completed by the banana-munching distributed typing machine! Team Caps0ff wrote a cool script to get some fine-grained stati ...
News drewcifer 07/27/17 10:49 AM
. Re: Monkey Revival

Humans are the best at determining if a bit is good or not. Algorithms can be good. Even 99.999% good, but that means for a 8k die, there is a very ...
News drewcifer 07/27/17 10:37 AM
. A new die appears!

Same series of chips. This time the 315-5572. This chip is a much tougher case for computer vision to handle, as the distinction between a bit prese ...
News drewcifer 07/26/17 12:59 PM
. Re: As featured on Ars Technica!

> Ah, that would explain why we now have over ...
News drewcifer 07/26/17 10:28 AM
. A successful typing

Thank to everyone who made "The typing of 315-5571" a rousing success! The user who typed the most quality entries goes by the username &qu ...
News drewcifer 07/25/17 10:44 AM
. Re: Monkey Revival

And our very first user exposes (certainly not our very first) bug. This will be fixed soon, but for now, please create a login name using only alpha ...
News drewcifer 07/24/17 05:18 PM
. Monkey Revival

A new crowd-sourced data entry site has been created that will allow us to leverage the MAME community's energy to recover dumps of chips whose lids h ...
News drewcifer 07/24/17 04:47 PM
. Re: 2016 Is Almost Over: What Do You Guys Hope For in Mame/Mess?

> 4) Redumping of Qsound.bin (unless this was done already, so someone please clarify that). QSound.bin was decapped, imaged, and typed up by the ...
EmuChat drewcifer 12/02/16 01:05 PM
. Re: Tank 8 as FPGA version

Hej Mattias, First, welcome to the forums! It appears as though you are located in Sweden. It turns out there are 2 developers on the MAME mailing ...
EmuChat drewcifer 05/31/16 09:03 AM
. Re: Star Wars Arcade (SEGA, 1993): fixing model1 emulation

> Can someone tell me how can I get some kind of "frame-number" or something among > those lines, so I can printf it next to other fun ...
EmuChat drewcifer 03/27/16 09:19 AM
. Re: Unmapped write in Super Locomotive @ $e803

> There's an unmapped write to address $e803 in Super Locomotive. Good sleuthing! Since Super Locomotive is an early-80s game, these writes may ...
EmuChat drewcifer 02/26/15 09:25 AM
. Re: Galaxian3 : Emulation? Who can help? Who can I help?

> The only reason you aren't being skewered and spit is because you own the hardware > and all......cos, this is basically a 'do this game!' req ...
EmuChat drewcifer 11/05/14 12:08 PM
. Re: Ville Linde and Model 3 update

> > Super-sweet! I never thought of it before, but if all of MAME's polygon games use > > polynew.h (or whatever it's called these days), ...
News drewcifer 10/14/14 09:07 AM
. Re: Ville Linde and Model 3 update

> > > A)There is nothing stopping Ville from working on Supermodel. > > > > Well, except for the part where it's dead and Ville' ...
News drewcifer 10/13/14 10:54 AM
. Chubby Checker recorded an ad for Dig Dug

Who woulda' thunk'it? 'drew
The Loony Bin drewcifer 09/22/14 12:53 PM
. Re: Random experiment: compiling Mame with Meson

Cool stuff, thanks for sharing! As you may have noticed, certain aspects of the way MAME and MESS are built are a little hokey (it's understandable ...
EmuChat drewcifer 09/21/14 12:24 PM
. Re: Question about MAME's intended purpose

> I just wanted to see how much they'll be pissed again if someone points it out. You do know that's the pure definition of a troll, right? I'm ...
EmuChat drewcifer 06/24/14 10:22 AM
. Re: What IDE?

> Valve recommends Qt Creator and Sublime Text to the VS-addled game industry monkeys. > Sublime Text in particular is interesting - it's a mult ...
EmuChat drewcifer 06/21/14 08:19 PM

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