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. Re: DU: Dark Adventure

Ok, with only this image the difference is clear This is, maybe, an pre-release (or prototype) of, too oldest version of Dark adventure japanese vers ...
News fortuna_chan 10/11/17 10:32 PM
. Good crosshairs alternatives?

Well, playing a lot Lethal enforecers 1 & 2, but the actual crosshair is very big compared with the Playstation, Snes/genesis crosshairs Same sit ...
EmuChat fortuna_chan 10/11/17 05:06 AM
. Re: DU: Dobochan

Looks like: "press repeatedly the button for win tokens/tickets" game The asian market (principally china/hong kong) has knockoff games wit ...
News fortuna_chan 09/28/17 05:40 AM
. Re: DU: Watch ye damn language while you're on the moon we don't take kindly

What languages has this new rom? Sounds like german, french or spanish texts
News fortuna_chan 09/13/17 08:36 AM
. Re: More Gaelco preservation news @ Haze's

Oh my, awesome Great work
News fortuna_chan 09/06/17 03:53 AM
. Re: DU: Syvalion fans, click here

Is is for information, probably has roms inside of the gamecart (too rom) for emulation the arcade games In a nintendo DS game named "Konami cla ...
News fortuna_chan 09/04/17 04:10 AM
. Re: Taito Balloon Bomber

Well, this take more challenge, add this proms and the discrete sounds But at least is possible add the samples from the PS2 or PSP release (are exac ...
News fortuna_chan 09/01/17 08:36 AM
. Re: System16 Updated

My my my my, is my regular visit every month Thanks for this update
News fortuna_chan 09/01/17 05:29 AM
. Re: DU: Syvalion fans, click here

So good, i've play this game in my ps2 Note: Taito memories 2 (japanese release of Taito legends in Playstation 2) simulate the sound effects in Ball ...
News fortuna_chan 09/01/17 05:27 AM
. Re: Gradius ENHANCED (MSX2)

Look awesome, with scroll looks more that 8bit computer that a msx2
EmuChat fortuna_chan 08/27/17 01:43 AM
. Re: DU: Another unknown board

Bootleg of Popeye, is time to investigate if is a alternative bootleg or is a new board And this pcb... look familiar, and the "4" is missi ...
News fortuna_chan 08/27/17 01:16 AM
. Re: DU: Super Athena

The big mistery is: What differences ingame has
News fortuna_chan 08/25/17 08:54 AM
. Re: DU: Sexy Love Tropical

Why sounds the title of this game how a mahjong game
News fortuna_chan 08/23/17 05:39 AM
. Nice discover, a Crazy climber with different musics

Good, the initial song when start the stage or lose the life is complettly different to the actual USA/japan/bootlegs sets ...
EmuChat fortuna_chan 08/21/17 12:54 AM
. Re: Williams Predators for the first time in 30 years!

> How would they even emulate something like this? I see 4 monitors and AFAIK Windows > only supports 3? With a 2 good graphic cards can run 4 ...
News fortuna_chan 07/30/17 01:37 AM
. Re: DU: New computer chairs

The sound hardware looks different, like Tokio or New zealand history
News fortuna_chan 07/14/17 10:57 PM
. Re: DU: New computer chairs

I'm curious about this music in this proto
News fortuna_chan 07/13/17 08:56 PM
. Re: BOOMSHAKALAKA! An oral history of NBA Jam

Very interesting history Nobody explain or say about the concepts before the add nba players or if has betas or locations tests histories in USA befo ...
News fortuna_chan 07/11/17 11:22 PM
. Re: DU: Bubble Bobble prototype and more

Huh, this red like thingy look like epoxy Now wait for news and screens (dfferences)
News fortuna_chan 07/01/17 07:02 PM
. Re: Haze: Fall of the M68705

Excelent Now wait for the next version for check the differences (like enemies behavior, etc.) Thanks for this great work
News fortuna_chan 06/23/17 12:36 AM
. Re: DU: So many MCUs I don't know what to do's (updated with better categories and new game)

Nice news Someday, in a distant future, dump the PIC16c57 (in cps1 bootlegs)
News fortuna_chan 06/21/17 12:12 AM
. Re: X-Men: COTA (Boss Hack) Akuma Problem

Yep, same problem here probably wrong patch?
HBMAME fortuna_chan 06/16/17 05:51 AM
. Re: DU: Protect your Pengo

Now find differences (license ingame, bits, music, etc.) But in 187 version
News fortuna_chan 06/09/17 02:59 AM
. Very interesting discover: Ninja gaiden 2 screens

EmuChat fortuna_chan 06/08/17 10:31 PM
. Re: Flyer Fever Update - Shoei Edition

Thanks for this great work Galaxia = Galaxian clone Garuda = Space firebird clone (?)
News fortuna_chan 06/08/17 06:21 AM

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