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. Re: Model 2 WIP

Huh, Virtua Fighter 2 and Motor raid working now! (but imperfect, is a great advance!)
News fortuna_chan 03/08/18 10:02 PM
. Re: Space Harrier interesting bits

Follow this page, is a great discovery, real footage from prototype of space harrier with a jet like instead of a "human flying guy"
EmuChat fortuna_chan 03/03/18 07:03 AM
. Re: MAME 0.195

Thanks for the info Lots updates and upgrades in various drivers in this version
News fortuna_chan 02/27/18 11:51 PM
. Re: HBMAME 0.195

A bit confuse find all the set for play ps: MAME 195 is out
News fortuna_chan 02/27/18 10:11 PM
. Re: My dad old laptop is having a loading issue.

Always made this: -Check hard disks (and check partitions) with hirens -Check the ram for reading/writing problems -Check the processor if has proble ...
Hardware fortuna_chan 02/18/18 01:32 AM
. Re: Impressive warehouse score in Pierson Florida

Is like Wonderland, but with lots arcade pcbs
News fortuna_chan 02/14/18 11:09 PM
. Re: Titan *Found*

Remember an old video show this game, look like more a Abscam hack more that piranha hack (or is hack of the hack?)
News fortuna_chan 02/10/18 07:14 AM
. Re: DU: Mid-week bits

> I don't understand the question. I haven't played it so I can't answer anyway but > your question sounds like you're asking if the bootleggers ...
News fortuna_chan 02/08/18 04:58 AM
. Re: DU: Mid-week bits

Huh, this Bootleg has my interest, is like SF2' bootlegs or is like punisher/cadillacs bootleg?
News fortuna_chan 02/08/18 12:42 AM
. Re: DU: Spanish Cadash

My my my my The missing link of Cadash finally emulated!
News fortuna_chan 01/25/18 04:31 AM
. Re: DU: Driving Force

Epoxy block, the worst nightmare... Or is only a piece of plastic covered for "attention"
News fortuna_chan 01/22/18 12:57 AM
. Re: DU: Happy New Year + coolmod has an unknown Namco System 10 game gift

> > This numbers looks like a date of release > > Which one? The "018601" or the "182122", neither of which could be ...
News fortuna_chan 01/01/18 09:29 AM
. Re: DU: Happy New Year + coolmod has an unknown Namco System 10 game gift

This numbers looks like a date of release
News fortuna_chan 01/01/18 04:09 AM
. Re: 2017 is almost over what do you expect in 2018

Probably want (and wish a full emulation) System 16/18 bootlegs full working (Moonwalker, alien storm, D.D. Crew) CPS1 sound bootlegs Lots prototype ...
EmuChat fortuna_chan 12/25/17 09:09 AM
. Re: The King of Fighters ’98: Ultimate Match HERO (PGM2)

Is interesting, has lots of details like: New characters, various fixes and and of course, only in english and chinese texts KoF 98 UM is a copy (wi ...
News fortuna_chan 12/14/17 04:44 AM
. Re: MAME 0.192

An "huge" update Thanks for the information PS: perfect timming!
News fortuna_chan 11/29/17 10:45 PM
. Re: DU: Thunder Dragon 3

Sounds like this bootleg of Bombjack twin, but is with different hardware Bootlegs are a little gem very hidden (in hardware related)
News fortuna_chan 11/25/17 11:46 PM
. Re: DU: Thunder Dragon 3

> It was a typo, it's a boot of TD2 where I think they changed the title screen. In simple words: Add a "3" in the title and sell how ...
News fortuna_chan 11/25/17 03:01 AM
. Re: Game Paradise new version coming to Steam

Looks like a mix of the first game (arcade) and the ps1 sequel in a "anime" version PS: the 2nd game has a little video in ps1 disc about ...
EmuChat fortuna_chan 11/22/17 01:15 AM
. Re: See CAVE's canceled proto puzzle game on Kaneko Supernova system

Oh, the videos has lots final and prototype games Arabian fight Legionnare Aero fighters B. Rap boys
EmuChat fortuna_chan 11/20/17 08:35 AM
. Re: Flyer Fever Update

Commander not emulated!
News fortuna_chan 11/08/17 07:14 AM
. Re: btw

> > The recent decapping of some the Model 1 DSP chips should help with emulating that > system I > > would imagine. > > I forg ...
News fortuna_chan 10/22/17 07:37 AM
. Re: DU: Dark Adventure

Ok, with only this image the difference is clear This is, maybe, an pre-release (or prototype) of, too oldest version of Dark adventure japanese vers ...
News fortuna_chan 10/11/17 10:32 PM
. Good crosshairs alternatives?

Well, playing a lot Lethal enforecers 1 & 2, but the actual crosshair is very big compared with the Playstation, Snes/genesis crosshairs Same sit ...
EmuChat fortuna_chan 10/11/17 05:06 AM
. Re: DU: Dobochan

Looks like: "press repeatedly the button for win tokens/tickets" game The asian market (principally china/hong kong) has knockoff games wit ...
News fortuna_chan 09/28/17 05:40 AM

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